Brian Pern

Foyle’s War’s star Michael Kitchen makes a guest appearance in BBC Comedy’s latest online-only comedy about ageing rocker Brian Pern, played by Simon Day (The Fast Show, Swiss Toni).

In the first episode Kitchen plays Brian’s agent John Farrow who attempts to get Brian to pull his finger out and record a new album before the record label drops him. Celebrity fans of the show include Peter Gabriel, Brian May and David Gilmour.

Brian Pern is the BBC Comedy about an ageing rock star more interested in video blogging to talk about his own interests and political views than making music. You know the type. The new series broadcasts exclusively online on this Friday July 16.

The show stars Simon Day (The Fast Show, Swiss Toni, Bellamy’s People) as Brian Pern, and has already attracted a number of celebrity followers including Peter Gabriel, Brian May and David Gilmour.

Brian Pern was created by Sony Gold Award winning actor, comedian and writer Rhys Thomas (The Fast Show, Star Stories, Down The Line and Bellamy’s People).

Brian Pern used to front prog-rock band Thotch;  flamboyant and massive in the 1970s. But times have changed; Brian’s solo and serious, less flamboyant, bald and overweight. His back catalogue still sells but concerns over whether gorillas should wear bullet proof vests to protect themselves from poachers means the new album will take god knows how long.

In series two we meet Brian’s agent John Farrow played by Bafta winning actor Michael Kitchen (Foyle’s War, GoldenEye, Out of Africa), his old band mate Pat Quid played by Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show, Happiness, Bellamy’s People) and Majita, Brian’s old flame and Albanian’s answer to Kate Bush played by Lucy Montgomery (The Mighty Boosh, Tittybangbang, Bellamy’s People and The IT Crowd).

Brian Pern series 2 can be seen on from Friday July 16

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