Celebrity Big Brother 2010

Alex is the winner of CBB 2010!

We’re back for part two of tonight’s CBB final, and first of all, we’re going to get to see Vinnie do the walk of shame… I’m so shocked that he was third!!

Anyway, it’s now time for Vinnie to leave, and when the doors open, he’s greeted by a mixture of boos and cheers. Poor Vinnie! I don’t think he deserves to be boo’d! Anyway, he doesn’t seem to be letting it bother him too much.

Back after the break with Vinnie’s interview.

We’re back and we’re now seeing Vinnie’s highlights from the house. Vinnie tells Davina that he’s been looking forward to seeing his best bits! Davina’s now asking if he’s upset to come out third, but he isn’t. And now, Davina’s telling him that he didn’t recieve any nominations from any of the other HMs at all.

We’re now seeing ‘Vinnie’s Rules’ over the cleaning, cooking and, well, everything else really 🙂

And now Davina’s asking about Sisqo’s rant, and Vinnie says that he’s over the whole Sisqo thing now, and he said, “Sisqo’s my man.” Davina’s asking him if he thinks he over-reacted, and Vinnie replied, “Well, everybody takes things different.”

Davina’s asking now about Alex, and saying how funny their “banter” was. Vinnie says that he “really feels” for Alex and hopes he’ll get cheers on his way out. When asked how come Alex isn’t sitting in that chair now, Vinnie said that “Rocky’s the man!” Bless.

Now they’re talking about Dane and Vinnie’s saying that everyone loves Dane and respects him.

And now, Davina’s asking what Vinnie’s learned about himself in the house, and he says he can now see that he’s “a bit bossy.”

Davina’s now giving him his very own Welcome Pack so he can carry on reading it forever. Awwww. And that’s the end of his interview!

Davina’s just announced that the winner is Alex, so we’re now seeing Dane leave the house to massive cheers, bless him. We’ll be back after the break for Dane’s interview.

Back now and we’re hearing that Alex got a whopping 65% of the vote to win! Go Alex! We’re now seeing Dane’s best bits from the house.

Dane’s just shown everyone that he has the Mystery Key and said, “Sisqo, this is for you!” Davina’s now talking to him about Alex winning, and he says he’s delighted that Alex has won, but he thought for most of the time that Vinnie was going to win.

“One thing you can always say about Alex is that he’s a gentleman” Dane said. Awwwwww.

Dane’s now saying that at first, he thought Alex was “a Doris” but now thinks he’s “great.”

Davina’s now showing Dane footage from the house and how he’s changed in the public’s opinion from being not a real contender to a favourite. Dane’s very touched by some of the nice things the other HMs have said about him in the diary room.

Davina’s asking if he now feels more confident about singing in front of people, and he says that he does, and he’s glad about that.

On the subject of the kitchen, Dane’s saying that he loves to cook. Davina’s brought up the Tree of Temptation task, and Dane’s saying that “it was all great fun.” Now they’re talking about his screaming in the night, and he said it took several countdowns to build up to actually doing it!

He’s now talking about Vinnie and Dane’s saying that he understood Vinnie’s humour and enjoyed it very much.

Davina’s asking what he’s “taken out of it” and Dane says that he’s now “itching” to get back to work and maybe do some singing.

Dane’s now saying that Nicola’s like a sister to him, but when Davina suggest if he fancied her, he said, “Oh God no!”

His favourite experience has been the Key. Aww, he’s such a nice guy!

So now, it’s time to hear from the winner of CBB 2010, Alex Reid!! Davina’s pointing out that just four weeks ago, he was boo’d going on, and now he’s won it!

Davina’s now talking to Alex in the house and telling him, “I’m coming to get you!” Alex is saying goodbye to the house as he makes his way out. As the doors open, the cheers are deafening and the crowd are chanting, “Alex”. He exits to the Rocky theme tune  and the crowd now chant “Rocky!” 🙂

Back after the break for Alex’s interview.

We’re back and seeing a run down of Alex’s time in the house. Davina says that she can’t recall when wining “meant so much to anyone” as it has to Alex. He adds that he’s so pleased that he changed the boo’s to cheers. “I’m speechless” he said, clearly not being 🙂

Davina’s now saying that he’s been through a lot in that house, and to sum it up, he’s now seeing more clips entitled, “Who is Alex Reid?” It’s a bit of a p take but he’s smiling and laughing as he’s watching.

