8:55pm Saturday 1 December on BBC ONE

Dylan’s suspicions about Amanda reach boiling point and Tom is confronted by an unwelcome face from the past, as Zoe and Fletch treat a mother in distress in Casualty: My Aim Is True.

Zoe and Fletch treat a young mother with Down’s Syndrome, Meg, and her baby, Amy, following an accident at home. But accusations from an unlikely source that Meg isn’t a fit mother begin to circulate as Amy struggles to breathe.

Meanwhile, Tom is unnerved by the arrival of new locum consultant, Dominic, whom he has worked with before. But as Dominic proves himself an asset to the team, Tom keeps quiet about his concerns.

As Dylan’s suspicions about Amanda deepen, he decides to attend the ED Christmas party, where the truth about Amanda is revealed.

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Derek Thompson (Charlie); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Noel); Matt Bardock (Jeff); William Beck (Dylan); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Jane Hazlegrove (Dixie); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Azuka Oforka (Louise); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Connie Fisher (Amanda); Imogen Roberts (Meg); Julia Hills (Cathy); Edward Toll (Marek); Lawry Lewin (Des); Benedict Smith (Liam); Adam Mercer (Meatball)

8:55pm Saturday 24 November on BBC ONE

An intruder brings a teenager’s birthday to an abrupt end, sending a patient from Tess’s past back to the ED – and a woman collapses in shock after finding out she’s the heir to her estranged aunt’s fortune, as the long-running medical drama continues.

As Caitlin enjoys her 16th birthday the celebrations are brought to a sudden end when her mother Becky stumbles upon an intruder. Attacking him in self-defence, Becky is badly burnt and the mysterious intruder lies unconscious on the floor.

Arriving in the ED, the father John recognises Tess and, as he struggles with a secret that threatens to tear his family apart, he confides in her. Seeing Tess struggle under the weight of what she knows, Fletch goes the extra mile to bring the family together again.

Sam and Lloyd treat the intruder, but soon discover that their unknown male patient has a past that he doesn’t want revealed to anyone.

Elsewhere in Holby, heir hunter Wally tracks down Maggie, who is the reluctant recipient of her aunt’s large will. Shocked by the news, she collapses and is rushed to the ED where her family’s history comes back to haunt her.

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Derek Thompson (Charlie); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Noel); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Connie Fisher (Amanda); Melanie Gutteridge (Becky); Jordon Stevens (Caitlin); Tom Veasey (Billy); Allyson Ava-Brown (Lizzie); Annette Badland (Maggie); Dan Starkey (Wally); Ryan Early (John) and Michael Camp (Luke)

8:55pm Saturday 17 November on BBC ONE

Tamzin’s refusal to treat a drunk and abusive patient has serious repercussions and Tom, Sam and Dylan must all find a way to work together to treat a family with a rare genetic disorder, as the long-running medical drama continues.

Professional footballer Jay is upset that his team lost, and as he drives home from the game, he throws his girlfriend Nicole out of the car on to the side of the road in a rage, only to return shortly after. But he has been drinking and, as he drives the wrong way up the motorway, he crashes into an oncoming car.

Jeff and Tamzin attend the scene and, as Jay’s behaviour becomes more abusive, Tamzin makes a decision that could have devastating consequences for her career and friendship with Jeff.

Meanwhile, Tom and Sam treat a patient with suspected Morquio Syndrome, and as they clash over the right course of treatment, Dylan reveals he saw them kissing on Halloween.

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Connie Fisher (Amanda); Teresa Banham (Hannah); James Young (Nialll); John Salthouse (Andy); David Glynn-Crowley (Jay) and Karen Hassan (Nicole)

9:00pm Saturday 3 November on BBC ONE

Amanda returns to the ED, as a teenager struggles to kick a bad habit and a mother-to-be suffers a scare, in Casualty: When Love Breaks Down.

As troubled teen Angel battles to find the money to pay her friend Christie, she knows time is running out and has to get it by any means possible. Spotting an opportunity with her uncle Spike she begs him for the cash, but unable to pay immediately Angel takes drastic measures, sending her uncle to the ED more than once.

Meanwhile Anna is rushed to the hospital after suffering a possible heart attack, but she is more concerned about her baby.

Amanda, who was previously saved by Dylan and Sam when a cave collapsed, returns to the ED with her unwell friend Helen. Happy to see Dylan, she plucks up the courage to ask him on a date. Encouraged by Sam, Dylan agrees, but as he catches sight of Sam and Tom flirting it becomes clear his mind is on anything but the date…

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Tony Marshall (Noel); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Azuka Ofrorka (Louise); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Alex Walkinsaw (Fletch); Lucy Russell (Anna); Frank Grimes (Brian); Mary Larkin (Grianne); Emmy Rose (Angel); Nichole Davis (Helen); Steven Arnold (Spike); Margaret Stallard (Mrs. Green); Sophie Anderson (Christie); Connie Fisher (Amanda)

9:10pm Saturday 13 October on BBC ONE

As Zoe struggles to come to terms with her new job as clinical lead, a disgruntled Big Mac gets back to work following his heart attack, while Dylan is forced to apologise, as the medical drama continues.

Zoe tries to get used to the administrative side of her new role, but when a young girl (Ruby) is brought in to the ED following a car crash and covered in scars from old injuries, Zoe spots an opportunity to do what she loves and misses – treat patients. But as she rushes in to help, can she get to the bottom of Ruby’s injuries or does she miss a key clue?

