Britain’s Got Talent 2011

Britain’s Got Talent star Nathan Wyburn has revealed his own unique tribute to the Queen on her 85th birthday, which is a portrait of Her Majesty made entirely out of marmite and toast!

Here’s what The Sun reports…

BRITAIN’S Got Talent’s Nathan Wyburn marked the Queen’s official 85th birthday – by making her Bread of State.

Nathan, who made the semi-final of the ITV1 show with his toast and Marmite portraits, used ten jars of the spread and 140 slices of bread for this weekend’s tribute.

It took the 21-year-old, of Ebbw Vale, South Wales, two hours to make it – and probably a lot longer to eat it.

ITV have now announced the schedule for the BGT live rounds, which will start after the last main audition show has aired on Sunday 29 May.

Also, Simon Cowell will be returning for the live semi-finals starting Monday 30 May and continuing through the rest of the week.

Here’s the schedule for each week night from May 30th…

Each week night: 7.30pm – 9pm: Britain’s Got Talent

9pm – 9.30pm: Coronation Street

9.30pm – 10pm: Britain’s Got Talent results

The nation’s most varied talent show reaches the final week of auditions, which means that judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff have just one more chance to find performers worthy of going through to the next round.

At stake for the contestants is a £100 000 cash prize and the chance to appear on a star-studded bill at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

After the auditions are over, the five semi-finals start , taking place live every week day, with two acts from each day going through to the final.

After each heat, viewers can vote for their favourite contender to keep them in the competition. The act with the highest number of votes is automatically placed in the final, while it is up to the panel to choose between the runners-up in a results show each night.

Hosts Ant and Dec are on hand to support, congratulate and commiserate with the contestants.

Which acts will make it through to the live grand final?

Michael McIntyre has already won buzz’s heart in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, and Amanda Holden admits she hearts him too; but what about The Hoff?!

“I absolutely adore Michael,” smiles Amanda. “We never stopped talking in the auditions. We were as thick as thieves.

“Poor David [Hasselhoff] was very much on the end of the table. The Hoff did turn round to me one day and say: ‘I’m used to this because this is what Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne were like judging on America’s Got Talent.’

“I felt terrible. I didn’t mean to not include him. It’s just that thing of us Brits together.”

But it doesn’t seem like David minds too much, and seems to have let Amanda take charge of the panel…

“Mandy really took charge of the panel this year,” he says, adding, “You know the way that Simon Cowell always used to stop the music when he’d had enough of an act?

“Well, Amanda did that right off the bat this time. After five years of sitting next to two extremely powerful characters, Mandy has been unleashed.”

This story is courtesy of The Sun Buzz!

Our first look at reality TV news today is a report from Ofcom which rejects former Big Brother winner Nadia Almada’s complaint that Davina McCall humiliated her on live TV.

Nadia claimed that during her eviction interview on last year’s Celebrity Big Brother, Davina joked about Nadia’s “boyish good looks” which of course touched a raw nerve since Nadia is a transsexual.

Her complaint to Ofcom accused Davina of being “transphobic and offensive” when the BB host said of a contestant, “He has the charm of Coolio and the warmth of Ulrika (Jonsson). And he has the boyish good looks of Nadia.”

Ofcom reported that it “recognised the potentially offensive and personally hurtful nature of Ms McCall’s comments to Ms Almada”.

However, a statement about their rejection of Nadia’s complaint went on to say that given the “light-hearted tone of the programme”, Davina’s comments were not made with malicious intent.

Davina issued an apology after she made the comments and added that Nadia “has always been one of my favourite housemates of all time”.

Over to Britain’s Got Talent now, and one of this year’s hopefuls has caught the eye of teen singing sensation Justin Bieber.

Bieber told The Sun that in his opinion, Michael Collings is “an amazingly talented guy”.

He added, “I know we are only one show into the season, but I am guessing he must be a big favourite already.

“He really was an amazingly talented guy. I am sure his life will never be the same again.”

Michael, who lives on a residential caravan park in Plymouth, received a standing ovation after he performed Tracy Chapman’s hit ‘Fast Car’ at his audition.

Bieber went on to say, “You’d think, after Susan Boyle, people would be prepared for the unexpected. But I still don’t think anybody expected that.”

And finally, it seems the BBC are about to axe Saturday night show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ because the show doesn’t pull in enough viewers.

Last week, the dance show – which is hosted by Cat Deeley – drew just 3.63 million viewers, whereas ITV’s BGT attracted 10.4 million viewers.

