Britain’s Got Talent

Piers Morgan may quit BGT

It’s being reported today that BGT judge Piers Morgan is to quit the show in order to take the job that’s soon to be made available by Larry King on CNN.

The Daily Telegraph states that Piers, who’s been a judge on the show for four years has been offered the job fronting the network’s nightly show.

The paper quotes a source close to Piers as saying, “CNN bosses have been desperately searching for somebody to revamp the show.

“Larry’s ratings are massively down year on year – and Piers is just the chap.

“Piers is utterly thrilled by the prospect of the deal and knows that taking over the Larry King show means that something will have to give.

“America’s Got Talent finishes in mid-September, so it seems Larry will be moved to a weekend show then and be ousted from his nightly prime-time slot.

“Piers has discussed it all with Simon Cowell, who gave him his big break on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, and has his blessing.”

It seems that Piers is very popular across the pond; he’s already confirmed that he’ll be the new host of an NBC version of ‘Life Stories’.

The Sun reported that Piers said of his NBC role, “Barbara [Walters] has just semi-retired, and I think there is an opportunity there for me.

“I do one-on-ones, like Barbara Walters. I am not an entertainment talkshow, late night kind of guy. It is more biographical interviews.

“I have the number one talkshow in England. Certainly, NBC thinks it is the time to try to do something.”

And NBC’s Paul Telegdy added, “We like Piers because he has a very sort of direct manner. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything.”

Will you miss Piers or would you not care if he took a running jump off one? Do let us know!

Sadness as BGT darling Bethany passes away

The tragic little girl whose dying wish was to sing for Simon Cowell, five year old Bethany Fenton, has died just three days after making her wish come true.

Little Bethany, who had an incurable brain tumour, had begged her mum and dad to arrange it for her to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Simon, and she got to do just that.

The Sun reports the prior to her emotional performance, little Bethany met Simon backstage and told him knock-knock jokes. Bethany also got to meet some of the show’s finalists including 13 year-old drummer Kieran Gaffney, who very charmingly wore Bethany’s hospital tag on his wrist “for luck”.

Sadly, Bethany lost her battle at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital after her condition suddenly deteriorated.

Her mum and dad, Gemma and Sean, were understandably too distressed to comment, however, a friend of the family, Robin Thompson, told the paper, “Saturday night was the highlight of Bethany’s short life.

“She told her parents ‘It was the most wonderful day of my life and I am so happy’.

“Sean thinks that in some curious way she held on so that she could achieve her dream.”

Bethany was diagnosed with the killer tumour last year, and her devastated family were told that surgeons confirmed it would’ve been impossible to remove as it was inside Bethany’s brain, and growing outwards.

Bethany had chemotherapy treatment in September, but it did little to halt the growth of the tumour.

Before she became critically ill for the last time, Bethany said of her BGT experience, “I loved them all, especially Kieran, who asked for my wristband to give us both luck.

“Simon let me sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him. He’s so nice and I love him.

“The hotel was awesome and all the people so friendly. They made me and my brother Louis so happy. And the food was yummy.”

Our heartfelt sympathies go to Bethany’s family at this sad, sad time. She was a charming and brave little girl.

Saturday, 5 June 2010, 7:30PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

It’s the final of Britain’s Got Talent!

Ant and Dec will host the proceedings and crown the eventual winner, as decided by the public, with the winner receiving a life changing £100,000 and the chance to perform at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

Each night throughout the week, eight acts have performed with two acts going through to the final (one on the public vote and one on the judges vote).

Now these ten acts will perform on the Britain’s Got Talent Grand Final.

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Eliminated Britain’s Got Talent act Peredot have fired up over the comments they received from the judges on Wednesday night’s show.

The dance troupe has spoken out over the negative comments from Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden who voted to save singer Christopher Stone instead.

During the show, the group voiced their disappointment on their elimination: “It’s very disappointing. I’m a bit upset that we were compared to [Diversity]. We are unique, we do our own style.”

On Britain’s Got More Talent, the group said: “Yeah, we are [angry]. It’s like there’s millions of singers, and they’re not compared, and it’s the same with dancers. We are not followers, we are leaders.”

After their performance on the semi-final, Morgan told the troupe: “There wasn’t enough genuine street dancing for me, and by comparison to Diversity who we saw yesterday, it’s not in the same league.”

Holden backed him up, saying: “No, I’m so sorry to tell you, I totally agree with what Piers is saying. It’s only natural to compare it to the bar that’s already been set on this show, and I don’t think you’re better than the winners last year.”

Source: Digital Spy


A further two acts have made it through the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Janey Cutler and Twist & Pulse will compete in Saturday’s final of the talent show after progressing on Thursday’s show.

Singer Cutler gained the public vote while Twist & Pulse and The Fusion were left to stand before the judges.

Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden chose The Twist & Pulse team of Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy despite Simon Cowell throwing his weight behind The Fusion.

Eliminated from the competition on the night were Team Shaolin, Emile Harris, Tyler Patterson, Ice and Mark James.

The final will be contested by Spelbound, Tobias Mead, Tina & Chandi, Connected, Paul Burling, Christopher Stone, Janey Cutler, Twist & Pulse and two acts from Friday’s semi-final.

Source: Digital Spy

A further two acts have made it through to the Britain’s Got Talent Final.

Paul Burling and Christopher Stone will join the winner’s from Monday and Tuesday’s semi finals in Saturday’s finale.

Comic impressionist Burling won through with the public vote while Stone and Peridot stood before the judges. Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden voted through Stone after slamming dance troupe Peridot earlier in the show.

Stone said after his victory: “It’s fantastic. That was more nervous than performing. I’ve got a lot more [for the final].”

Peridot will join Chloe

Hickinbottom, The Arrangement, Phillip Grimmer, Starburst and Jimmy Forde in exiting the ITV1 show.

Burling said of the night: “It was absolutely amazing. I’m still in a little bit of shock to be honest, because I’ve had so much support from my family and friends.”


The pair will join Tina & Chandi, Connected, Spelbound and Tobias Mead in Saturday’s final.

Source: Digital Spy


BGT News: Tobias Mead’s “Twilight” act and Simon’s ex is his BFF

BGT dancer Tobias Mead is apparently planning a “vampire and werewolf-themed performance” which is based on the movie ‘Twilight’.

The Sun reports that Tobias, who got through to the final on Monday night, is a big fan of the film.

He told the paper, “What I’ve got planned is really me for the final. I’ll give you a one-word teaser: Twilight.

“Maybe you can expect vampire teeth. I like darkness.

“I’ve seen all the films. I’d love to be in them – that would make me the happiest person in the world.

“I’m Team Jacob but I do like Edward and Robert Pattinson, who’s a great actor.

“I like the whole vampire thing. It’s not about being sexy, it’s about the darkness.”

Tobias impressed judges and the audience on Monday night when he performed a “floating ball routine” which he’s since revealed he learned from magician, Don Wayne.

Tobias said, “A magician isn’t allowed to reveal his secrets. Don revealed it to me and I promised I wouldn’t say.

“It’s magic. They’ve only taught me this one trick though, it’s a one off.”

And in other BGT news, Simon Cowell was spotted by The Sun’s photographers leaving the show with his ex, Jackie St Claire.

They are said to be “very good friends” and rumour has it that Jackie’s even involved in preparations for Simon’s impending wedding to Mezghan Hussainy later this year.

I wouldn’t want my intended’s ex helping out with my wedding, would you??

Last night Connected made it through to the Saturday night final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Here’s their semi-final performance of No Boundaries if you missed it.

Another pair of acts has been voted through to the Britain’s Got Talent final on Saturday.

Tina & Chandi and Connected will battle it out on the weekend finale show after the public and judges chose who they wanted to see more of.

Dancing dog act Tina & Chandi won over the public, receiving the vote while Connected and Neil Fullard faced the judges.

Simon, Piers and Amanda were split however, with Piers voting Connected and Amanda Fullard. It came down to Simon Cowell’s vote and after he spent an age deciding (receiving a hurry-along from Ant & Dec) he chose to save the boyband.

Tina & Chandi and Connected will join Monday’s winners Spelbound and Tobias Mead in the finale.

Source: Digital Spy

BGT’s Neil says he’ll “strangle” Simon!

BGT hopeful, bouncer Neil Fullard, has said that if Simon criticizes him on tonight’s show, he’ll “strangle” him…

Yeah, way to win over Simon… not.

Neil, who impressed the judges when he performed Come Fly With Me received criticism from Simon on his total lack of effort with his appearance in his audition – he showed up in jeans and a scruffy top – however, he’s vowed to make an effort for tonight.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Neil said, “I’m going to jump off the stage and strangle him [if he doesn’t like me].

“I’m all prepared. I’ve got my boys in the crowd.

“They better behave themselves, the judges!

“I’ll make sure Champagne Shane and the boys are right behind his shoulders.

“No, seriously, it’s all laughable really. I love Simon.

“I know he loves Sinatra and I was gutted he missed my first audition. I love Louis [Walsh] and he was really nice to me, but Simon is the main man.

“If I can get his honest opinion – and it will be an honest opinion with Simon because that’s the way he is – I will listen to him.

“Whether it is positive or negative. So let’s just wait and see… and hope that he’s nice to me!”

The concluding Britain’s Got Talent semi-final airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1, so we’ll see then if Neil’s ‘threat’ comes to fruition!

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