Case Sensitive

Friday, 13 July 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Simon and Charlie interview Ruth. They have a letter from Jason’s house that would’ve arrived the day that he died. And her fingerprints are on it, so they can place her in the house that day. Ruth admits that she went round there and that she slept with Jason; she lied about being there because she was terrified Aidan would discover her secret. But she insists that she didn’t kill Jason. The interview is terminated for the night and Charlie heads home, has she arrested the wrong person?

Thursday, 12 July 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


Ruth and Aidan are enjoying a day out at a nature reserve. They’re madly in love and Ruth is delighted and shocked when Aidan pops the question. She barely hesitates, agreeing to marry him. Later, he asks when her divorce will come through from Jason, we realise that this isn’t a straightforward situation. Aidan then admits that he’s got something he needs to tell her… but he’s not sure that he can. A long time ago, he hurt someone. And she died. Ruth is shocked and presses him for more information, but he’s in distress and she eventually tells him they’ll talk about it later.

Charlie and Simon are at the station, Proust telling everyone about a dull fraud case they’re going to be working on. When the briefing’s over, Charlie catches Simon chatting and laughing with Amber, a young and very pretty DC. Sellers comments that ‘I bet he’s shagged her by the end of the week’ and Charlie’s bothered by it. More bothered than she’d like to admit.

Ruth goes to her kickboxing class and sees DS Charlie Zailer, who she spars with. After the class, she asks how someone could find out if their partner secretly had a criminal record. She pretends that she’s asking on behalf of a friend, but Charlie sees through it. Warns Ruth that a man who’s hurt a woman usually does it again. Ruth laughs it off, it’s not that big a deal. Charlie returns to the station and shares her concerns with Superintendant Proust, who tells her that she has more important things to do than follow up on gossip from her pilates class. Charlie ignores him and runs a check on Jason Blacksmith. He’s assaulted another man – an Aidan Harper – just a couple of months ago and no charges were brought. She decides to visit the house, see what she can glean.

Ruth goes to see Aidan at work (he’s tuning a piano in a local hall) and pushes him again to tell her about this woman he hurt. Aidan is upset that she’s grilling him, ‘I thought you trusted me?’ After being pushed, he tells Ruth that the name of the woman was Mary Trelease. He then shuts down and Ruth leaves upset, hoping she’ll be able to talk to him more later. However, she’s shocked when she’s called to her old marital home with the dreadful news that Jason (her husband) has been found dead. Charlie has gone to visit her and found Jason’s body, with a single stab wound to the neck. He has been dead for a couple of days.

Charlie and Simon interview Ruth, Charlie asking if they maybe she and Jason had an argument that got out of hand. Ruth says no, she loved him. She fell for Aidan and had to leave but she never wanted to hurt Jason. Ruth denies that Jason was the man that she asking about after their kickboxing session, the man who had hurt someone. Charlie and Simon go to interview Aidan at his house, they learn that he’s practising for an audition at his old college, the Guildhall School of Music. They also ask him about the fight with Jason, Aidan insists it wasn’t a fight; Jason was upset about the situation and had been drinking, he took a swing at Aidan. Charlie takes a chance and asks why Ruth told her that Aidan had hurt someone. It pays off, Aidan is clearly shaken at being asked the question, which he bats away. Ruth has taken it out of context. But it’s clear that Aidan is the person that Ruth was talking about in the car park.

Ruth returns home to Aidan, pushes him away in her grief for Jason, which he takes badly. She apologises the next morning but he’s bitter about it, can’t believe that she told the police he’d ‘hurt someone’. Their trust is broken, he heads off to work leaving Ruth dejected. Meanwhile, Charlie interviews Gemma (Jason’s older sister) who was at the house when Jason tried to punch Aidan. She tells Charlie that Aidan taunted him, like he wanted him to hit him. She clearly thinks he’s bad news and she thought he’d be back for his revenge.

During a briefing on the case, DC Amber Williams admits that she hasn’t completed the door to door on Jason’s street yet. Charlie snaps at her, humiliating her in front of the team. Simon is shocked by how unkind Charlie is and later tells her ‘it’s not like you’. Charlie feels exposed, knows she’s letting the Simon and Amber situation get to her. Simon and Charlie go to The Guildhall School of Music and talk to Professor Fox, Aidan’s old music tutor. She admits that he was a prodigious talent when he was young, but failed to graduate. One day he just didn’t turn up before his final concert, why has remained a mystery. But now Ruth has been in touch with her, sending a CD of Aidan’s playing and they’ve agreed to audition him as a mature student.

Meanwhile, the team have pieced together Jason Blacksmith’s last 24 hours and have placed him drinking at a pub on Bank Street. He was clearly heavily inebriated when he died. They go to the pub and see CCTV footage of the night Jason died, see him arriving and then leaving later. But no sign of Aidan or Ruth.

Ruth is feeling low and having a coffee in a local café, after wandering aimlessly. She spots Aidan’s car as it pulls into the station and tries to call him. Where he’s off to? The call is rejected and then she receives a text from him, saying he’s working late. She knows it’s a lie. Gripped by curiosity and insecurity, she jumps on to the train that Aidan boards, determined to find out where he’s going. She travels all the way to the Festival Hall, where she sees him with another woman, they embrace warmly. Who is she? Heart-broken, Ruth calls out his name and he hears, races off to explain to her but she runs away. We see her travelling home on the train, in pieces. When she arrives back at the house, she starts pulling the place apart, looking for any explanation she can find about who Aidan is, who this woman is. She finds a passport photo, of Aidan and this woman – Mary. Is this Mary Trelease?

At the station, Charlie goes into the forensics lab and finds something that she thinks is the key to the case. She calls Simon excitedly. Aidan arrives back at the house and Ruth refuses to let him in, ‘you lied to me’. Aidan starts trying to batter the door down as Ruth hears Charlie and Simon pull up, she rushes out, hoping they’ll provide sanctuary. However, Charlie informs her that she’s come to arrest her for the murder of Jason Blacksmith.

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