Britain’s Got Talent

Last night Paul Potts was the public’s choice to go through to Sunday’s final of Britain’s Got Talent. The judges decided on Damon Scott to join Paul.

Tonight, the next group perform for their place in Sunday’s final. Performing tonight on Britain’s Got Talent are:

The Kombat Breakers
Victoria Armstrong
Jack Reeve
Jake Pratt
The Mini Mezzos
Craig Womersley
Bessie Cursins

The Kombat Breakers are first up tonight to perform for the public vote. They’re so energetic and their performance has alot of running and dancing with a few pyrotechnics thrown in to spice it up even further.
To vote for The Kombat Breakers:
Call 09011 32 22 01

Back to fire off some more sparks is Victoria Armstrong and her angle grinding show. The judges, particularly Piers, are smitten.
To vote for Victoria Armstrong:
Call 09011 32 22 02

Jack Reeve is going to tap dance once more despite the fact that he’s an 80 year old. Amanda buzzes him and then does Simon. Is it Jack they don’t like or the flamingo girls? Amanda protests and says it was Simon hitting her buzzer. Despite this, unanimously the love him.
To vote for Jack Reeve:
Call 09011 32 22 03

Young comedian Jake Pratt is next to make us laugh. His jokes are a bit risque for a boy of 10. He should ditch the singing at the end.
To vote for Jake Pratt:
Call 09011 32 22 04

The Mini Mezzos have a different routine and costumes. The angels and devils get buzzed out by Piers but the crowd goes wild and loves them.
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Call 09011 32 22 05

Crazeehorse are next to perform their incredible balancing act. The incredible strength of their act is amazing. I’m not sure they’re the best but it’s still amazing to watch. Simon wonders if it was a bit like watching a swedish sex channel though.
To vote for Crazeehorse:
Call 09011 32 22 06

The baton twirling Craig Womersley is up next and his parents are in the audience to watch him perform for the first time ever. He’s found his confidence and he’s miles better than his audition.
To vote for The Craig Womersley:
Call 09011 32 22 07

Flying in like Mary Poppins is Bessie Cursons performing Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious. She is such a little star. Phenomenal talent from such a young person.
To vote for Bessie Cursons:
Call 09011 32 22 08

Two acts will go through to the Final of Britain’s Got Talent.
The public choice is: Bessie Cursons
The next two most popular acts voted for by the public are Craig Womersley and The Kombat Breakers.
Out of these two, the judges choice is: The Kombat Breakers

The Auditions are over. We have a Top 26. Now it’s time for the Semi Finals.

Performing tonight on Britain’s Got Talent are:

MD Productions
Damon Scott
Mel’s Klever K9s
Dominic Smith
Luke and Charlotte
Caroline Boyes
The Freerunners
Paul Potts

It’s Michael Jackson’s Thriller all over again. They’re all a fantastic bunch of dancing zombies. Piers loved the troupe from Liverpool and thought they were simply vibrant.
To vote for MD Productions:
Call 09011 32 22 01

Damon Scott is up next with a different monkey this time and he’s singing Ronan Keating’s No Matter What. It was much better first time around.
To vote for Damon Scott:
Call 09011 32 22 02

Mel’s Klever K9s were just as bad as they were during the auditions. It was chaotic and a complete shambles.
To vote for Mel’s Klever K9’s:
Call 09011 32 22 03

Dominic Smith is next singing I’ll be there. He’s got an amazing voice for such a young boy. He has true star quality and confidence. He was born to be a performer. Forget his age, he was outstanding.
To vote for Dominic Smith:
Call 09011 32 22 04

The young ballroom dancers Luke and Charlotte are up and once again they’re incredible to watch. They’re completely charming and electric on the dance floor.
To vote for Luke and Charlotte:
Call 09011 32 22 05

Simon really didn’t want Caroline in the Semis but due to crowd intervention, she is here tonight to perform. Her act is a million times better but it was still rubbish. The crowd boos her this time and she gets two crosses from Amanda and Simon but Piers loved it.
To vote for Caroline Boyes:
Call 09011 32 22 06