They’re now talking about Katie Price and Davina’s telling him that she’s there and that she wants Alex to know – the crowd boo every time her name’s mentioned – that she loves him. We’re now seeing clips of him trying, and failing. not to talk about Katie…

Now they’re talking about the other HMs, and Davina’s talking about his interest in Christianity and Stephen’s opinion on it. She’s asking if he’ll “explore” religion now he’s out, and he says he will.

Davina’s now asking if he’d do a James Bond film if he was asked, and he said, that yes, he would. Now on the subject of Dane, Alex says he’s surprised that he and Dane get on so well but he says that he’ll always be his friend.

Davina’s now wrapping up the interview. so that’s it folks, the end of CBB. How sad!

Thanks for joining us tonight and well done to Alex!


CBB Final Part 1

So who wins? We decide! And we decide tonight! Thanks for joining us here at Throng where we’ll be finding out who’s out next and ultimately who wins!

We’re seeing all the ex-housemates and a run down of events in the house this year. Heidi isn’t there, but everyone else is. No great loss eh?

Anyway, we’re now seeing Day 26 – their last full day – and it’s the day after Nicola and Ivana left. BB’s asking Stephanie how it feels to be the last woman and she says, “It feels unbalanced.”

Now we’re hearing that Vinnie turned down a role in the last of the Rambo films because he had another project on the go. And, Vinnie said, the money was “shi*”.

Vinnie’s now telling the others that Dane’s so tight, “he looks under the bed in the morning to see if he lost any sleep.”

Good one Vin…

The phone lines are now frozen so I guess we’ll be hearing who’s out next soon…

Back after the break!

We’re back and about to find out who’s in fifth place, but before that, we’re seeing various celebs – and Jedward – telling us who they want to win. I’d tell you who these celebs are, but frankly, I don’t know most of them…

Oh except here’s Jordan who’s saying she’s proud of Alex. And Phil and Holly are saying they’ll miss Davina. Meeeeee tooo!

We’re now seeing the final part of what’s been going on in the last 24 hours, and the housemates are all eating – very quietly – an Indian takeaway. Frank Sinatra’s now being played in; and what else but My Way.

Dane’s now telling the others that he’s enjoyed “every bit of it, even the bad bits.” He’s set Steph off blubbing, and Alex is making it worse as he’s saying that he hopes they all know that he’s just been himself in the house.

Jonas is now saying that he’s “grown” in the house and has made some great friends in the house. “It’s been awesome. Love you guys” he ended.

Vinnie’s now saying that he’s had a “wonderful experience” and he thinks they’ll all learn something when they look back in the future.

Steph’s saying that she’s had a great time with her “teasing brothers” – the male housemates. And she’s now thanking them all for making her time in the house so great.

Kleenex must have shares in My Way – they’re all nearly in tears, even Vinnie.

Davina’s now talking to the house… the HM finishing fifth is Stephanie.

She’s getting a great cheer from the crowd as the music to Dynasty plays. There are a few boos but more cheers than anything. Back after the break!

Stephanie and Davina are now in the studio taking a look back at Steph’s time in the house. Stephanie says she’s had “a blissful” time.

Davina’s asking Steph how she’s coped being the only girl for two days, and Stephanie’s saying that the boys treated her very well and she’s had a great time.

Davina’s asking why Stephanie’s had such a great time in the house, and she says it’s because she’s had no responsibility at all, no phones etc., and she said, “it’s been heaven.”

Davina’s now asking her about her friendship with Ivana, and she’s saying that they have a great deal in common. Davina’s now asking why Stephanie nominated Ivana and she says it’s because Ivana had a friend who was having a party, and she really wanted to go…


Davina’s asking if she felt she’d been bitchy in the house, and Stephanie’s saying she didn’t think she was. Davina’s now asking if there was an old/young divide, and Stephanie replied that yes, there was. Stephanie’s now saying that she does however get on very well with Jonas now.

Stephanie says that without Vinnie, there would have been no order in the house, and on the subject of Nicola, Stephanie says that she loves Nicola and they had a great time together.

Finally, Stephanie says that among her favourite bits were the tasks, apart from the “making the cow.” Asked who she wants to win, Stephanie said, “It’s not for me to say…”

 So now it’s time to find out who’s in fourth place, and it’s Jonas. The crowd are chanting “get Vinnie out” really loudly!!

He’s out and getting a lot of cheers as he goes down the stairs to his own hit song, Now You’re Gone. Back after the break for Jonas’s interview.

