Brothers and Sisters

10:00pm Thursday, May 12 on M4

Brand New Series: Olivia’s brother shows up and sets out to gain custody of her. Will Kevin and Scotty get to keep her or will Brian become legal guardian? Elsewhere, Lily goes missing; Luc finally gets his own show at the gallery; and Kitty interrupts Seth’s date.

10:00pm Thursday, May 5 on M4

Brand New Series: Kevin and Scotty sign the adoption papers and try to make Olivia comfortable in their home; Justin’s homeless vet friend is now working at Scotty’s restaurant; Paige is upset when she is dumped by a boy she likes and Nora and Sarah go to Washington for Evan’s birthday party and also to catch up with Kitty.

10:00pm Thursday, April 28 on M4

Brand New Series: Nora tries to keep long-lost love Brody (played by Beau Bridges) at bay but is finding it hard to resist his charms. Justin reaches out to a homeless vet who’s reluctant to accept help getting back on his feet.

10:00pm Thursday, April 21 on

Brand New Series: The Walkers’ plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day go horribly wrong when Tommy tells Sarah about another secret that Nora has kept buried since they were children. Saul’s hopes for a romantic evening with Jonathan are dashed when a high-profile food critic visits.

10:00pm Thursday, April 14 on

Brand New Series: The Walker clan are excited when Tommy comes down for a visit, but his new girlfriend’s enthusiasm for their family history rubs them up the wrong way.

10:00pm Thursday, April 7 on

Brand new series: Nora and Holly discover some shocking news about Nora’s past that may help Holly make a decision about moving away from California. Meanwhile, an old flame of Annie’s turns up and makes Justin jealous; Kevin and Scotty reconsider becoming adoptive parents and Saul forgives Jonathan.

10:00pm Thursday, March 31 on M4

Brand New Series: Nora’s seemingly innocent date scandalises the rest of the Walker clan. Meanwhile, Kitty’s new relationship with Seth sparks a flurry of internet gossip and an unexpected reaction from her boss.

10:00pm Thursday, March 24 on M4

Brand new series: Nora goes on a last-minute getaway with Karl to escape the holidays. Meanwhile, Saul has a chance encounter with a past love.

10:00am Tuesday, March 22 on C4

Series four of US drama Brothers and Sisters comes to Channel 4. In the first episode, Kitty holds a dark family secret close to her chest fearing that it could devastate the Walker family if it was revealed. Nora and Holly begrudgingly host a lavish engagement party for Justin and Rebecca and Sarah tries to find a new business venture in France.

10:00pm Thursday, March 3 on M4

Brand New Series: Justin takes a keen interest in Holly’s recovery after a nurse at the hospital catches his eye. Meanwhile, Nora’s friend Dr Karl finds his way into her heart when he helps Sarah and Kitty resolve some old sisterly squabbles. Paige helps Kevin and Scotty find forgiveness.

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