Briatin’s Got Talent

MEMBERS: Ben Milan-Vega and Becky Milan-Vega
AGES: 18 and 16
FROM: Essex
JOB: Students
TALENT Ballroom dancing

Ben and Becky are a brother and sister ballroom dancing team. They have been dancing since they were 4 and have always danced together. They have been ballroom dancing since they were 10 and decided to specialise in ballroom because it was the discipline that they most enjoyed and they were best at. They feel that they can get to the top of the profession and rehearse every night to try and develop their talents.

They are currently the 2nd best ballroom dancers in the u19 category in England. They have represented England all over the world, and have recently competed in the European Championships in Poland. Ben & Becky have also represented England on the world stage on 3 occasions. They have a trainer that helps them with their routines but they also watch the top 10 ballroom dancers on YouTube and try and incorporate some of their routines in their own movements.

Ben & Becky compete every Sunday and love competing. They decided to apply for the show because they haven’t seen any other duos like them on TV before. They also want to try and remove the stigma’s associated with ballroom dancing as being quite stuffy and boring. They want to show that it’s good fun and can be done by anyone.  

Simon – Yes. On British TV you never see dancing – there is a show, but that was really good; you’ve got a great connection, great choice of music
Amanda – Yes. Mum and Dad must be proud
Piers – Yes. Great chemistry, you’ve got a real charge

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