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Donal MacIntyre presents this brand-new series
from the frontline of urban crime. With unique
access to control rooms and police forces across
the UK, CCTV Cities reveals how operators and
police combine around the clock to catch criminals
in the act. With more and more cities using these
sophisticated systems, the series includes
shocking footage showing how many streets have
become battlegrounds for drunks and hooligans.
The first episode of the series comes from
Leeds, where some 350 cameras keep watch on
an area of 240 square miles. Donal visits the
headquarters of Leedswatch, where nine
specially trained operators monitor the feeds,
directing police to catch petty criminals, violent
drunks, ram-raiders and car thieves.
As Donal gets to see the practical uses of
CCTV, he also learns about its role in establishing
the truth of criminal activity. Video footage
provides an independent version of events,
allowing police and the courts to see matters for
themselves. It is all part of a fascinating insight
into the sharp end of modern-day policing.

Nigel Marven travels to Brazil in pursuit of the
amazing jaguar in this action-packed six-part
series. Jaguar Adventure follows Nigel to the
Pantanal, the world’s biggest wetland and home
to the planet’s largest population of jaguars – the
least known of the big cats.
Standing between the Amazon rainforest and
the savannah grasslands, the Pantanal attracts a
stunning diversity of wildlife, including armadillos,
giant otters, iguanas and anteaters. “This place is
brilliant – every bit as exotic as the Amazon,” Nigel
says. The Pantanal also boasts a population of
some ten million caiman – one of Nigel’s favourite
species of reptile.
In his first trip into the swamps, Nigel wrestles
with an adult caiman, endures a painful encounter
with a false water cobra and interrupts a pair of
mating anacondas. Later in the series, he crosses
paths with bats, water buffalo and a capybara –
the world’s largest rodent.
However, it is a beautiful but hard-to-find
mammal that most excites Nigel’s interest. “My
main mission is to track down a rare and
mysterious big cat – the jaguar,” he says. These
extraordinary beasts are notoriously difficult to
capture on film, helped in part by their brilliantly
effective camouflage. But Nigel has heard reports
of an area of wetland where there have been
regular jaguar sightings. Can he finally realise his
childhood dream of meeting jaguars in the wild?

30 rock

Coming soon to Five is this new, Golden Globewinning sitcom following the fortunes of longsuffering comedy writer Liz Lemon (Emmy-winner Tina Fey, the star and writer of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Mean Girls’).

Liz is living every comedy writer’s dream: she is the head writer on a demanding live TV variety programme in New York City. The show stars one of her closest friends, the sweet, but self-absorbed Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski, who starred in ‘Ally McBeal’).

However, Liz’s world is turned upside down when brash new network executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin, ‘The Aviator’) interferes with her show and staff, and bullies her into convincing wild and unpredictable movie star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Longest Yard’) to join the cast. When Jack encourages Liz to get to know Tracy before she rejects him outright, she tries to spend some quality time with the star and soon finds herself swept up with him and his entourage. Can Liz manage the unmanageable so that the show –and her dream –can go on?

30 Rock also stars Scott Adsit (‘For Your Consideration’) as producer Pete Hornberger, and Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, the over-eager NBC ‘page’ – a highly sought-after entry-level position with the network. The show’s creator and executive producer, Lorne Michaels, also created and executive-produced ‘Saturday Night Live’.

search for the lost treasure of afghanistan

Coming soon to Five is a unique documentary in which travel writer and documentary maker Tahir Shah journeys to the heart of Afghanistan on a personal odyssey to find the greatest lost treasure in human history. Following a series of clues passed down through his ancestors, Tahir seeks out an ancient cave complex concealed somewhere in a mountain in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan.

It is here that he hopes to find treasure –worth an estimated $500 billion in today’s money – belonging to Ahmad Shah Durrani, first king of Afghanistan. It will not be easy: travelling through such demanding terrain is an arduous task at the best of times, but today, with Taliban positions dotted throughout the country, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Tahir explains that as a travel writer, there is nothing that gets the blood rushing through his veins more than the prospect of a quest.

In the past, he has studied magic with the ‘godmen’ of India; scoured Ethiopia for King Solomon’s mines; and sought the lost city of the Incas in the cloud forests of Peru. The search for the hoard of Ahmad Shah Durrani, however, has a special resonance for Tahir. The story of the treasure has been a thread running through his family for a century and a half, with Tahir himself rememberinghaunting tales of thousands of sacks of gold beinghidden deep within the caves of his ancestral homeland.

