No-one likes primetime quiz shows anymore. Apart from people who watch ITV a lot… and they’ll watch any ol’ shit.

These days, it seems the entire world favours the prizeless, worthless points generating comedy panel quiz show thing. I realise it’s probably got a catchier name than that, but I can’t remember it.

Anyway, current king of the comedy panel quiz show thing is David Mitchell. He’s brilliant at it and, come the apocalypse, should we need comedy panellist, he’ll be first in the queue to be saved.

One that note, Mitchell has been confirmed as the host of new BBC comedy quiz panel thingy called The Bubble.

The premise of the show is that it will feature guests being locked in a media-free zone for four days (insert your own bit of bleak Britain here for a joke on ‘media-free zone’… I’m going for Wigan) before being brought into a studio and asked about celebrity gossip and showbiz news that happened while they were away.

The guests will have to figure out which stories are true and which are made up. The contestants will be a mixture of “comics, smart celebrities and wild-card bookings” apparently.

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