We’re back and in the studio with Davina and Jonas and seeing a review of his time in the house. The crowd are booing as the footage of him and Kat is shown. After the footage, Jonas says that he’s “never laughed so much in my life.”

Davina’s asking now if he’s upset that he didn’t make it to the final, but he’s saying no, he’s not. At the mention of Vinnie’s name, the crowd are booing again.

We’re now seeing more Jonas and Kat and the crowd are booing again. Davina’s now asking how he feels about Kat, and he said, “I’m alright now and there are a lot of beautiful girls out there…”

Davina reminds him that he said he was falling in love, but he says that there wasn’t anyone else who caught his attention, and it was “intense in there.” We’renow seeing a Sun headline that says, ‘Ronnie wants me back, but I love Jonas’ to which Jonas said, “Too late baby!”


Davina’s now talking about how he farts and runs round naked, so we’re seeing footage of that…

Davina’s saying that Ivana and Steph were offended by his farting, to which he replied, “I love farts!”

Onto his friendship with Alex now and Jonas says he’s learned “many good things from Alex.”

Finally, Jonas wants Alex to win. That’s it from Jonas, and we’re now going to find out who’s in third place. And it’s Vinnie!! Oh my!! He’s just been told he’s leaving in half an hour’s time when BB’s back at 10:05pm. Join us then!!

Well, other than tonight’s live blog of the final, this will be my last CBB post *weeps* so here’s the CBB news round-up…

It seems that Alex Reid is now the favourite to win the Celebrity Big Brother final. He’s taken first place at the bookies from Vinnie Jones who was previously tipped to be the winner. Bookmakers William Hill have Alex at 8/15, Dane Bowers at 7/2, Vinnie at 9/2, Jonas at 12/1 and Stephanie at 25/1.

After she left the house, Ivana told the media that she thought she knew why Vinnie had slipped in the ratings; she thinks he’s “alienated” himself. She added, “I like Alex – he’s down-to-earth, has a very good heart and we were friends because I appreciated his dedication to exercise. Dane is a nice guy.”

But on the subject of Vinnie in particular, Ivana told The Sun, “Vinnie was the leader, he kept all the youngsters on their toes.

“I find Vinnie very organised and disciplined, but he’s also very bossy and patronising to many of the housemates.

“He’s territorial – he scolded me when I was tiptoeing into the kitchen. People are afraid of him, but I understood him. I was not afraid of him because I knew what he was up to.

“Vinnie alienated himself, and I heard yesterday the audience are starting to dislike him.”

Nicola agreed and also told the paper, “Vinnie’s behaviour has changed – it sounds like he’s blown his chances to win, but we thought he was a definite winner inside the house. The bullying doesn’t come across like that.”

In other news, the HMs shared an Indian takeaway last night, and it all got rather emotional as each said their piece about how they’d felt about their time in the house.

As Frank Sinatra’s My Way was played into the house, Dane said, “I do believe we really have made friends. It really has been a brilliant experience.

“I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, even the bad bits, and I don’t think it would have been the same show without you lot, so thank you.”

Next was Alex, who told the others how far he’d come since he first entered the house. “I’ve actually grown in here, I’ve matured. I’ve taken on board things you’ve said to me.

“Yeah, I can act like a plonker sometimes and it’s alright to have fun as long as you’re not hurting anyone, but maybe I’m hurting myself.

“So I’ve grown up and I’ve found myself a little bit.”

Jonas then chipped in and said, “It’s been awesome, I love you guys. “It’s been a very emotional unique experience and I loved it. Sometimes when all of you hated it, I loved it.

“Sometimes I loved it a little bit too much perhaps, maybe was a little bit too noisy. But we’re all different.”

Stephanie then told the tearful group, “I thank you all enormously. It’s been a deeper experience than I could have imagined.”

However, despite being visibly moved, Vinnie wasn’t so sure they’d all stay in touch.

He said, “I’ve done this a lot, where you join a football club and you think you’re going to be family and all the rest of it.

“At the time you’re all family, but it does drift away – it’s up to the individuals whether you keep in contact or not.”

Well, not long to wait to find out who wins! Join us here tonight where I’ll be blogging the final so if you can’t get to a TV, you’ll hear who wins right here!

Davina in the house!

Poor Davina!! Thanks to Sky for the piccy.

Well that was quite an historic event wasn’t it! Davina being in the house, albeit rather briefly, was a first and of course, a last, but it seems she had fun while she was there.