Now, Tahir has the chance to add his own chapter to the remarkable legend.

a very british apocalypse

Like most “solid British people”, as he calls them, sociologist and broadcaster Laurie Taylor is pretty sure that the sun is going to rise tomorrow and that there will be plenty of honey for tea. As the editor of New Humanist magazine, he is a firm believer in reason and the laws of the universe, and does not believe in a god.

However, he has recently found it increasingly difficult to ignore the ever-growing collection of people from all faiths who are warning sceptics that Armageddon is upon them. The apocalypse, Laurie explains, is a shorthand term for all the disasters that most religions inform us will accompany the end of the world –such as famine, war, pestilence and death.

But the godlovers are no longer alone in their fears. As concerns over climate change grow, more and more scientists are beginning to spread the word that civilisation might be heading for disaster. Whether we like it or not, it seems, we are all doomed. Laurie, therefore, has decided it is time to take off his sceptical hat and wander out into Britain to discover the truth. In this absorbing documentary, Laurie travels across the country meeting a variety of people who all believe that the end of the world is nigh. Among those he encounters are a Catholic monk, a group of people who believe in the numerical decoding of sacred texts, and a number of scientists, mathemeticians and philosophers.

What do these “end-of-worlders” have in common? Should they be taken seriously? And, most importantly of all, is what they are saying true?

law & order: special victims unit – season 5

The ‘Law & Order’ spin-off following a police unit dedicated to solving sexually motivated crimes returns to Five for its fifth season.

The show centres around detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni, ‘Oz’, ‘Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies’) as they investigate the worst of New York’s criminals. Benson and Stabler are joined by weathered veteran Detective Munch (comedian Richard Belzer, who has appeared as the same character on shows including ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’, ‘Law and Order’ and ‘The X-Files’) and his no-nonsense partner Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola (rapper-turned actor Ice-T), an ex-narcotics officer. Presiding over the detectives is their world-weary captain, Donald Cragen (Dann Florek, who played the same role in the first three seasons of ‘Law and Order’). ADA Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March) takes the cases to court.

In the season premiere, ‘Tragedy’, the detectives are on the hunt for Annika Bergeron, a pregnant woman who disappears after being attacked in her car. Annika’s doctor warns that she has a dangerous condition and must have a caesarean section or both she and her baby will die.

When a reward is put out for information on Annika’s disappearance, Fin receives a call from a man who claims he can help. But the arranged drop-off goes badly wrong and the informant is killed. Have the cops lost their only lead to Annika?

five’s shootout back with a bang

Award-winning Suburban Shootout, Five and Paramount Comedy’s co-commission, is to return for a second series, it was announced today, (Monday June 25).

The second series made by Feelgood Fiction 3 x 60 minute programmes, will transmit in the Autumn, stars Anna Chancellor, Ralph Ineson, Ruth Wilson and Felicity Montagu.

Picking up where the first left off the series features a heady mix of ladies only fight clubs, a super casino, Belarusian ballet male escorts, intimidation, blackmail, shootouts and much, much more.

Five’s Controller of Comedy and Entertainment, Graham Smith, said: “Suburban Shootout has been a groundbreaking series for Five and I’m delighted that we’ve once again been able to assemble such a stellar cast of British comedy acting talent.”

The quintessentially British town of Little Stempington seems an idyllic suburban location, where the streets are clean and the neighbours are friendly. But underneath the surface there lies a secret, super-sexed, super-violent world.

Two competing gun-toting gangs of vigilante housewives, led by Camilla Diamond played by Anna Chancellor (Spooks, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and the other by Barbara Du Prez played by Felicity Montagu (I’m Alan Partridge, Nighty Night) continue their work, one for the good of the town the other for the good of themselves.

Barbara, in prison after being framed by Camilla, has handed the reins of gang boss over to Joyce Hazeldine, played by Amelia Bullmore (I’m Alan Partridge) and entrusted her the task of keeping the streets of Little Stempington free of crime.

However, Joyce’s grip on the town is loosening and Camilla and her cohorts, Lillian Gordon-Moore, played by Emma Kennedy (The Smoking Room) and Hilary Davenport, played by Rachael Blake (Bon Voyage , Auf Wiedersehen Pet) start up a highly lucrative Fight Club, a ladies only bare knuckle fighting arena where local housewives solve their disputes!