A show source told the Daily Mirror, “It looks as though viewers have got bored of So You Think You Can Dance, which has gone into freefall in terms of viewing figures.

“Producers are struggling to halt the decline, and senior bosses have lost patience with the format. It’s unlikely there’ll be another series.”

A BBC spokesman added, “So You Think You Can Dance is only four shows into its 12-week run.

“No decision has yet been made on the next series.”

More reality TV news soon!

One of the wannabes on this year’s BGT has made headlines before, but for all the wrong reasons…

21 year old Alex Griffiths was just hours old when she was kidnapped from a maternity ward in 1990. The nation was gripped as the baby disappeared for 17 days before a tip off alerted police to where she was being held, and by whom.

The kidnapper was Janet Griffiths, who posed as a social worker so as not to alert Alex’s mum Dawn that she was doing anything untoward. She told Dawn she was taking the baby for tests, but she immediately left the hospital with the infant.

The Sun states, “Griffiths, 33, bizarrely claimed she stole the tot as part of a bid to persuade her millionaire lover to leave his wife.

“She was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she spent seven months before being released. She died of cancer four years later.”

But now, Alex is a student and won praise from the BGT judges when she auditioned a few weeks ago. Alex told the paper that she wants to be known as a gifted dancer, and not only as, “the kidnap victim”.

She added, “I want to impress people for who I am and what I can do, not because I was kidnapped as a baby.

“People were saying I should tell the judges my story as it could help me get through.

“I’ve watched loads of these shows and I know people use sob stories to get the judges on their side.

“But the producers understood my decision to stay quiet – and I don’t regret it.

“I never thought I would get to do my act for them as thousands of people apply for the show every year.

“But my university mates told me I should give it a go and I’m glad I did. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. “I wasn’t nervous at all even though everyone before me was getting buzzed off.

“All the judges said nice things and Amanda Holden said she could see me taking a lead role in the West End, which was so nice of her.

“And The Hoff seemed to like my act because he has been in Chicago.

“In an ideal world, being on stage is what I want to do. I’m also considering taking a gap year after I graduate to go dancing on cruise ships.”

We’ll see Alex later on in the series which premieres tonight!

I’m so glad to see this story because I remember Alex’s kidnapping very well…

I’d just had a baby of my own so this story horrified me at the time, and I used to get odd looks from people wondering if my baby was Alex whenever I went out!

Do you remember it?

More BGT news soon!

One of the acts who tried out for BGT this year are already causing a controversy because as well as having worked with Ant and Dec before, they’ve been a professional act for years.

The act, who call themselves Dr Haze and the Circus of Horrors, have also performed in front of the royal family in the past.

The Daily Mirror today claims the show’s bosses are bracing themselves for complaints from other acts who will possibly consider it favouritism that the act have been put forward.

When the act auditioned in Birmingham, it seems all the judges loved them, with David Hasselhoff saying, “You are like Hollywood Boulevard, filled with whacked-out freaks like you. It was very entertaining.”

Michael McIntyre added, “It was a visual feast. You are all extremely talented. Overall, a wonderful spectacle.”

And Amanda Holden said, “Gruesomely good with something for everyone – like the Rocky Horror Show on acid.”

A show insider told the paper, “When other acts see the evidence, it will look like favouritism.”

The paper goes on to say, “Back in 2007, the circus stars got the Geordie duo, both 35, limbo dancing under a rope of fire, letting a snake and scorpion crawl over their bodies and standing between two men throwing knives at one another.

“Ant described it as ‘one of scariest experiences’”.

The Circus have also appeared on So Graham Norton, Richard and Judy, The Jerry Springer Show and Don’t Try This At Home. The act also featured at Prince Charles’ 50th birthday party in 1998, when they performed alongside Robbie Williams as he sang ‘Let Me Entertain You’.

Last night, a Britain’s Got Talent spokeswoman told the paper, “The show is open to professionals and amateurs.

“Ant and Dec do remember the circus but it’s the judges who put the acts through, not the show’s hosts.”

More BGT news soon!

But they love Michael Collings!

As fans will know, BGT is back on our screens on Saturday at 8:20pm on ITV1, and ahead of it, judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff attended a press conference to talk about the show.

And The Hoff and Michael ruffled a few feathers by claiming that there wasn’t much talent on offer during the Scotland auditions…

When asked what stand out acts were found by the judges in Scotland, Michael said, “The acts weren’t great. The audience were restless and chanted ‘cheerio, cheerio’ when they didn’t like an act – that was chanted a lot.”

