Britain’s Next Top Model

Britain’s Next Top Model has shed another contestant this week with Delita Cole sent home by the judges on the Living show.

The 18-year-old failed to impress during this week’s tasks which involved shooting a commercial for Beyonce’s new fragrance and a nude chocolate shoot.

Cole was criticised for a lack of variety in the chocolate shoot in comparison to the other contestants.

Judge Charley Speed commented on Cole’s photo: “It’s caught her at a funny angle. I’m just not sure how much further she can go.”

“She has zero star power.” Elle Macpherson said.

Addressing Cole, the supermodel host said:  “You can’t keep coming week after week as the scared little girl.

“Your nerves get in the way each week. Week after week, we get the shot. But it’s the last one.”

Meanwhile, Cole remained optimistic after her dismissal.

“It has been such a pleasure to be here. I’ve made it this far, but I’m obviously not good enough. But that’s understandable because the best girl’s going to go through and it wasn’t me this week.

“I’m not going back to normal life. I think I might come down to London and try again.”

Source: Digital Spy


9:00pm Monday, August 2 on LIVING

International fashion icon and new Britain’s Next Top Model host Elle Macpherson is joined by worldwide music icon Beyonce this week, as the quest to crown one lucky lass the winner of series six continues on LIVING.

Dripping with glamour, the pair are joined by even more top fashion talent, as model Charley Speed, stylist Grace Woodward and top designer Julien Macdonald take their seats at the judging table.

The model hopefuls face a tasty photoshoot and a sultry challenge this week when pop queen Beyonc� sets them a scorching-hot task, but first the ladies couple up with a male model to do some open-air modelling for Merc Clothing. What will the passersby on Carnaby Street make of the girls’ efforts? And more importantly, how will the judges rate their public posing?

Back at the model house, a video message from Beyonc� sends the girls into a frenzy of singing-and-dancing excitement. The singer asks them to promote her sexy new fragrance in a fiery TV spot, with the challenge winner set to receive a night out at an exclusive London club. In the event, victor Kirsty, who has been a frontrunner in the competition so far, celebrates her win a little too hard and finds herself feeling worse-for-wear at the next day’s shoot for Palmer’s beauty products.

It’s the worst shoot yet for hangovers, as the girls are wearing nothing but melted chocolate. Will one bad decision be enough to ruin a promising hopeful’s chances?

Male viewers of tonight’s Britain’s Next Top Model are in for a real treat as the ladies get covered in chocolate for their next photoshoot.

We doubt they ate much of it but the ladies were covered in just chocolate and a thong as their outfits for the shoot.

Contestant Charlotte was happy enough to strip for the shoot comparing chocolate to being “like a layer of clothing.”  Others weren’t as comfortable in their chocolate clothing with redhead Amelia nervousing protecting her mdoesty with her arms.  Kirsty meanwhile took it to the extreme with her shoot looking a bit like a Maxim shoot.

Tune in to Living TV tonight at 9pm for the shoot and the results as one more contestant gets booted off the show.

Recently eliminated Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Susan Loughnane has said she wants to ditch modelling to pursue an acting career.

Loughnane was one of two girls eliminated from the reality show this week after failing to perform in the challenges but she says her heart was never in it.

“I think I was done. I don’t think I should have been given more time. There are other girls who can still flourish,” Loughnane said on the show’s official website.

“I’m not a model. I don’t want to be a model. I never really have wanted to be a model. I just enjoy modelling in photoshoots as an actress. And all the judges saw that I was an actress, because that’s what I am and I can’t be anything else. I am pursuing acting as soon as I come over to England.

“I know what I want to do. Even the judges knew. They said, ‘you are an actress’. They saw right through me.”

Source: Digital Spy



Sherlock premieres to 7.5 million

BBC One’s brand new drama series Sherlock debuted with an impressive audience of 7.5m on Sunday night. The show pulled a 30.4% audience share across BBC One and HD.


Fletcher eliminated from MasterChef

Actress Alex Fletcher has been voted off Celebrity MasterChef after the first quarter final. The actress didn’t do enough to impress hosts Greg Wallace and John Torode and the guest judges and has been forced to exit the BBC One show.

Beyonce to set challenge on BNTM

Next week on Britain’s Next Top Model guest judge Beyonce will set the contestants a challenge. Beyonce will oversee the models as they shoot an advert for her new fragrance range Heat.

Double elimination on Top Model

Two contestants were eliminated from Britain’s Next Top Model in last night’s episode with both Susan Loughnane and Harleen Nottay heading home. The pair failed to impress in the two tasks set on the show which were casting shoots for agencies and an anti-bullying campaign.

