Celebrity Big Brother

Birthday: 19 August

Age: 46

Job: Paparazzo and celebrity guru

Star sign: Leo

Interesting fact: Darryn has a passion for interior design

Media personality, Darryn Lyons’ career has seen him turn from a photographer at a local paper to a war correspondent, award-winning photographer, television personality and chairman of a lucrative business empire. 

Famed for his paparazzo and celebrity guru status, Australian-born Lyons was given the title Mr Paparazzi for his celebrity scoops including exclusive photographs of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayad, Rudolf Nuruyev and David Beckham and Rebecca Loos. 

Lyons’ work in journalism saw him providing coverage from the Bosnian war where he was subsequently kidnapped. 

He has appeared on various television shows, including the Australian version of Dragons’ Den and Paparazzi, which followed the workings of his company, Big Pictures, the world’s largest photo agency. 

Lyons says: ‘I’ve had ups and downs. I did the works: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.  Then I woke up one day and said: “I’m over this” pulling myself out of that is one of my proudest moments.’

Birthday: 22 November 1969

Hometown: London

Star sign: Sagittarius

Sally is best known as the outspoken wife of John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, and says she is flattered by references to her being the Carla Bruni of British politics.

Sally attended Marlborough College, the alma matar of Samantha Cameron, and went on to attend Keble College, Oxford. Having dropped out after only two years, she sparked minor controversy in 2009 when it was revealed that she had been sacked from a city PR firm for trying to conceal this on her CV.

Sally also caused a stir earlier this year, when she posed for a newspaper interview wearing only a bed sheet.

Birthday: 9 June 1992

Hometown: Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Job: Actor

Star sign: Gemini

Interesting fact: Has modelled for David Beckham’s clothing range

Lucien Laviscount began his acting career on the Disney channel sketch show Life Bites, before moving onto long-running teen-drama Grange Hill. 

The Lancashire born 19 year old has since appeared on our television screens playing characters including Ben Richardson – the Christian love interest of Sophie Webster – in Coronation Street. 

His most recent role as Jonah Kirby in BBC drama, Waterloo Road, has seen him become a favourite on the pages of most celebrity magazines. 

As well as acting, former model Laviscount appeared in the campaign for David Beckham’s clothing range DB 07.

Birthday: 16 October 1963

Job: Actress and producer

Star sign: Libra

Interesting fact: Pamela is an accredited lifeguard and certified scuba diver

Actress and producer Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff was propelled to fame after securing her first acting job in hit series Baywatch, starring former husband David. Their 16-year marriage ended in divorce and in recent years has dominated the headlines.

After a successful decade on Baywatch, Pamela hung up her red swimsuit and went on to enjoy numerous film roles, including Francis Ford Coppola’s cult classic, Rumblefish, opposite Matt Dillon and Mickey Rourke. Pamela’s other big-screen credits include Castle Rock, Appointment with Fear and Missing.

Today, Pamela runs her own production company and produces shows in the US.

Birthday: 5 August 1986

Hometown: London

Job: International model

Star sign: Leo

Interesting fact: Height 6’0 Chest 38″  Waist 32″ Shoe Size 8.5

High-flying model Bobby Sabel has fronted some of the biggest campaigns in fashion. 

His glamorous career has seen him grace numerous catwalks in the fashion capitals of the world including Milan, New York and Paris. 

Originally from London, Sabel has appeared in campaigns for Levi and Swatch, and has been photographed by some of the world’s best photographers including Rankin. 

He is also successful closer to home, modelling for high street brands Superdry, Ted Baker, Next and House of Fraser, to name a few.

Sabel says he would rather be adored by all women than be tied down to a girlfriend.

Birthday: 16 October 1991

Hometown: Dublin

Job: Pop stars

Star sign: Libra

Interesting fact: They tried to say the word ‘OK’ 100 times during their recent OK! TV interview

Irish pop duo John and Edward Grimes have a unique style and passion for pop.

Growing up, the twins were inspired by Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. At school, they took part talent shows but were also gifted athletes.

Widely recognised for their blonde quiffs, they first shot to fame as ‘John & Edward’ in 2009 when they bounced onto the nation’s screens during The X Factor.

