Saturdays From 6th February, 9.00pm

Religion is, above all, a personal journey, an exploration of one’s relationship to God and his church. Christianity seeks to examine these relationships to the Christian faith, from a number of different viewpoints, drawing out the details of its origins, development and history. Highprofile British personalities engage with Christianity in ways that have particular resonance for them. In the first programme Howard Jacobson examines the nature of Jesus’s Jewishness and Christianity’s fraught and often brutal relationship with its Jewish origins. Other contributors are: Michael Portillo, who investigates the political compromises Christianity was forced to take when the Roman Empire adopted it as its official religion; Rageh Omaar, who examines the bloody legacy of the Crusades on Christianity’s relations with Islam; and, Cherie Blair, who looks at the extraordinary challenges faced by Christianity in the 20th century from war, genocide and revolutionary social change; and asks whether, as a world religion, it has a real future.

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