Channel Islands at War

Channel Islands at War will be showing exclusively on the TV channel Yesterday at 10pm starting Monday 28th June.

Following this another two parts will be showing consecutively on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of June, both at 10pm. It’s the third part in a series of programmes commissioned by Yesterday to commemorate the ‘Spirit of 1940’ in this 70th anniversary year.

Written and presented by actor and historian John Nettles, Channel Islands at War is an emotional examination of the German invasion and occupation of the Channel Islands and the lasting legacy it left on the islands.

From June 1940, when the Nazis arrived, until May 1945, the inhabitants of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney & Sark lived through years of oppression, terror, collaboration and near starvation that’s left an indelible scar still evident 70 years later. With a ratio of one German to every two islanders and a lack of remote hideouts, there was no organised resistance.

The treatment of the islands’ Jewish population was, and remains, especially controversial. Things deteriorated in 1944 when the islands were cut off from the rest of Europe and food and fuel supplies dried up. Life in the Channel Islands became intolerable with both islanders and the German’s suffering from starvation.

Above all, John pays tribute to the people of that time, ordinary people who trod a perilous path through an epic conflict and assesses how their lives paved the way for ‘the Jersey Way’ of today.

The TV channel Yesterday has been compiling an online library of stories and memorabilia from WW2 as part of their ‘Spirit of 1940’ season. Help contribute to this great collection and ensure that your stories are not forgotten. You can send yours and your family and friends’ memories in any format by email and we’ll pick the best to display on the Yesterday website for all to see. You could even record a wartime story on your new iPhone, and submit a sound bite! Getting involved is easy, simply go to or email your stories to


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