10:00pm Thursday, October 28 on LIVING

Not least of the differences between Chuck and James Bond is that debonair killing machines like the famous British secret agent do not have to deal with relationship issues. This week as series four of the hit US action-comedy Chuck continues on LIVING, the world’s geekiest super spy has to try and find time for a meaningful chat with his girlfriend while battling some very dangerous old foes.

Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) was just an electronics store worker until he unwittingly downloaded the only copy of all the government’s secrets into his brain, turning it into an internal computer – the Intersect. Having broken his promise to his pregnant sister to retire, Chuck is back for more thrilling spy adventures and sharp, heartwarming comedy as he searches for his long-missing secret agent mum (Linda Hamilton – Terminator).

This week, Chuck’s spy girlfriend Sarah is still freaked out by Chuck’s assertion that they could be next to have kids. Her intention of them talking it over is put on hold when Heather Chandler (Nicole Richie) and Hugo Panzer (‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin) are held overnight in the cells below the Buy More when their prison transfer is rerouted. The manipulative Heather has vital information about Chuck’s mum, but before Sarah and he can extract it Panzer escapes and runs rampage. While Morgan faces a management crisis upstairs as a major game release builds into a riot situation, all hell breaks out below. Will Chuck and Sarah ever get the chance for that big chat?

10:00pm Thursday, October 14 on LIVING

The world’s geekiest super spy makes his debut this week on LIVING with the premiere of the fourth season of the hit US action-comedy Chuck. This new series is packed with thrilling spy adventures and sharp, heart-warming comedy as Chuck (Zachary Levi) sets out to find his long-missing deadly secret agent mum, played by action movie star Linda Hamilton (Terminator). A host of big name guest stars will be appearing throughout the series, starting this episode with Dolph Lundgren (Expendables) and Harry Dean Stanton (Repo Man).

Chuck Bartowski was just an electronics store worker until he unwittingly downloaded the only copy of all the government’s secrets into his brain. This internal computer, the Intersect, has been upgraded, giving him lethal fighting skills. Last series Chuck promised his sister that he would retire as a spy, but also discovered that his dead father had spent his life trying to discover the truth about his wife’s disappearance. Chuck vows to continue the search but must keep his rogue mission secret mission from his sister and the CIA, including his spy girlfriend Sarah.

While Sarah and Casey head off to investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries, Chuck and Morgan are on their own private mission around the world. Sarah and Casey are kidnapped and taken to Moscow but Chuck and Morgan are led to them once they steal a vital clue from Harry Dean Stanton’s deranged repo man. Both missions combine explosively and it looks like Chuck is back in the spy game as the hunt for his elusive mother continues.

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