New Big Brother favourite

Big Brother’s John James has been installed as the new favourite to take out the 2010 competition according to bookmakers Paddy Power. The Australian is currently sitting at odds of 5/2 to win the show, replacing Josie as the front-runner.

Two aspiring models were eliminated from the race to become Britain’s Next Top Model in this week’s episode which featured Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts as a guest judge.

Susan Loughnane and Harleen Nottay have both exited the competition after giving disappointing performances in the week’s challenges.

Loughnane was booted midway through the episode after failing to impress the judges during the casting shoots for agencies while Nottay’s anti-bullying campaign photo was not strong enough to keep her in.

“It’s been brilliant. I’ve had a great time. I’m just overwhelmed to get this far,” Loughnane said.

“The castings didn’t go well for me today, but I genuinely don’t think anything I could have done would have made it any better.”

Meanwhile, Nottay said after her exit: “I thought that I did quite well in the anti-bullying shoot. I thought I used my own experiences, but clearly it didn’t translate properly.

“But I’m so glad I came here. It’s been the best experience of my life. I’m just upset and I’m going to miss everyone so much.”

Source: Digital Spy


9:00pm Monday July 26 on LIVING

As series six of Britain’s Next Top Model enters its fourth week, a surprise elimination and conflict at the model house ratchet up the tension and bring out the catty comments.

Time for the show’s fabulous new host, supermodel Elle Macpherson, to set the girls straight. As she helps the hopefuls with a photoshoot for charity, Elle demonstrates that reaching the top of this business is about being a role model as well as a fashion model. First, the girls head to top agency Models 1, which will represent the winner of the competition. There, the would-be models are sent on two high-stakes ‘go-sees’ with important clients Miss Sixty and William Tempest. The girls are still inexperienced, so will they be able to impress the seasoned industry insiders they meet at the castings?

The stone-faced fashion pros certainly do not spare the contestants’ feelings – and neither will the judges, who have a nasty surprise waiting for one model hopeful when the girls return to the house. Elle then mentors the girls as they model Red products, which are later sold to benefit charities fighting Aids in Africa. Back at home, the girls are less high-minded when they gang up on Amber, whose moaning and rude behaviour have raised her housemates’ hackles. Finally, the ladies help out the Beatbullying charity by posing for emotional campaign shots, and are introduced to one of their pop idols, Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts. Good looks combine with good work, this week on LIVING.

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Miquita Oliver greets the final 13 for this week’s task.

Task: Create the best Vintage outfit in five minutes
Location: Rocket Warehouse
Winner: Amba
Reward: Extra 5 minutes at next photoshoot
Person whose time those 5 minutes are coming off: Kirsty

Location: Daniel Galvin
James Galvin – Celebrity Hairdresser
Louise Galvin – Colour Director

Client: Elizabeth Galton – Creative Director Links of London
Style: Couture collection
Theme: Urban Warrior look

Guest Judge: Noemie Lenoir

Photographs: (In the order received)

Nicola Wright

Amba Hudson-Skye

Kirsty Parsons

Tiffany Pisani

Charlotte Holmes

Delita Cole

Alisha White

Susan Loughanne

Joy McLaren

Harleen Kaur Nottay

Ameliea Thomas

Olivia Oldham Stevens

Rachelle Harry

Task: Catwalk
Winners: Kirsty & Amelia
Reward: Walk the runway at a fashion event

Photoshoot: Lingerie (Fred & Ginger)
Photographer: Shane Woodward

Tiffany Pisani - Lingerie
Tiffany Pisani

Susan Loughanne - Lingerie
Susan Loughanne

Rachelle Harry - Lingerie
Rachelle Harry

Olivia Oldham Stevens - Lingerie
Olivia Oldham Stevens

Nicola Wright - Lingerie
Nicola Wright

Kirsty Parsons - Lingerie
Kirsty Parsons

Joy McLaren - Lingerie
Joy McLaren

Harleen Kaur Nottay - Lingerie
Harleen Kaur Nottay

Hannah Goodeve - Lingerie
Hannah Goodeve

Delita Cole - Lingerie
Delita Cole

Charlotte Holmes - Lingerie
Charlotte Holmes

Amelia Thomas - Lingerie
Amelia Thomas

Amba Hudson Skye - Lingerie
Amba Hudson-Skye

Aleisha White - Lingerie
Alisha White

Bottom two: Hannah & Delita
Leaving: Hannah (quit)

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