Canal Livre

This might be the most insane article you’ll ever read. Why? Well, it features a Brazilian politician who fronts a TV crime show and he just happens to be under investigation for allegedly ordering a series of executions in a bid to boost his ratings.

How crazy is that?!

Wallace Souza, a former police officer, hosted a lunchtime television show to report and smite the the violence sweeping the jungle city of Manaus. Often, he would be at the scene of a crime before the police even got there. In one instance, with a cadaver still smoking.

It is being suggested that he knew where these bodies were because he paid of the hit in the first place! Apparently, he’s commissioned at least five murders to prove his claim that the region is awash with violent crime.

“Manaus can no longer live with this wave of crime,” Souza frequently told the audience of his daily show Canal Livre.

The Guardian states that in a 2008 speech, Souza boasted that Canal Livre enjoyed complete editorial freedom and was conducted with “journalistic responsibility”.

However, prosecutors are now saying that he went a beyond journalism, accusing Souza of drug trafficking, death squads and organised crime and possessing illegal arms. It’s stranger than fiction!

Last Autumn, his former security guard Moacir Jorge da Costa, an ex-police officer, was arrested and accused of nine murders. Reports say that Costa confessed that at least one of the murders had gone to air on his employer’s TV show. This, of course, is when things started to snowball.

Francisco Balieiro, Souza’s lawyer, said that his client denied the charges, blaming them on a political campaign against him.

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