Car Bomb

Sunday 3 August 2008

In this concluding episode, Robert Baer travels to Belfast, where, using the access only available to a former intelligence officer, he secures interviews with an IRA explosive manufacturer, an IRA bomb-maker and a female bomb-planter. He also meets investigators in both London and Oklahoma who have been on the trail of those responsible for car bombing, as well as the brave men and women from the world of bomb disposal, to help answer the big question: can we defeat the Car Bomb ?

Sunday 27 July 2008

For generations the greatest perceived threat to the West has been nuclear. But in actual fact, it is a far less sophisticated piece of weaponry, comprising of just a stolen vehicle and a boot-load of homemade explosives. Crude and deadly this threat is the car bomb. From the team behind the critically-acclaimed Cult of the Suicide Bomber comes this new two-part series presented by ex-CIA operative Robert Baer. Baer charts for the first time the evolution of this simple, but most deadly of insurgent weapons, travelling through London, South Armagh, Oklahoma, Sicily, Iraq and New York, for this major exploration into the methodology of terrorism.

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