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how to be a property developer

It is becoming something of a national obsession: many people nowadays think they could make a fortune dealing in the property market if only they had the cash to start. But is it really that easy?

Coming soon to Five is the third series of How to Be a Property Developer, in which Gary McCausland follows the progress of two teams who have been given £300,000 and 12 months to see if they can make money from buying and selling houses. Gary, himself a successful property developer, has a no-nonsense approach to property that means he does not pull his punches when delivering often scathing verdicts on his contestants’ efforts. As well as being smart and professional, therefore, this year’s hopeful couples will need to be tough.

But Gary is adamant that despite prices being at an all-time high, there is still money to be made in the property business if you know what you are doing. The series will follow the couples as they decide which properties are worthy of investment. We will watch the teams as they negotiate with builders, strip floors, seek out bargains at salvage yards, and try their luck at auction. Will it be as easy as they think to make a quick profit, or will they make some horrible –and costly –mistakes along the way?

The first team this year is made up of two thirty-something lads from London. Best friends Dan and Daniel are gambling on their combined negotiating and DIY skills to help them make it as high-flying property tycoons, with the ultimate aim of joining London’s unofficial ‘players’ club’.

The second team consists of Edinburgh girls Paula and Lindsey –good friends who share a goal to become successful property developers. They plan to start small and get bigger as their confidence grows, but will it be enough to make them the winning team?

beat it: addicted to asda

Beat It is a new documentary series following members of the public as they attempt to overcome a variety of psychological difficulties. The series shows how counselling, training and advice from top psychologists can help people battle the demons that have taken over their lives.

The first episode in the series, ‘Addicted to Asda’ tells the story of 24-year-old mother Amanda, who has developed an uncontrollable shopping addiction. After being brutally attacked seven years ago, Amanda found sanctuary in her local Asda, where her mum works. Only there did she feel safe from the outside world: “It’s my own little way of getting away from things,” she says.

But Amanda’s safe haven soon turned into a nightmare when she found that she could not stop spending –buying endless clothes that she did not need. “It’s like something inside me just takes control,” she confesses. Having run up a staggering £14,000 debt, Amanda has finally decided to get help. She has enrolled in a course of therapy run by one of Britain’s top psychologists, Dr John McGovern, who has no doubts about the seriousness of her plight: “This is something that wrecks people’s lives,” he says.

If she is to confront her obsession, Amanda must deal with trauma of her original attack for the first time. The jouney will not be easy, but Dr McGovern recognises that Amanda is “brave, intelligent and strong”. Can he channel those strengths towards her recovery? Other programmes in the series are ‘The Boy with a Stammer’ and ‘Angry with my Father’.

prison break: season 2 finale

It’s almost time to say goodbye to everyone’s favourite fugitives as the prison escape drama winds up its second season next week.

Breaking out was just the beginning for eight former residents of Chicago’s maximum security Fox River Penitentiary. Bafflingly intelligent and comprehensively tattooed inmate Michael Scofield managed to liberate himself, his death rowlanguishing brother Lincoln and six assorted blaggers and useful friends in the most audacious escape plan ever seen. He also plotted, cajoled and improvised his way across the United States towards money and a new life in Panama.

However, not everything has gone according to plan –and by the end of the season, only Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note are still breathing, alongside Sara, who has been making her own desperate bid for freedom. Tweener, Abruzzi and Haywire have all fallen victim to the schemes and bullets of Alex Mahone, an unhinged FBI agent with more than his fair share of dark secrets, and a mind that has almost outwitted Michael more than once. Moreover, the shadowy ‘Company’ behind the conspiracy to put Lincoln on death row have their own plans for the fugitives.

In next week’s season finale, can Michael save Lincoln and himself from Mahone? Will Kellerman come through for Sara? Will Sucre find Maricruz? And what of Fox River’s most despicable villain, Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell, and his nemesis Bellick? All may be revealed…

Living TV is set to start a new reality program where its better to be naughty than nice. The show will feature seven self-professed “bitches liars cheaters and backstabbers” who flaunt their good lucks to get what they want.

The seven supermodel-esque divas will have to battle it out to be the baddest and bitchiest of all the babes in the house in order to win the big prize. Want to see the contestants? Want to read the full story?

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Coming soon to Five is an intriguing new US series revolving around the inexplicable disappearance of a senator’s wife. Vanished follows the desperate search for Sara Collins (Joanne Kelly), the beautiful young wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins (John Allen Nelson, ‘24’), who disappeared after a gala benefit at a hotel. The hunt for Sara soon unravels secrets at the heart of one of the country’s most prominent families, exposing evidence that could rock the foundations of American society.

