Britain’s Next Top Model

19 years old, 5’8″, Student

Currently studying an Art and Design foundation course at Coventry University.

She admits that she is very shy and lacks confidence.

Her role within the house would be the clean freak. Nicola claims to be very domesticated and hates mess.

She finds it hard to approach intimidating characters and prefers for people to make the initial move to chat to her.

Has a boyfriend, Elliot, who she met on MySpace after they added each other and realised they lived very close by. They have now been together for around two and a half years.

Her diet is mostly junk food, but she knows that as a model you have to look after yourself.

She used to wear lots of make up to cover her face, over time she has become more comfortable with who she is.

She has had a small amount of modelling experience and is signed to an agent in Birmingham. She has mainly done test shoots.  She feels comfortable in front of the camera and loves the fact that she doesn’t have to talk.


Anything involving the cold and snakes would be her worst nightmare for a shoot.

Alexa Cheung and Agyness Deyn are her style icons.

21 years old, 5’8″,  from Cardiff

Part time youth worker studying Fashion, Marketing, Design and Business

As one of ten siblings, she feels she grew up fast, helping her mother in her fathers’ absence.

At 15 she taught dance to younger pupils at school and then in the local community centre.

At school she was teased for her lips; people would say they were too big, so when smiling she would cover her mouth.

Her sister Anne was a contestant in series one of the show and the only girl to ever leave the series of her own accord.

She lives a very independent life from her family, and has not told them about the competition.

20 years old, 5’9″, Leeds

Had a poor upbringing and feels that she has not had the opportunities that others have.

Been with her boyfriend Alex for four years; he is a plumber but currently unemployed.

Her friends would say that she swears a lot, is quite loud and has strong opinions. She likes a good debate.

Thinks modelling isn’t a real job, “you spend all day getting your hair done and then all you do is look into a camera which is simple.”

She describes herself as very indecisive especially with her career path. She studied at sixth form for a year and got good grades but then got bored and left.

She began a beauty course, but didn’t like the ‘bitchy’ girls. She likes the idea of being a make-up artist.

Her dream photo shoot would be in New Zealand or Antarctica “with all the mad scenery”, and a completely nude shoot with no props would be her nightmare.

19 years old, 5’8″, Roslin, Midlothain

As a Sikh, she wants to let all Asian girls know they should go for their dreams.

She knows that her message will get some negative feedback from the older generations, but she can cope.

Suffers with eczema, and she battles with it everyday, using different creams to keep it under control.

Describes herself as outgoing, loud, fun and relaxed, but can get hot headed when she feels she can’t get her point across. She ‘don’t take shit lying down.’

Her nightmare photo shoot would involve going underwater as she nearly drowned when she was three.

She doesn’t really follow fashion very closely but loves the Alexa Cheung/Fearne Cotton look.

22 years old, 6’0″, Cheshire

She describes herself as a popular girl but also a drifter, moving from group to group as she gets bored of people.

Took a modelling course when she was 13, which she now realises was a total waste of money!

Isn’t shy, and would concentrate on having fun; with such an amazing opportunity she doesn’t want to waste time arguing!

Loves a good steak, Moroccan style food and Thai green curry- in fact she loves food in general!

Her dream photo shoot would be somewhere really snowy like Alaska, but she wouldn’t complain about a jungle shoot.

Her style is very Boho, her staple wardrobe items are skinny jeans, dresses and belts and she has a slight obsession with Jeggings!

18 years old, 5’8″, Liverpool

She describes herself as a bitch, and says she will do whatever to win. People love her or hate her- ‘most people hate her!’

By her own admission, she always gets what she wants and expects to get what she wants!

She loved school and hung around with the popular gang. She describes them as the ‘plastics’ from the film Mean Girls.

Hasn’t got friends at college as her art course is full of ‘Goths’ and ‘Geeks’ who she feels are jealous of her.

Describes her style as glamorous and funky; her dream photo shoot would involve wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress.

21 years old, 5’8.5″

Part time model, part time Store Assistant

Miss Cornwall 2009, she currently lives with her grandmother in Surrey who she has been caring for while she’s been ill.

She was going to go to university to do physiotherapy, but after winning Miss Plymouth in 2007 she knew that academia wasn’t for her.

Went to an all girls’ school which she wasn’t happy about, but now she admits that her school years were the best of her life. She wasn’t in the popular gang nor was she in the geeky gang – somewhere in between.

Her friends would describe her as positive, happy, fun to be around and sometimes sensitive. She knows that she will have to take any criticism and use it in a positive way.

She is outdoorsy and loves activities such as surfing, sailing and kayaking.

20 years old, 5’11”, Fashion student in Bournemouth

She would describe herself as a mother figure in the house as she tidies up after people a lot.

Her dream job would be a high fashion supermodel.

She trained as a dancer, but after a knee injury knew she could never become a professional dancer so turned to modelling.

She tries to avoid arguing over petty things, but if someone was to insult her and her friends she would defend herself.

Bullied at school but doesn’t want to make it a sob story. She moved high schools because of the bullying and met an amazing bunch of friends which changed her life.

She would love to try an underwater shoot as she loves swimming. She would dread a shoot with a tarantula, she’s not that good with the cold either.

Her style is ever changing; she goes through phases. She likes to create her own style and prefers that to following what’s in fashion.

18 years old, 5’10”, from Clapham, London

Describes herself as: fun, honest, determined, ambitious, friendly, supportive and outspoken.

Studying beauty therapy, and working at Shine – a company who help youths develop confidence and skills to get into the work place.

Talks to her mum about everything and says she’ll miss her little brother the most while living in the house.

Thinks she would stop arguments and fights in the house. She hates people being picked on as she was bullied at school.

As she is dyslexic, she feels she is in a great position to inspire youngsters.

In terms of her style, Alisha says ‘Everyday is a different scene; every day is a different look’.

Elle Macpherson has selected her top 14 finalists for the latest cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model.

The top 14 models are:

Back row – Hannah Goodeve, Alisha White, Tiffany Pisani, Kirsty Parons, Amba Hudson-Skye.

Middle row – Nicola Wright, Delita Cole, Amelia Thomas, Charlotte Holmes.

Front row – Olivia Oldham-Stevens, Susan Loughnane, Rachelle Harry, Joy McLaren, Harleen Nottay.

Britain’s Next Top Model continues next Wednesday on Living at 9pm.

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