Bulging Brides

1:00am Thursday, January 1 on LIVING

A wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of a woman’s life, but this week LIVING explores what happens when weight-loss anxiety brings big problems to a bride’s big day. The documentary series follows brides-to-be as they battle the bulge in preparation for taking centre stage when they walk down the aisle. Each week, the show reveals how wedding planning can deteriorate into a desperate bid for wedding slimming when body anxieties threaten to spoil the festivities. Co-hosted by the dieting dream team of personal trainer Tommy Europe and nutritionist Nadeen Boman, Bulging Brides offers tough love to help chunky brides-to-be fit into their wedding dresses. But losing the pounds with the wedding just around the corner is no easy task – even with expert help – and each diet-obsessed woman faces a brutal training regime and a strict nutritional programme. If she manages to stick to the plan for six weeks, will she look breathtaking on the big day? Three dress fittings track her progress. Even the bride most committed to the cause has other stresses swirling around before her big day, and the added anxieties of wedding planning – from flower-related foul-ups to cake catastrophes – make losing the weight especially difficult. It’s an emotional rollercoaster as two brides make a last ditch attempt to fight the flab and zip up their dream dresses, when a double helping of Bulging Brides comes to LIVING every weeknight.

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