Cast Offs

Wednesday, December 9 on 4

Last episode in this ambitious and acclaimed series. The thing about being smaller than everyone else means you have to shout to be noticed. The group are preparing to leave the island and Carrie can’t wait to get away. Looking into her future, Carrie is being taught how to be a childrens’ entertainer by Darren (Mark Heap), who is finding her quite a challenge. When she arrives at her friend Claire’s (Vicky McClure) house to perform at a kid’s party, she feels betrayed by the way things pan out…

Tuesday, December 1 on 4

Will (Mat Fraser), is campaigning to become the disabled community’s answer to Barack Obama. But on the island, the only person who is happy to listen to him banging on about disability politics is Dan, and he’s starting to lose interest. It was the same story at home – ignored by most people, apart from his son Jake, and he doesn’t count. Right now the food is running out for the Cast Offs, but Will is insistent that they shouldn’t ask for help. Why can’t the others agree with him? Elsewhere, romance may be blossoming between Dan and Carrie. The next episode airs tomorrow.
Interviews with cast members Tim Gebbels and Sophie Woolley are available on the press website at Programme Info/ Future Highlights/ December.

Tuesday, November 24 on 4

A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show. Six months in a wheelchair, Dan is sweet, slightly naive and liable to have his pants nicked and stuffed into a postbox. Or at least he is when he’s playing with the local wheelchair basketball team. Dan arrives on the island and meets the other Cast Offs for the first time, including Carrie (Kiruna Stamell), who is three feet tall, but has an ego the size of a small country, and seems to be able to read Dan’s mind. This is going to be quite some ride… The second part airs on Wednesday night.

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