At the same time, clueless police chief Jeremy Hazledine played by Ralph Ineson ( The Office, Coronation Street), and his deputy PC Haines played by Tom Ellis ( EastEnders), entertain senior officers from around the world who are in Little Stempington to discover why the crime rate is so low. Chevy played by Gary McDonald ( EastEnders) a bent cop from Miami, soon finds out the real reason and introduces Camilla to the idea of building a super casino on the Wetlands, a move that would propel Camilla into the criminal super league.

Will Barbara be able to restore order to their once sleepy town? Or will Camilla’s ambitious plans for a super casino change the face of Little Stempington forever?

Suburban Shootout won a Golden Nymph at the Monte Carlo Television Festival earlier this month in the category of Outstanding International Producer for comedy.

The first series was critically acclaimed and described in The Daily Telegraph as “Fast-moving, sharp-witted, wild, refreshing and entirely unexpected.” The Mail On Sunday called the series “All good, dirty fun, way over-the-top, full of comic-book violence and hammed up nicely by the female leads.” And, Time Out described the show as a “comedic gem.”

Suburban Shootout is a Feelgood Fiction production for Five and Paramount Comedy. The producer is Greg Boardman, the executive producer is Laurence Bowen and it was directed by Gordon Anderson .

csi: miami – season 5

Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and his team will soon be back on Five with a new season of the hit US drama. As Season Four drew to a close, Horatio had his hands full with old enemies the Mala Noche gang –as well as dealing with a former nemesis from his days on the New York force who travelled to Miami, framed Horatio for murder and tried to discredit the CSIs.

The series reached a thrilling and tragic climax when Horatio’s new wife Marisol (Alana De La Garza), sister to CSI Delko (Adam Rodriguez), was gunned down as her brother looked on. The murder was aimed squarely at Horatio and the killer, a South American drug lord, promised to take away everything that was near and dear to Horatio. Extradited to Rio de Janiero, the killer leads Horatio and Delko to the Brazilian international crossroads for the opening episode of Season Five, as the pair seek a mix of justice and vengeance.


Returning to Five is a new series of the programme that lifts the lid on some of the most incredible structures and machines ever created. Megastructures reveals the stories behind unbelievable feats of engineering, from aircraft to airports, and bridges to oil rigs.

The first episode of the new series looks at the colossal RMS Queen Mary 2(QM2) superliner. The longest, tallest and broadest ship ever built at the time of its completion in 2003, this £500 million ‘city at sea’ was designed to reinvigorate the world of ocean cruise liners, which had been almost killed off by the advent of commercial transatlantic flights in 1958.

The QM2was built to replace its predecessor, the Queen Elizabeth 2, on the 3,000 mile Southampton-New York route. Capable of carrying 2,000 passengers on its weekly voyage across the Atlantic, the QM2 represents the epitome of luxury and state-of the-art design. The programme takes an in-depth look at the construction of the QM2, speaks to ship’s designers, engineers and crew, and meets the billionaire who first envisaged a new generation of luxury liners.

my brilliant brain

Coming soon to Five is a compelling new threepart documentary series exploring the incredible inner workings of the human brain. My Brilliant Brain looks at a group of remarkable people and poses questions about the origins of genius: are these extraordinary abilities genetic, developed or acquired by accident?

Focusing on the growth of the brain from conception to puberty, the first episode in the series, ‘Born Genius’, explores the development of child genius. The programme centres around Marc Yu, a seven-year-old concert pianist with a repertoire of some 40 classical pieces. At the age of two, Marc heard a rendition of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ at a birthday party, pulled himself up to a piano and played it back flawlessly. A year later, he was playing Beethoven from memory.

But are his remarkable abilities based on hard work or was he simply born with a brilliant brain? Developmental psychologist Professor Ellen Winner explains that people have always been fascinated with child geniuses because they are doing things at “the wrong age”. “They’re not supposed to be doing things so advanced,” she explains, “so they shock us.”

The programme follows a groundbreaking scientific study into natural genius which attempts to locate the parts of the brain most involved with creating music. Other programmes in the series explore the possibilities of crafting outstanding talent through practice, and acquiring it by accident.

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