Britain’s Next Top Model

Second model eliminated

Rachelle Harry has become the second contestant to depart the Britain’s Next Top Model house after disappointing the judges in this week’s photo shoot. The girls modelled jewellery for Links Of London for the shoot which saw Rachelle being branded “hard work” by the photographer. Guest judge Noemie Lenoir said that while her face was strong, Rachelle’s body let her down.

Don’t Stop Believing debuts to 1.4m

Five’s new headline reality show Don’t Stop Believing debuted on Sunday to an average of 1.4m viewers. The show, which is hosted by Spice Girl Emma Bunton took a 6.6% audience share in its timeslot of 7pm – 8.30pm on Five.

BBC apologise to Holmes over fat jokes

The BBC has apologised to Eamonn Holmes over jokes regarding his weight in a recent episode of The Impressions Show. Several sketches on the show featured digs at Holmes’ weight leading him to send a letter on complaint to the broadcaster who have since issued an apology.

The South Bank Show to return?

The South Bank Show Awards may be given a new second life if Lord Melvyn Bragg has his way. Sky Arts is looking to revive the show, whose rights are owned by Lord Bragg, after ITV cut it last year.


Cole to film Judges’ House in UK

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole will be present for the Judges’ Houses phase of the reality show in th UK this year. The singer, who is recovering from a bout of malaria, will film the portion of the show in the UK whereas in the past she has been based in the likes of Morocco and France.

Charice gets pre-Glee surgery

Teen singing sensation and newest member of the Glee cast Charice has reportedly had cosmetic surgery in preparation for her debut on the hit series’ second season. It is understood that the 18-year-old had work done on her face in order to “look fresh on camera”.

Charley Speed, Elle MacPherson, Julien MacDonald, Grace Woodward
BNTM Cycle 6 Judges

It started off with 25 girls who had made it to the Britain’s Next Top Model academy but only 13 could go through to the finals.

The first 5 girls to be eliminated, by way of opening a locker to discover whether there was a blazer in it for you were:

Francessca Pont, Emma Williams, Alize Mounter, Suzanne Harger and Chloe Peers

Of the remaining 20 girls, through to the final 13 are:

Tiffany Pisani, Joy McLaren, Amba Hudson-Skye, Harleen Kaur Nottay, Charlotte Holmes, Amelia Thomas, Rachelle Harry, Olivia Oldham Stevens, Hannah Goodeve, Delita Cole, Nicola Wright, Kirsty Parsons and Alisha White.

Elle MacPherson also gives Susan Loughanne an extra place in our final 14.

Disappointed and going home:

Simone Clark, Samirah Warsama, Kadian Noble, Sophie Kerr, Marie Smith and Jennifer Smith

Here are the photos from the Top 20.

The Geeks:

Dilita Cole, Kirsty Parons, Jennifer Smith, Marie Smith, Alisha White

The Sporty girls:

Rachelle Harry, Charlotte Holmes, Olivia Oldham-Stevens, Simone Clark, Hannah Goodeve

The Prefects:

Joy McLaren, Sophie Kerr,Kadian Noble, Susan Loughnane, Amba Hudson-Skye

The Cool Girls:

Nicola Wright, Harleen Nottay, Tiffany Pisani, Amelia Thomas, Samirah Warsama

Here’s the promo for the next episode of Britain’s Got Talent

The first modelling hopeful has been eliminated from Britain’s Next Top Model in controversial circumstances.

Hannah Goodeve voluntarily left the competition after finding herself sitting in the bottom two alongside Delita Cole.

20-year-old Goodeve made the decision to depart the competition after struggling in this week’s lingerie photo-shoot for Fred & Ginger.

“Can I just say something?” Goodeve asked Elle Macpherson when it was confirmed that she was in the bottom two, “I’m not sure what it says on that card, but if it’s me, I’d rather it be Delita [who goes through].”

“I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, I’m not taking it lightly, but this isn’t me. I wish I could do this, because I’m sure they are out there looking for a six foot big-boned leggy model, but honest to God, I can’t do it. I’d rather not know if it’s me on the card.”

After the decision, Goodeve said: “I don’t think I want to be a model. Delita wants it more than me and I don’t want to take that away from someone. It’s an amazing experience and it’s made me realise what I want to do with my life – I think I want to teach English.”

Source: Digital Spy


18 years old, 5’9

She grew up in Malta with her Mum, Dad and older sister who is 21.

Has done a few photo shoots in Malta after she was discovered by an agent who saw her crying in the street.

Hated school; she was brought up speaking English but went to a Maltese speaking school. She looked different from the other kids as she had blonde hair, and hated the head teacher as she thought he treated foreign kids differently.

Being youngest in the house won’t faze her; she describes herself as a leader, not a follower.
If she has a problem with someone she will confront them.

She would never raise any issues with another model in front of a client, but afterwards she would ‘put them in their place.’

The photo shoot that she would dread the most would be anything involving nudity. She lives in a religious country and it would be awkward for her parents.

She describes herself as a fashion freak as she is obsessed with the fashion world and modelling, but is not a dedicated follower of fashion.

22 years old, 5’8″, Actor/Artist

Has a boyfriend of 5 years who she describes as weird and creative.

Considers herself to be a free spirit. Adores art, loves acting and photography and just generally loves anything creative.

Her dream job would be an Actor, a Model or just anything artistic.

She likes to paint psychedelic, weird things; she enjoys being different and does not like to be guided with her art. She has an acting agent but has not signed a contract with them yet.

Describes herself as mad and a bit weird but also says that she is nice, bubbly and friendly. She is chatty and finds it easy to get on with people.

Enjoys following fashion and likes to see what people are wearing and describes her style as a bit crazy.

She likes to mix Lady GaGa’s style with Grace Kelly.

She likes different types of music; she enjoys dance music with flashing lights, anything that she can see. She wishes she grew up in the Woodstock era so she could go to that.

19 years old, 5’10”, Student in Psychology

Describes herself as chilled out, but doesn’t hold back if she is telling off her untidy housemates.

The buzz of a catwalk really appeals to her – she’s been to London fashion week twice and really loved it.

Reserved, confident and self assured; she does like confrontation because she believes that to clear the air you have to confront the issue.

In arguments, she likes to adopt a calm and sarcastic manner, making others feel stupid.

Happiest memory is meeting Naomi Campbell and her worst memory is when she used to have eczema on the back of her knees as a child.

She enjoys clubbing, loves electro and dance music. She only drinks about twice a month but when she does she gets drunk.

Her style is quite classic with lots of black and pearls, and very girly. Rachelle loves to wear pink every day even if it is just an accessory. She likes to have everything co-ordinated even down to the nail varnish.

Changing her clothes more than once a day is not uncommon.

19 years old, 5’10”, Student

She  is very confused about her heritage and desperately wants to find out more but has no way of knowing how she could start.

Two years ago tragedy struck when one of her closest male friends was stabbed by a rival gang in her home town. She says she was badly affected by the incident and riddled with guilt as she hadn’t spoken to him for a while before he was killed.

Has a street hip-hop sense of style but by her own admission doesn’t seem very knowledgeable about fashion. She says her favourite designer is River Island and her ideal photo shoot would be a ‘fun loving’ one.

She says she is competitive but not bitchy.

Her biggest nightmare on entering the house would be a house full of fake girls.

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