Clever V Stupid

BBC Three is a bit like the pondscum of TV isn’t it? The shows serve a very basic function which is to be bubblegum for the brain. Sometimes, shows are completely crass and baffling (like the one with the humans taking style tips from a robot) whereas others are crass and weirdly fun.

So which category does Clever V Stupid fall in with?

Matt Edmondson, who you may have seen on Holy Moly! videos poking the ribs of celebrities,  presents the game show which basically gets a bunch of squares and pits them against a bunch of hipsters.

Basically, this means getting two groups of people that are equally likeable/unlovable in equal measure. This leaves you deciding who you’d like to win on stupid things like accent or what class you assume they’re from. It’s the tie-and-a-crest versus the alcopop drinkers.

They indulge in a bunch of awkward games in a bright, white studio like pouring jugs of water with weird goggles on, powering slot cars with brainwaves (a thoroughly creepy piece of TV) and hitting the pavement to find someone for Edmondson to take on a fictional date.

The whole thing trundles along very cheaply and aimlessly and well… that’s it. One thing is for sure: Getting Matt Edmondson on board was a good idea because, if this was presented by someone from a failed girl group or an ex Big Brother member, it would’ve been a hateful piece of TV.

Like Simon Amstell, Edmondson has enough sarcasm in his voice to make the whole thing reasonably watchable… which is quite staggering in itself seeing as it’s one of the most pointless bits of fluff I’ve ever witnessed.

Basically, this show is neither here nor there. You won’t hate it, you won’t love it… but you won’t get too irritated watching it. In BBC Three terms, that’s probably something of a victory.

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