Britain’s Got More Talent

Sunday, 29 May 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Stephen Mulhern presents the companion series to Britain’s Got Talent. 

This weekend it is the last of the auditions, which means that the atmosphere behind the scenes is likely to be seriously tense. After the auditions are over, there will be semi-finals every weekday, and Stephen will be covering them all, heading backstage to find out the latest shenanigans and catch up on all the news, views and gossip. 

He will talk to the performers about how they feel they got on, find out all the news from main show presenters Ant and Dec, and ask judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre, David Hasselhoff and Simon Cowell for their opinions – which may be even more candid than they were on the main show! 

Plus expect a few surprises and some fun and games. Ant and Dec are still battling it to be crowned Ultimate Gamelord in The Retro Game Challenge. So far, they’ve competed in Pop-Up Pirate and Kerplunk, among others, but who will be the final winner? Plus there is the chance to find out what life behind the scenes is like for David Hasselhoff in the special backstage segment The Hoffice. 

Britain’s Got More Talent is a one-stop shop for everything to do with the country’s most varied talent competition. 

Continues every night this week on ITV2: Sunday 29 May to Friday 3 June.

BGT’s Paul reunited with “long lost” son

It seems that BGT star, Paul Burling, will have an unexpected fan cheering him on in the form of his “long lost” son.

Paul hadn’t seen his son Nick for over twenty years since he split from his son’s mother Sharon.

The Sun reports that, “Father and son were reunited only after Nick tracked down Paul after learning the comic was performing in Stevenage, Herts.”

Paul told the paper, “I was doing a panto near where Nick and his mum live and he spotted me on the poster.

“He got in touch through my website and I was like, ‘Wow!’.

“It was what I’d always wanted as I’d been scared of trying to find him in case I upset his life.

“I didn’t even know that he knew who I was. But his family have always told him all about me.

“I was very young when I was with Nick’s mum and we didn’t last. “The relationship crumbled shortly after he was born.

“We were living with our parents and I tried to see him as much as I could but that arrangement eventually broke down.

“Then I got work away at Great Yarmouth and took other jobs travelling the country, so getting back home wasn’t easy.

“I wanted to keep in touch and was constantly thinking about it.

“It was my biggest regret to lose that bond. Getting back together has been amazing.”

And Nick added, “I’m happy that I’ve found my dad and found the other half of me.”

Awww bless! More BGT news soon.

Stephen Mulhern: “Holden and Morgan get on Simon’s nerves”

Britain’s Got More Talent host, Stephen Mulhern, has revealed that BGT judges Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan “get on Simon’s nerves.”

Well Stephen, they get on everybody’s nerves don’t they??

In an interview with Now! magazine, Stephen revealed how Simon Cowell’s resentment of the pair stems from their putting through “hideous” and terrible acts that Simon believes shouldn’t be sent to the next rounds.

Stephen told the magazine, “Amanda Holden and Piers are such good friends and get on so well, they’re often on the same page, which really winds Simon up.

“I reckon Piers puts a terrible act through sometimes just to get on Simon’s nerves.”

Stephen also revealed that Simon was left “worried” when he thought his flirting with Holden and the female hopefuls would annoy his fiancé, Mezhgan Hussainy.

She apparently visited the set of BGT recently, and Stephen joked that Simon tried to be on his best behaviour.

He said, “This week we met Simon’s girlfriend Mezhgan and it was funny to see how he behaved.

“He pretended he hadn’t noticed the naked woman painted gold with nipple tassles!”

Been in Holden’s dressing room again has he?

More BGT news soon 😉

Ant & Dec row with Stephen Mulhern?

Rumour has it that BGT presenters Ant & Dec and the host of the spin-off show, Stephen Mulhern, are having a bit of a girly war…

According to The Sun, things came to a head between the trio when Dec was wearing the same shirt as Stephen…

Not the end of the world you might think but apparently, Stephen is convinced that the comedy duo are nicking “his moves”.

According to the paper, when Stephen spotted Dec’s shirt, he approached the Geordie lads and said, “Can I just clear something up lads? It’s a small issue, you know I don’t really mind, but you’re copying me.”

To which Ant reportedly replied, “Well, considering people will be watching us first on ITV1, it will always look like you’re copying us.”

And a BGT ‘source’ is quoted as saying, “Stephen has been getting riled…

“He puts on a hat, they put on a hat, he dances, they dance.

“He even started using a carrot as a microphone – and the next thing you know they’re [Ant & Dec] doing the same.”

Oh dear…

In other BGT news, hopeful Stevie ‘The Regurgitator’ Starr has revealed that he learned his act while he was living in a children’s home.

He told The Sun, “I think I was about 4 when I started swallowing my pocket money…

“And then I tried other things like going out into the garden and swallowing a bumble bee and then bringing him back and letting him fly away.”

On Saturday’s show, Starr ‘regurgitated’ coins and a billiard ball, and he can apparently Ralph up a Rubik’s Cube, live goldfish and “a bowl full of dry sugar.”

Erm, no ta… More BGT news soon.

Britain’s Got More Talent invites you backstage to discover what really goes on during the nation’s biggest talent contest. 

Host Stephen Mulhern is back to give viewers a glimpse of all the behind the scenes action as the auditionees prepare to face the Judges.

This year ITV2 will be delving even further into the unknown, by introducing viewers to the different aspects of making Britain’s Got Talent. Following the day from start to finish with (in turn), The Judges, The Audience, The Crew, The Acts and Mr Stephen Mulhern himself, discover the impact each have on the success of the show and what they get up to during the auditions.

Ever wondered what Piers Morgan would look like dressed as Marilyn Monroe?  Following on from his successful demonstrations of his talents last year, Piers Morgan will be upping the ante with ‘Piers De Resistance’ where he attempts to beat contestants at their own game. Watch and judge for yourselves as Piers shows ITV2 viewers his ever increasing skills at extraordinary talents…

Not to be outdone, Amanda Holden joins in with the talent demonstrations and challenges contestants to beat her at her talents in ‘A Man or Amanda?’

Ant and Dec will feature in the new quiz: ‘Ant and Dec’s They Think It’s All A Wheel of Buzzcocks and Possibly the Countdown to the Question of Who Wants to be the Weakest Link?’

And finally, not forgetting the all important business of finding Britain’s top talent, Stephen will be waiting backstage to get all the exclusive post-audition reactions from both the acts and the Judges.

During the live audition shows, Britain’s Got More Talent will follow the finalists’ progress and watch as they try to become the ultimate performer capable of entertaining Royalty. Stephen will be first on the scene to get the post-show reactions from the contestants along with exclusive interviews with the ITV1 Judges and presenters.

Providing the fun side-kick to the serious business of finding an act worthy of winning, Britain’s Got More Talent promises to bring you a little bit more of everything.

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