Comic Relief Does The Apprentice

Thursday night at 9pm we were treated to Comic Relief Does the Apprentice.  We saw the girls (Carole Voderman, Fiona Phillips, Ruby Wax, Patsy Palmer with business woman Michelle Mone from Ultimo) face off against the boys (Jonathan Ross, Jack Dee, Gok Wan, Alan Carr and businessman Gerald Ratner of the now defunked jewellery chain).

Sir Alan Sugar got into the swing of things by trying to be stern and telling the group of celebrities they would need to forget all of their “luvie luvie behaviour”, but his wry smile showed that he only thought of this as a fun comic fund-raiser.    The celebrities too, did their bit to ratchet up the tension with Ruby Wax stating that she will be a “Rottweiler” and Gok Wan promising to be “the most competitive man ever” on British TV.

The task given to the teams by Sir Alan Sugar was to develop a toy for five to eight year olds and to pitch it to toy companies. Part of the challenge was for each team to create a jingle and an advert – a task the teams seemed to relish.

The girls started well as a team and chose business woman, Michelle Mone, as their project manager. The team’s toy idea was a Velcro suit that could be used to stick kids together.  Problems soon arose between the highly competitive Mone and Patsy Palmer following a clash over the choreography for the ad.   After a bit of a breather, order was restored and the team pulled together to present their pitch to the panel of toy companies.

The boys also decided to have the business expert lead their project – even though his business pedigree is a bit questionable.  Their toy idea was a swapping belt – where kids collected and exchanged figures that attached to a belt.  While there was less obvious tension between the team, they soon became fed up with Jonathan Ross’s constant babbling (nicely balanced by Jack Dee) and Gok Wag became fraught as he went into super –organise mode.

So, you ask….who won?  Well the girls just managed to clinch it – owing mainly to the fact they had costed their idea better than the guys.

And who ended up being sacked?   Well, somehow Jonathan Ross managed to survive.  Instead, Sir Alan Sugar fired comedian Alan Carr saying: “I’m doing it for your benefit, young man, really. I don’t like you mixing with this lot here, they’re deluded.”

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