And David added, “I didn’t have a clue what they were trying to do. I didn’t understand a word they said.”

“Susan Boyle blew everyone away when she auditioned in Glasgow but that won’t happen this year.”

However, it seems that elsewhere in the country, “brilliant” acts were found and put through to the live shows by the judges, one of whom is 19 year old Michael Collings, who lives on a caravan park in Saltash, Cornwall.

Michael impressed the judges with a cover version of Tracy Chapman’s hit ‘Fast Car’, and it seems like many of the wannabes this year, Michael’s greatest ambition is to perform in front of the Queen.

He told the Daily Mirror, “It would be class to sing for the Queen….

“It’s my dream to be a successful recording artists, sell loads of records and sing all around the world.”

Amanda Holden told Michael, “It’s like the Susan Boyle thing, you completely judge people as you see them and it’s always a surprise.”

More BGT news soon!

The Daily Star today reports that Simon Cowell is “seething” after £1500 was stolen from the show’s production office.

The money was petty cash, held at the office to pay for items needed by the BGT finalists such as refreshments. The money actually went missing from the Novotel hotel in London.

A show insider told the paper, “Staff noticed a man loitering. He claimed to be from a chair firm, but as he left they noticed the cash had gone.”

Police have apparently been informed of the theft. In other news, it seems that this year’s show – which debuts next weekend – showcases some of the most diverse acts ever.

The Daily Star states that among acts trying out this year are, “Acrobats on horseback [who] go head to head with drag act Barbie Buckfast.”

A show source said, “We didn’t think there was anything left to shock us.

“But when somebody arrives with a real-life horse, you remember anything goes.

“For every incredible new talent, there’s a lunatic waiting in the wings.”

And the Daily Mirror reports, “From a man impersonating trucks to a guy who carves faces out of melons, this year’s auditions have been so crazy that judge Amanda Holden has even suggested the show be renamed ‘Britain’s Got Self-Belief’”.

I can’t wait! More BGT news soon!

Plus fewer Dance acts this year

BGT judge Amanda Holden has revealed that despite still grieving over the loss of her unborn child earlier this year, she and her husband Chris Hughes intend to try for another baby.

Amanda told the Mirror, “I am naturally really optimistic and my husband and I are not dramatic people.

“Although what happened was horrifying there is no reason why we can’t go on and have more children.

“Our future is bright and we have to turn negatives into positives.”

In other news, The Sun today reports that dance acts have been more or less ditched this year in favour of “Glee style musical groups”.

This is apparently because there are few dance groups who can emulate the sucess of former BGT winners Diversity.

The show’s presenters Ant and Dec confirmed that there will be far fewer dance acts.

Ant said, “There haven’t been so many dance troupes as Diversity set the bar so high before.

“There were a lot of Glee-inspired acts, groups singing and dancing, but not all of them were that great.”

And Dec added, “There has been a lot of very talented singing children, so that will be a competitive area. The illusionists were great too.

“We really hope some make the semi-finals.”

This year’s show kicks off on ITV1 at 8.20pm next Saturday. More BGT news soon!

Yes sports fans, it’s official. BGT will premiere the new series on April 16th and with just one day left of filming the auditions, the next stage is the live rounds…

That kicks off in May when Simon Cowell will be on the judging panel, and apropos of Simon, he’s sent former BGT finalist a birthday message today which, according to the Daily Mirror reads, “Happy 50th birthday, Susan. You are an amazing lady and I hope you have a fantastic day.”

The paper also reports that devoted followers have made a quilt for Susan that’s made up of more than 500 squares of fabric, each carrying names and messages from fans and some friends and family members.

Of reaching the milestone age, Susan told the Mirror, “I’m looking forward to turning 50.

“There’s not much I can do about it but I’m happy to be reaching this birthday.

“I guess I’m living proof that none of us know what’s around the corner and, while I may have started a little late, I really hope I can be around for a wee while longer!

“I’ve had some wonderful moments throughout my life, especially over the past two years, and I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and encouragement.

“I wouldn’t be here without it and I appreciate it every single day.”

She also told the Scottish Sun she was having a “small party” for family and friends as “a way of spoiling them and saying thank you for all the help and support they have given me over the years.”

The party will be held near Susan’s home in West Lothian, and when asked if any celebs would be attending, Susan said, “There may well be a few well-known faces coming but my lips are sealed.”

Happy birthday Susan from all of us here at Throng!

More BGT news soon!

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