Meanwhile, Big Mac returns to the ED despite protests from Noel and Louise. Irritated to find that the ED has carried on fine without him, he spots an opportunity to help a patient, but finds his good intentions questioned by Dylan.

Stars: Charles Dale (Big Mac); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Noel); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Will Beck (Dylan); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Azuka Ofrorka (Louise); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Robert Austin (Edward); Graham Bryan (Pete); Susan Tracy (Rachel); Lynsey-Anne Moffat (Roisin); Candassair Liburd (Ruby); Philip Correia (Will); Michael Parr (Mark)

9:20pm Saturday 6 October on BBC ONE

Linda is devastated when Denise announces plans to leave Holby with the kids, while a disaster in a warehouse brings a family closer together in this week’s episode of Casualty.

As Linda struggles to come to terms with Denise’s bombshell, she throws herself into treating Henry and Jules, a father and son injured in an accident at a warehouse. But will she be able to put her own emotions aside and convince Henry to let his son move on with his life?

Meanwhile the ED is alerted to a thief among its staff, with the finger pointed at Denise…

Stars: Christine Tremarco (Linda); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Charles Dale (Big Mac); Samuel James (Pat); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); Azuka Ofrorka (Louise); Kate McEvoy (Denise); Arkie Reece (Cameron); Joshua Sher (Dave); Delroy Brown (Henry); Shaun Blackstock (Jules); Samuel James (Pat); Katie Griffiths (Sarah); Malcom Scates (Steve); Devon Beigan (Britney); Taylor Parry (Joe)

9:00pm Saturday 29 September on BBC ONE

A moment of recklessness comes back to haunt a young driver and Fletch attempts to lighten up Lloyd, as the medical drama continues.

As Ryan Bradshaw heads out to meet his girlfriend’s daughter for the first time, he gets the shock of his life as an old acquaintance, Connor, turns up at the same restaurant. As Ryan tries to remain calm, Connor makes a run for it, quickly ending up in the ED. But what spooked Connor and how is he linked to Ryan?

Back in the ED, medical student Annie presents with a broken arm after a big night out, but is it just a hangover of something more serious? Lloyd also spends the day suffering after Fletch shows him a night on the tiles.

Stars: Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Derek Thompson (Charlie); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Oliver Coleman (Tom); William Beck (Dylan); Brian McCardie (Ryan); Stirling Gallacher (Selena); Ryan Calais Cameron (Connor); Angela Wynter (Hayley); Ameira Darwich (Annie); Alan Williams (Ronnie) and Samuel James (Pat).

9:10pm Saturday 22 September on BBC ONE

As a freak storm rocks Holby, a family’s argument reaches boiling point, while an ED favourite ends up fighting for their life. The medical drama continues.

After an argument with Louise, Big Mac is feeling isolated from the gang and fed up. But when his long-lost friend Snapper is brought into the ED after being injured in the storm, Big Mac finds a cause he can get behind and tries to persuade his grumpy friend to have urgent surgery.

Elsewhere Jeff and Tamzin bring in the Eldon family – mum Maria, dad Gray and daughters Maddy and Siana. As Gray is treated for a fractured skull, Tom, Jeff and Tamzin are left to piece together the puzzle of what really happened behind closed doors. Was it an accident, a case of a self-defence or something more complicated?

Stars: Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Azuka Oforka (Louise); Kate McEvoy (Denise); Caroline O’Neill (Maria); Anthony Green (Gray); Adrian Harris (Norman); Jody Latham (Nathan); Tom Georgeson (Snapper); Jodie Comer (Maddy) and Catherine Howe (Siana)

9:10pm Saturday 15 September on BBC ONE

Dylan and Tess advise a vulnerable pregnant woman whose husband is pressurising her to have a C-section, and Fletch provides support to a young swimmer, as the medical drama continues.

When exhausted taxi driver Harry falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into a field, Jeff and Tamzin attend to him and his pregnant passenger, Georgia, but get more than they bargained for when they find themselves face to face with an angry bull!

Harry’s daughter Sheena, an aspiring swimmer, rushes to his side with her coach Tony, but ends up needing treatment herself, and not only for a fall…

Back in the ED, an awkward Tom and Sam face each other after the night before, but can they both agree how to handle what happened and not let it affect their professional relationship or friendship?

Stars: Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin Bayle); William Beck (Dylanm); Suzanne Packer (Tess); Azuka Oforka (Louise); Nick Haverson (Don); Olivia Vinall (Georgia); Danny Szam (Tony); Nick Raggett (Harry); Michael Elliot (Phil); Naomi Battrick (Sheena).

9:00pm Saturday 1 September on BBC ONE

Sam and Tom clash when a female cage fighter and friend of Sam’s insists on going against Tom’s advice, and Linda deals with a devastated bride-to-be whose wedding is threatened.

When a female cage fighter is wheeled into the ED after collapsing at the gym, Sam immediately recognises her as her spar partner and friend Melanie.

Keen to get back to the gym as quickly as possible to prepare for her championship fight, Melanie pushes Tom to the limit as she refuses to take his medical advice. Will Melanie risk her health and possibly her life to go for the title to become number one?

Meanwhile in Holby, bride-to-be Rebecca prepares for her big day, not suspecting that a key component of the wedding has gone missing….

Stars: Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Gemma Atkinson (Tamzin); Jane Hazelgrove (Dixie); Chris Overton (James); Melanie McLean (Melanie); Hannah Steele (Rebecca)

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