Channel 4 Comedy

Channel 4 have released a brill new microsite called, ‘Twist Our Words’, and it’s utterly addictive…

The idea is simple. Think fridge magnet poetry. Some of Channel 4’s best loved faces including Jamie Oliver, Jon Snow, Gok Wan, Jimmy Carr, The Misfits, The Inbetweeners, Heston Blumenthal etc. have been filmed recording hundreds of different words to camera.

All of these words will be hosted online at On the site, you’ll be presented with an interface of words, from which they will be invited to create their own sentences – short, long, funny, weird – anything can be created as long as the words have been recorded by our talent.

Once viewers have chosen what they want to say, they click play and the sentence will be delivered by a range of favourite Channel 4 presenters. You’ll then be asked to your details and you’ll get an embed code for blogging or a link for use on social networks will then be sent through to the viewer.

The very best ‘Twists’ will be chosen by Channel 4 and aired in promotional airtime. The library of words will be added to over time as and when existing, and new talent become available.

Give it a go; it’s great fun. A total waste of your time of course, but fun! Here’s one I made…




Comedy. Notorisouly difficult to get right. I mean, making someone laugh is so subjective and leans so heavily on timing and place that it’s a wonder that anyone bothers trying at all. That said, when the funny people of the world hit their stride, it’s a gift that keeps giving again and again.

So why hamstring it with an idiot in a rubbish blazer and a pair of pyjama bottoms?

Okay, idiot might be going a bit too far, but when I’m settling in to laugh my lungs up through my nose with Channel 4’s comedy shows, it doesn’t help when you’ve got one of the most depressing and unfunny slots of mirth inducery currently on air.

On reflection, the slots suffer from nothing more than being a bit rubbish (looked at in depth here). However, when you’re actually watching them, the response is far more vitriolic and immediate.

That’s why TV is so much fun I guess.

When this twerp appears, with his skit on smug internet search engines or people using their phones as maps, I get an overwhelming compulsion to puke down the back of my telly, just so it knows what it feels like for me when I’m sat through the tawdry excuse for a wheeze.

Either that, or I get the compulsion to switch over, which is not what Channel 4 want I imagine.

Of course, it’s probably 3 Mobile’s fault. They’re the ones who decided to get a stand-up and make him veer off-track and do some family friendly jokes that sit snugly with a braod range of shows… and this poor sod prancing around on our screen probably did it because being a jobbing comic doesn’t pay nearly as much as it should.

However, being someone sat in an armchair, watching this drivel, you need to vent. As I tend to tune into Channel 4 mainly for comedy, I have to repeatedly endure this irritation and I can’t hit the mute button quick enough to dodge the piddling lame-ass jokes.

As a result, I’ve started to avoid watching Channel 4, just to be on the safe side. Sad, but horribly true.

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