Ready to jump off something else are The Freerunners. It wasn’t nearly as exhilarating as when we first saw them. Amanda is the only one who didn’t give them a red cross.
To vote for The Freerunners:
Call 09011 32 22 07

He bought Amanda to tears during his audition and now he’s ready to give another huge operatic performance as the last act of the night. He’s truly magical. An ordinary bloke with an incredible talent.
To vote for Paul Potts:
Call 09011 32 22 08

Two acts will go through to the Final of Britain’s Got Talent.
The public choice is: Paul Potts
The next two most popular acts voted for by the public are Dominic Smith and Damon Scott.
Out of these two, the judges choice is: Damon Scott

This is the last chance that contestants have to audition for their chance to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety performance.

Thousands of hopefuls have turned out to audition for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

First to make it through tonight are the Mini Mezzos. A group of young girls who are dressed up in purple witches costumes. Their dance routine is pretty energetic and the judges just love them. They’re going to be back to perform again in the semi finals.

48 year old youth worker Caroline is dressed like Madonna to do her dance routine. It’s pretty scary but the entertainment quality is there enough for the crowd to want to see more of her despite Simon hating every minute of it.

At 14 Jeff ran away to join the circus and become a trampolinist. At 42 he’s wanting to perform in front of the Queen. Simon thought it was mildly interesting but the audience loved it.

Football juggling Jameil is going to need to find something else to juggle now that he’s through to the next round.

The Animated Gospel Choir is a puppet act that sings gospel songs. They’re through.

Travelling over 5000 miles to get here is 11 year old Bessy who is going to perform some My Fair Lady. She’s fantastic and brings the house down as the last act of the auditions.

Next up is the cull from everyone who has made it through so far and narrow the field down to 24. Nope, make that 26.

It’s the fourth round of auditions and we’re getting close to narrowing down the field even further but there are still some acts to judge.

I find it incredible how the audience turns so vile against the acts that are rubbish.

Thankfully there is Crew 82. Four guys who manage to make music with nothing but their mouths. Simon says he’s never heard anything like it in his life and thought it was that good. Amanda thought it was genius. Piers pays them a huge compliment. It’s three yeses so they’ll be through to compete in the next round.

If ever there was a brilliant streetdancer, it’s 13 year old George. He’s absolutely phenomenal for someone his age.

Impressionist Richard Bates is not Simon’s cup-o-tea. Simon thinks it was the worst act in Manchester but Amanda and Piers are amused. The audience enjoyed it. He’s through much to Simon’s protesting.

The judges look like they need a drink so it’s lucky that Neil & Neil, the Bar Wizards, are here to perform their professional cocktail routine.

14 year old Cameron is a drummer and has to work hard to convince the judges to put him through despite the fact that the audience seem to really like him.

Tony Laf is a young man who is now looking after his brother’s children after his brother died. He’s brilliant singing and playing his guitar. He’s very good and the judges, the audience and I loved it.

London’s theatreland has had the hopefuls descend on it in their thousands.

First up are nine singers who think they will be bigger than the spice girls.

There are a few whistles from the audience. That is until they realise that they’re all transvestites.

They’re called the Kit Cat Dolls and it’s like Pussy Cat Dolls but in Drag. They don’t get any red crosses and the judges put them through.

21 year old Scott has never performed outside his bedroom before and has been dragged along by his mother. He’s a breakdancer and he wows the audience and the judges. Simon thought it was brilliant and was completely mesmorised by him.

Ex army corporal Jack is 79 and is going to tapdance to Fred Astair. He brings the house down and despite Piers giving him a red cross, Amanda and Simon love him.

The Freerunners are up next. Basically doing acrobatics and jumping off things. Simon is sceptical but Piers and Amanda and Simon are all in agreeance. They’re going through.

Dr Gore’s Madness and Magic is next with a rocky horror type of magic show. There is a lot of blood. Amanda doesn’t have the stomach for it but Piers and Simon both prove they’re really still young school boys at heart and put the act through to the next round.

