Cannabis What’s the Harm

Former EastEnder James Alexandrou, who of course played Martin Fowler, will feature in a TV show entitled, ‘Cannabis: What’s the Harm’ which airs tonight at 9pm on BBC3.

In the show, James talks openly about the fact that he regularly smokes cannabis, and will explain how he’s done so for several years.

The programme looks at some of the facts and myths surrounding cannabis use, and its effect on those who smoke it.

During the show, James says, “I am not going to lie. I, like millions of other young people, have smoked cannabis.

“I never got into it heavily and it never seemed to harm me but I am curious to see if that is the same for everyone else.

“I ended up in the papers after a photo of me smoking cannabis appeared on Facebook.

“I was surprised by the reaction it got. There was nothing to be ashamed about.”

The picture above is one The Sun carries today after one of their photographers spotted James smoking a joint.

While discussing the documentary with Digital Spy, James was also asked if there was any possibility of him making a return to EastEnders.

He replied, “Not really, nah. I don’t know. I’ve got a strange relationship with being on the telly…

“I grew up on EastEnders and I left… and I’ve been happy ever since.

“There’s no reason to go back. I’m doing good right now and I’m happy doing what I’m doing.

“I don’t need to go back and it’s not going to fulfill me anymore.”

More EastEnders news soon!

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