In case you missed the whole thing, Nicola was evicted directly from the diary room – she didn’t even have her shoes on bless her – and was replaced by Davina. Nicola had been wearing a chicken costume as part of a task, so Davina put it on and went into the house, trying to pass herself off as Nicola.

However, she was of course unable to speak or she’d have given her identity away, so she had to pretend that BB had told ‘Nicola’ not to speak. But she was rapidly rumbled. The other HMs didn’t know who she was, but within about 5 minutes, they guessed it wasn’t Nicola in the chicken suit.

And actually, as I watched Davina trying to protect her identity, I got a bit creeped out! The other HMs were, at first, intent on getting the mystery person to take the chicken head off, and kind of crowded round Davina, effectively cornering her. It all looked a bit sinister to me!

I’m not a fan of masks or anything that covers people’s faces. I find them very icky, so as all these animal heads closed in on her, I really did find it pretty creepy! However, it seems that after a few hours of avoiding letting on who she was, Davina gave in and took the chicken head off, revealing her true identity.

Speaking after her departure from the house to Emma Willis, Davina said that her 11-year wait to go into the house as a celebrity was “worth it”.

Davina added, “It was the best evening ever.” And Davina told the recently evicted Nicola that she had felt the other HMs were at first “menacing.”

She said, “It was really menacing because they really didn’t like someone coming in, they didn’t know where you had gone.

“They just didn’t know who I was, why I was there, and what I was going to do. And the boys just started walking towards me.”

Davina added that even if the HMs hadn’t discovered that she wasn’t Nicola, she wouldn’t have stayed in the house a lot longer.

She told Emma, “I wouldn’t have stayed overnight because Matthew, my husband, likes to keep one little bit of me for himself, and that’s me sleeping.”

Awww bless her. We’ll get to see how it all went in tonight’s highlights show. Not long to go now eh? I still don’t know who I want to win…

Davina goes IN! Nicola leaves!

Nicola’s the next up to be evicted and is in the diary room where BB has just told her she’s leaving.

She’s to leave her costume in the diary room and it looks like Davina’s going to be swapping places with her!!

Anyway, while we wait to see if Davina does go in – and as Davina and Nicola make their way to the studio – we’re seeing some clips from Nicola’s time in the house.

They’re now in the studio and Nicola’s still shocked and shoeless! And she of course didn’t get to say bye, but she thinks that’s for the best because she’d have cried. Awwww.

We’re now seeing Nicola asking her bizarre questions; such as “do you think there are more people in the world who don’t have fridges than people who do have fridges?”

They’re now talking about Jonas and Kat and Nicola’s saying that Jonas was sad for one day then he got over Kat leaving.

Davina’s now telling Nicola that Stephen thought she was evil, which seems to have come as something of a shock. And Nicola’s saying how odd he was being after the whole who said what debacle. She ended her summation by saying he’s a “knob”.

Davina’s now asking about her friendship with Dane, and she thinks Dane may have had feelings for Nicola, but she doesn’t agree.

And now we’re onto the subject of her sqeezing Alex’s spots – grossest thing ever! And it would seem Nicola really enjoyed doing it. Uuugghgghhhhhh.

Nicola’s now talking about how happy she felt seeing the video of Poppy after she’d been so worried about her daughter previously.

Now Nicola’s saying that she’s had a great time and that she’s loved it all. Finally, she’d like Dane to win. Awww bless.

 And it’s official! Davina’s going in!! Full news of what she got up to tomorrow morning. Goodnight all!

Ivana leaves the CBB House

Good evening all, and welcome. So, the sixth person to be evicted is Ivana.

And as she left, there were some boo’s but mostly cheers. I didn’t think she’d done anything to deserve booing though!

Also, as Davina was speaking to the house, the crowd were chanting, “Get Vinnie out” and he clearly heard it and it seemed to upset him. He looked quite shaken by it.

Now Ivana’s talking with Davina in the studio, and Ivana’s saying that it took her about two days to really settle in. Davina’s also pointing out that many people thought Ivana and Stephanie wouldn’t get on, but of course, they got on well.

We’re now seeing clips of Ivana and Stephanie together in various clips from Ivana’s time in the house.

Ivana’s now discussing all the reasons why she likes Stephanie, and the things they have in common which have bonded them.

Davina’s now telling Ivana that Stephanie nominated her in the speed nominations, and Ivana’s saying that it’s hard to choose who to nominate, and in effect, Stephanie was doing her a favour because Ivana’s not used to being confined in such a small place with so many young people.

Davina’s now mentioning the fake award and asking how Ivana felt about Stephanie breaking it. She’s explaining that she didn’t mind at all.

