Alan Titchmarsh, the man who chaired that woeful debate on video games, has hit back at critics of chatshows.

He argues that the format is not dead and is in fact, in rude health!

The ITV presenter told What’s On TV that he believes his show’s success is down to his love of talking to his guests.

“I like talking to folk and listening to people, I enjoy conversation,” he said.

“I can’t believe it when people say the chatshow is dead. The chatshow will be dead when conversation’s dead and conversation will never die.

“The chatshow is dead when the host doesn’t actually want to know an answer to the question he’s just posed.”

Titchmarsh said he is looking forward to his show’s new series next month and revealed that he had so far been “lucky enough” to have most of his wishlist of guests appear on the show.

“When you’re interviewing people like Julie Walters they’re just good conversationalists and good entertainers, the best guests are those who realise they’re there to entertain,” he said.

A thinly veiled attack at Wossy perhaps?

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