Brothers & Sisters

12:05pm Monday, August 9 on C4

In the first episode of season three, the Walkers go to the beach for a family vacation, but when things get ugly, Kevin arranges a getaway weekend for him and Scotty. However, events take an unexpected turn when a face from the past contacts him.

10:00pm Thursday, June 24 on M4

Brand New Series: In the series finale, the Walkers are coming to terms with the financial loss of Ojai Foods when they discover some hope in the form of on of William Walker’s covert investments.

10:00pm Thursday, June 10 on M4

Brand New Series: Sarah and Luc disagree on how to look after Cooper. Elsewhere, Kevin and Sarah reveal a secret sporting talent, Justin confesses his feelings for Rebecca and Scotty tells Kevin some home truths.

10:00pm Thursday, June 3 on M4

Brand New Series: Nora and Saul visit their mum Ida (played by Marion Ross) who is recovering from an ankle operation and Nora insists that Ida comes back home and live with her while she mends.

10:00pm Thursday, May 20 on M4

Brand New Series: The Walker family discover that Nora has been hiding information about Dennis York to protect them for the last 25 years. Kevin confronts a dark secret and struggles to deal with the consequences of his new-found knowledge. Elsewhere, Justin asks Rebecca an important question.

10:00pm Thursday, May 13 on M4

Brand New Series: The Walker family reminisce about their days at Ojai Foods in 1986 in a bid to unravel the secret that William’s arch rival Dennis York holds over them. But when they uncover the secret, the family find that it affects them more than they’d anticipated.

10:00pm Thursday, May 6 on M4

Luc is saved from deportation in the nick of time but Kitty’s campaign comes under fire when unsubstantiated reports suggest that she helped Luc to stay in the country. Bloggers soon start dishing the dirt on Luc, calling for him to leave America. Nora prevents Dennis from seeing her children and Holly tells Rebecca that she’s lost all her money.

10:00pm Thursday, April 29 on M4

Brand New Series: The Walkers are ecstatic that Luc is back. Sarah is less so when he tells her that his visa runs out in four weeks and he’s marrying his art dealer so he can stay in the country.

10:00pm Thursday, April 15 on

Kitty tells her family that she’s running for Robert’s senate seat. The family meet up and cast anonymous votes as to whether they think this is a good idea. Elsewhere, there’s a slump in business at Scotty’s restauarant and Kevin tries to avoid his high school reunion.

Thursday, April 8 on M4

Nora tries to do Saul a favour by helping with the taxes but he takes offence to her offer of kindness; Robert is disillusioned with politics but Kitty considers a career in the senate and Sarah goes on a date with Roy, a divorced dad she met at Paige’s science fair but finds that he he very different opinions on children’s rights than she does.

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