Husband and wife duo Rebecca and Donovan are absolutely amazing with their balancing act. It was pretty incredible to watch.

6 year old Connie is likely to be the star of Britain’s Got Talent. She’s incredibly cute with her beaming smile that is missing two front teeth. She sings Somewhere over the rainbow and brings Amanda to tears. She’s got a gorgeous voice and sings well beyond her years. It’s a yes all round, of course.

Birmingham is tonight’s first stop on Britain’s Got Talent in the search for the winner of £100,000 and the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show.

Seven best friends from Coventry who are wanting to become a professional dance group. The are call the Kombat Breakers. The crowd love them as do the judges although they’re not sure the queen will like them. They do think the princes will so they’re through.

Luke and Charlotte are a couple of young ballroom dancers who are absolutely cute to watch. Once again, the judges love them. They’re through to the next round.

70 year old Norma is a rapper. Simon hates it but the other two put her through.

14 year old Dominic is going to sing Unchained Melody. He sings unaccompanied and is incredible. The judges are all amazed.

Line dancing dogs would have to be good wouldn’t they? Despite there being some problems, Simon sees some potential with the act and so they get put through.

Victoria is going to make it through with her angle grinding routine which Piers finds incredibly sexy and asks her what she’s doing for dinner.

Husband and wife duo Jennesis are illusionists. Simon and Amanda hit their buttons before the illusion is done. However, the act convinces them all and they’re put through as long as Wayne loses the scary faces.

37 year old Comedy impressionist Mike is here to do this for his dad and to make him proud. His impersonation is brilliant and the judges were blown away. Simon thinks he’s even one of the best impressionists he’s ever heard.

Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent. The show that sets out to find Britain’s bightest new act and change their life forever. Ant & Dec are our hosts. It was going to be Paul O’Grady but he’s left ITV for Channel 4. Every night for the next 9 nights we’ll bring you all the action from the 50,000 applicants. They’ll all be competing for the incredible prize of an appearance at this year’s royal variety performance in front of Her Majesty, The Queen.

Cardiff folk have turned up in their thousands and there is every type of act imaginable. From dancing children to singing dogs. The one difference with these auditions is that they’re taking place in front of a live audience.

The three Britain’s Got Talent judges are Mr Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. During the auditions, the judges have a red button each. If one of the judges hits their button then a red cross will light up. If a contestant gets three red crosses then their time is up and their audition is over and it’s time for the judges to decide on whether they will be going through to the next round.

27 year old Damon Scott says he’s unique and no one can do what he does. He has a monkey that sings Michael Jackson. He’s kind of like a ventriliquist, only better. He brings the house down and gets a standing ovation. The crowd loves him. The judges love him. It was super entertaining. He’s through to the next round.

Katie with Rupert the piano playing pig are up next. It’s a bit of a laugh when Simon, who is obviously not impressed, hits his button and scares the pig. It’s not very tuneful when he gets to play the piano but it does prove that he’s a smart animal. Afterwards, Piers says that Simon likes to be the only smart pig in the room.

South Wales Cellphone salesman Paul is here to fulfil his dream of singing opera. He’s very good. Simon didn’t seem interested at the start but once he opened his mouth to sing he was drawn in. The crowd goes beserk. Simon says he wasn’t expecting it at all and thought he was fantastic. He’s through to the next round.

Manchester is the next stop for this travelling circus. Simon is annoyed that there is no talent in Manchester. He’s so annoyed he’s thinking he should pack his bags and head back to America. That is before the 27 piece dance troupe MD Productions walks in. Their members are aged between 13 and 24 and all they want to do is dance. Once again the audience goes crazy. The judges love it and think it was sensational.

10 year old Jake Pratt is a budding comedian. He’s a funny wee chap. Simon thought the comedy routine was great but the singing was rubbish.

Unlike other contestants 17 year old Craig Mansley has been trying to keep his talent a secret as his parents thought it was only something girls do. He’s a baton twirler. They like him and think he’s fantastic and think his parents would have been extremely proud of them.

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