As to the other HMs, Ivana says that Vinnie’s a nice guy and “a hero in the UK”. She says she got on well with him. On the subject of Alex, Ivana’s admitted that she found him “hot” as Davina had guessed.

As to Jonas, Ivana’s saying that he explained about his Tourette’s, so she felt that she understood why he had so many odd little quirks after she knew that.

Ivana thinks Vinnie or Dane will win but she’d like Vinnie to win.

And that was it from Ivana, so who’s next? And is Davina going into the house??

Join me at 10.55 to find out!


CBB Day 23 Recap

In last night’s highlights show, we saw poor Ivana being set up to receive a fake award as part of a task.

The other housemates had to convince her that she really had won the award, but at the same time, they had to first drink out of the award – which was very much like a vase but it was made from sugar ‘glass’ – then break it.

Along the way, they had to insult the award and it all started well. She did seem pretty convinced it was genuine, but she denied that later. However, it all went the way of the pear when Stephanie accidentally broke it.

She was indeed supposed to break it, but she was meant to do so after the others had drunk from it, however, it being sugar glass, it sort of disintegrated in her hands. She set off on a laughing fit that really was hilarious to watch.

She went into the diary room to be able to laugh out loud, but the other housemates thought she was crying. Ivana especially felt bad for her because she really thought Stephanie was crying because she broke her award. Of course, she was actually just in bits, and couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m really liking both Stephanie and Ivana, and it’s a shame really that the whole show’s coming to an end. But they are both tipped to be most likely to leave in tonight’s double eviction – which I’ll be blogging live by the way if you can make it over to join me – and I really think the house will be far less fun without them.

Anywho, in other news from last night’s show, Alex decided to get an all over fake tan, and oh lordy, he did indeed get it all over and in copious quantities.

They’d had various beauty products as part of their prize for passing the fake award task, and they must’ve used up every single can of spray on tan just on Alex who ended up looking like he’d been painted with gravy.

But again, it was hilarious to watch as he and Jonas first fooled around, giggling like little girls, spraying the stuff all over Alex.

Then the rest of the HMs gathered in the bathroom to watch and likewise, they were all falling about laughing too.

I’m so going to miss this series of CBB. I think it’s been the best so far, which is ironic given it’s the last…

Anyway, see you later if you can join us for the live evictions!

Davina rumoured to be going into CBB house!

Oh can I be true? I sooooooooo hope so!

Press rumours are rife today that the Big Mother of Big Brother, Davina McCall, will go into the CBB house tonight.

The Sun carried the headline, ‘Davina in the house’ and went on to say that the 42 year old is set to “stay for several hours” however, it goes on to say that she won’t “reveal her identity.”

The paper reports that – as in the last regular BB when two of the housemates when walkabout in London in furry outfits – Davina will enter the house in a disguise of some sort.

The paper goes on to say that Davina won’t be sleeping in the house, and some weeks ago, when it was first speculated that Davina might be a housemate for this final series, she said that her husband Matthew had asked her not to stay overnight in the house.

There is to be a double eviction tonight – for which I’ll be here blogging live so please do join me – and it’s anticipated that she’ll go into the house after those evictions.

A CBB source is quoted in the paper as saying, “This is a perfect way of giving Davina a taste of house life.”

Oh em geee! I really hope she does go in! Join me tonight when we’ll find out if she does or not!

CBB Day 22 Recap

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but I’m beginning to think that Dane could well win this show. If you’d told me this time last week that I’d think so, I’d have told you that you were probably a bit nuts, but he’s kind of stealthily climbing the ladder labelled Potential Winner.

And it’s not by design either, which makes it even more a possibility that he could win; he’s not deliberately doing anything to attract camera time or the nation’s favour. It’s just sort of happened.

His friendship with Alex has proven that both men are guilelessly rising above the tabloids and expected acrimony to show that actually, they’re just a couple of blokes who like a laugh.

When they were chained together as part of Day 22’s task, BB no doubt expected – or wanted – some unpleasant awkwardness, but they were to be disappointed because it was clear that they actually quite like each others company.

They laughed and giggled together like little girls, which grown men often do of course, and there wasn’t a trace of the battle for alpha male that the media have all been hoping for, and good on ‘em I say.

But back to Dane and his rise from the house rank and file has mainly been down to his involvement with the Mystery Key. Without it, he probably would just be pleasant wallpaper – a bit like Nicola is – but with it, he’s proving he’s good telly.

