Captain Mack

Stand aside Superman, to the back of the line Batman!

Hyper-daring and hyper-caring, Captain Mack is a Sky Captain.

A strong, awesome and totally aspirational character, his heroic but level-headed approach makes him a natural leader.

The series tells of the adventures of its eponymous hero, who performs daring deeds and flies heroic missions. Taking its inspiration from 1960’s live-action show Batman, Captain Mack is ‘good versus naughty’, offering three to six-year-olds their own age-appropriate hero.

CITV’s young audience will delight in Mack’s energetic approach to life, his kind and caring nature, his sense of humour – and of course his super-fast Sky Rockets – and will be on the edge of their seats as the countdown begins…3, 2, 1… Blast off! Captain Mack is on his way to save the day at Sunshine City!

Unfortunately, Sunshine City has more than its fair share of naughty characters. The ‘naughties’, a pre-school version of ‘baddies’, include Tracy Trickster, Grabby Crabby and Marty Meddler. Imagine classic Batman villains (The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman) given a fresh, pre-school twist. The troublemakers in Sunshine City aren’t evil or bent on world domination – they’re just driven by desires all pre-schoolers will understand and relate to as ‘naughty’ or ‘not nice’. They lack self-control, and cannot control their meddling or acquisitive natures. They never set out to be mischievous – they just can never resist the temptation that a particular situation presents.

Captain Mack is the perfect pre-school hero. he’s always on the lookout for danger…. anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Captain Mack is produced by John Bullivant and Iain Russell.

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