The nation quickly took the effervescent duo to their hearts and Jedward was born! Jedward released their debut single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and first performed the song as a surprise live duet with US rapper Vanilla Ice at the 2010 National Television Awards. The song became a No.2 hit in the UK singles chart and No.1 in Ireland. The single was swiftly followed by Jedward’s platinum selling debut album Planet Jedward.

In 2011, Jedward won the honour of representing Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they finished in a respectable eighth place. Since they first burst onto the scene, Jedward have become popular TV personalities appearing in countless television shows.

Celebrity Big Brother WILL be back in 2011!

The Daily Star has revealed that Channel 4 bosses have confirmed that the Celebrity version of Big Brother will air in January 2011.

There had of course been speculation that the show wouldn’t go ahead next year, given that that main Big Brother show has now ended, however, the paper states that the 2011 edition will be the last one.

A Channel 4 insider told the paper,

“Channel 4 has been really pleased with the ratings and amount of coverage for this year’s Big Brother and Ultimate Big Brother…

“So they don’t want to let it go just yet.

“It will probably look a bit strange after everyone thought it was the last we’d see of it on Channel 4, but it will be worth it financially for them to have one final run.”

The final series of CBB is expected to last three weeks, and it seems that the show’s bosses are “planning to splash out on high-profile celebs.”

The insider added, “The celebrity version always comes up trumps in the ratings.

“And there’s always a lot more drama because they all have big egos.”

More news on who’s tipped for the house as we get it!

Thursday, January 21 on E4

Highlights from the past 24 hours in the house.

Monday, January 18 on E4

Highlights from the past 24 hours in the house.

The easiest thing to do as a TV critic is to slag Big Brother off. It’s easier than trying to kill mice in a mug with a claw-hammer.

More difficult is finding nice things to say about it. In a media-scrum that fights itself to say the nastiest thing about a TV show, sometimes, it’s easy to lose site of aimless fun… and yes, I am guilty of it in the name of cheap laughs.

On that note, Celebrity Big Brother 7 is all about cheap laughs and, as a result, I’ve been doing the most un-TV critic of things and finding myself actually enjoying myself.

This week, CBB7 has, naturally, been filled with listless moments, with people bickering about eggs and snoozing a lot. This is when Big Brother doesn’t work. Long gone is the weird voyeuristic glee of being able to watch someone nod-off without getting arrested.

What seems to have been addressed this year is the mental torture element that tore the Big Brother show to pieces. Once the laughs died down, most of Britain shuffled nervously from foot-to-foot feeling uncomfortable about laughing at people crying and arguing.

With that, Big Brother has gone all-out silly in 2010 and weirdly, reminded me of why I tuned into the damn thing in the first place, all those years ago.

You see, Big Brother is a very stupid franchise. It gets people to dress up in daft clothes and pretend to lap milk from Dennis Waterman’s ex-wife’s hand. That’s what Big Brother is. Not the Shilpa Shetty race-row. Looking back on the exit of Nasty Nick, it was all hilariously overblown and wimpish. The absurdity of the situation made it almost compelling. Showboating and sticking yer tits in the camera is not a reason to watch a reality TV show… watching a recovering alcoholic get abused is not joyous television.

Watching a bunch of near-celebrities being forced into dressing up like OAPs whilst Mr Motivator appears on a screen doing exercise routines is.

The OAP task and the punishment of making Basshunter bloke listen to his own music on constant loop with Lady Sovereign sleeping in a drawer has been gently amusing television… which makes for a nice contrast to the bleak weather outside.

Weirdly, when Big Brother doesn’t try to force a situation, you end up with pleasantly distracting mirth. The inclusion of the laconic Stephanie Beacham has been a masterstroke as she wryly watches the silly young people tripping over each other’s genitalia and farting on each other’s laps. There’s something about Beacham that reeks of… “Jesus… if only you knew some of the things I’ve got up to in the past… you’d all have to pick your jaws up from the floor…

So while CBB7 is far from brilliant television, it’s not been a chore to watch this year and that’s the way it ought to be. The franchise is bowing out with not so much a whimper, but rather, a handshake.

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