When he chose Jonas to share in his secret room reward, he couldn’t have chosen a better companion for the lads’ night in they experienced.

They got to play on a Wii, have pizza and beer and generally just be dopey blokes for a few hours, and it was a pleasure to watch.

And in last night’s highlights show, there were several laugh out loud moments too, but they mostly came courtesy of Vinnie and Ivana who’d been chained together earlier in the day. In case you missed it, BB had supplied all the HMs with chains and cuffs. So, “in order to get to know each other better” all the HMs were shackled to each other.

Nicola, Stephanie and Jonas formed a bondage threesome while – as I mentioned earlier – Dane and Alex were joined at the ankle. All of which was quite amusing, but by far the funniest shackling was Vinnie and Ivana.

He had to – of course – follow her in her morning routine which included a fairly long time in the shower, though they were unchained for that, but he had to wait in the main bathroom for her.

He then had to wait while she did her hair and make-up, and all the while, Dane and Alex were in pieces laughing at Vinnie having to trail in Ivana’s wake. It really was very funny and so if you did miss it, I’d make a point of catching up on 4oD; it’s well worth a watch.

More laughs came later when BB called Ivana to the diary room after she’d already got into bed and Vinnie, seizing the moment to take the mick – acted the voice of BB to tell Ivana to “get out of the bathroom of I’ll kick the sh*t out of you” and, “Will Ivana please stop putting on her wig and come to the diary room immediately.”

He was hilarious and Ivana – who I’m liking more day by day – took it all as it was meant and was a good sport about it.

I’m really going to miss CBB when it ends, but I’m intrigued to see who might go tomorrow. I think it might be Ivana, or possibly Stephanie. Who do you reckon will go during the live show tomorrow?

More CBB news soon.

CBB Day 21 Recap

Once the dust had settled on Stephen and Sisqo’s leaving, which to be honest, didn’t take long, the HMs were in for another day at fun camp…

We learned in last night’s highlights show that Stephanie once lived in a commune, and she feels the BB experience is very similar, and she may or may not, have “bonked” Marlon Brando.

What we do know is that she said “man” a lot back then.

When describing how the commune folks might’ve objected to Vinnie’s constant cleaning, she said, “Hey man, not everyone’s that into cleanliness.” Right on sister.

In other news, Nicola was tempted by the Tree into telling everyone a ‘home truth’ and following it with a kiss on the cheek. If she did that with all six remaining fellow HMs, she’d get a message from home.

So, suitably geared up for the challenge, she first told Ivana that she looked like “a big fat orange” in her tracksuit. That went down like a lead balloon, but she soldiered on.

Next was Dane, who Nicola said looked rather like Danny DeVito. Third Tree victim was Jonas, who Nicola said looked like Roland Rat. Hit lister number four was Alex, who Nicola told had yellow teeth, and he was closely followed by Steph, to whom Nicola said, “You look like you’ve got a bush on your head.”

But by far her biggest challenge was Vinnie. Not only does he tower over her – making kissing him on the cheek very difficult without scaffolding or a ladder – she didn’t want to insult him too much for fear of the repercussions.

So, with just half and hour of the task time left, she told him he was looking fat and finally, after much waffling and being mysterious, got to kiss him on the cheek.

So the task was complete; six out of six, insulted and kissed, and Nicola got to see a video message from her mum, dad and baby girl Poppy, who is very, very sweet.

The only other – but rather startling – news from Day 21 was the Vinnie pays his dog groomer more than he pays his cleaners.

While discussing the cost of living, he ran through a list of things he has to pay “before I even get outta bed”.

These included said dog groomer, two cleaners, a chauffeur, gardeners, pool boy, secretary, dry cleaning, etc etc ad infinitum. Makes your heart bleed doesn’t it? It’s the same in our house… not.

After that it was on to what could have been an extremely awkward game of charades. For every charade the HMs guessed correctly, they got extra time in bed. And they were far from easy to guess, but I think Nicola’s psychic or something. She was amazing!

For instance, she guessed Jonas’s charade was about Boy George going to prison just from the group guess one of the words in the title of the charade was boy. She likewise got one about David Beckham being sent off and other extremely obscure references. So well done to her!

Alex and Dane did have some awkward moments though when an alarming number of the charades were things to do with Katie Price, such as her dumping Alex and her and Dane’s infamous sex tape. Fortunately, neither took it personally and it all went well, resulting in them being awarded an extra hour in bed. Bless.

More CBB news soon!

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