The story is told through the eyes of the FBI agents leading the search for Sara: Senior Agent Graham Kelton (Gale Harold) and his partner Agent Len Mei (Ming-Na, ‘ER’). The series also focuses on ambitious reporter Judy Nash (Rebecca Gayheart), chasing the biggest story of her career, and the distraught members of the Collins family, each of whom are hiding their own secrets.

Vanished combines the investigative twists and turns of ‘CSI’ with the pace of ‘24’, revealing new clues each week, as the search for Sara combines with shocking revelations from within the Collins family. As the characters get closer to the truth, they unwittingly become targets themselves. The series was created by Josh Berman (‘CSI’) and the pilot episode is directed by Mimi Leder (‘ER’, ‘Deep Impact’). Berman, Leder and Paul Redford (‘The Unit’, ‘The West Wing’) are executive producers.

pirate ship… live!

Comedian and actor Vic Reeves presents a special two-hour programme telling the story of the Whydah– a pirate ship that sank off Cape Cod nearly 300 years ago. A dive on the wreck – the only authenticated pirate wreck in the world – forms the live element of the show, while specially shot dramatic reconstructions tell the story of notorious pirate captain Black Sam Bellamy.

In a unique television experiment, marine archaeologist Barry Clifford plans to salvage the pirate booty live on air. He and his team hope to bring viewers real treasure recovered from a new, unexplored area of the wreck that appears to contain masses of mineralized objects.

The fact that the Whydahlay untouched under 20 feet of sand for so long means that this shipwreck serves as the only ‘time capsule’ of pirate history ever found. In the months before the ship sank in 1717, the pirate crew looted 54 other ships and stored their treasures, leaving an unprecedented cross section of 18th-century cultural material – and an almost unimaginable task of excavation.

Through a mixture of live broadcast from the dive site, dramatic reconstructions of life on-board a pirate ship, and CGI technology to restore the treasure to its original glory, Pirate Ship Live! will flow between the modern-day adventures on the Whydahand those of Black Sam Bellamy and his lawless crew.

build a new life in the country

Five’s property and lifestyle show returns for a third series, following another group of intrepid British adventurers who dream of creating idyllic homes in perfect rural locations, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

For some of the people featured in the series, their dreams are wrapped up within very limited budgets, while others are taking on the most challenging projects of their lives, tackling huge obstacles along the way. The stories involve more than just moving to a pretty new location or an impressive building –they also involve the trials and emotional tribulations of adopting a new lifestyle and realising a dream.

The shows feature restorations, conversions and modernisations ranging from a fantasy water tower in the heart of Norfolk, to a 400-year-old Andalusian palace by the sea. The series is presented by Five’s resident architect and property expert George Clarke, who guides the stoic restorers through their huge projects. George offers practical advice to help the adventurers achieve their dreams, stick to their budgets and avoid the many pitfalls inherent in taking on such dramatic changes of lifestyle. He will also share in all the emotional ups and downs as the participants strive to reach their goals.

families at war

Five’s Trisha Goddard embarks upon a new series in which she and a team of experts will attempt to help a group of families besieged by arguments, feuds and deep-rooted tensions.

Five families will spend three days at a country house in a beautiful part of Norfolk, where the calming country air can work its magic. Trisha hopes that the setting will be “a place where our families can forget the pressures of their everyday lives”. Aiding her in her efforts to bring about change are Jamil Qureshi and Andy Duncan, experts in the field of ‘mind-shaping’.

Trisha’s first family consists of a group of sisters at war. Eldest sister Caroline grew up in care from the age of four, and her behaviour has now driven her mum and sisters to despair. Sibling Tracey describes her as “two-faced, backstabbing and conniving”, while mum Gwen says that though she loves her daughter, she can’t stand the person that she is. Trisha knows that she has her work cut out with her first case: “There’s so much anger and guilt and frustration,” she says. “There’s so much work to be done with this family.”

macintyre: edge of existence

Donal MacIntyre will put his life and reputation on the line as he tries to live at the absolute limits of human habitation in The Edge of Existence, a new four-part series for Five.

Throughout the world there are places so inhospitable that humans cannot survive there in the long term. The Edge of Existence shows what it is like to live in these places, as Donal experiences first-hand the natural world at its harshest. Combining survival know-how, anthropology and extreme physical challenges, Donal travels to some of the most spectacular locations in the world. During the series, he visits a tribe in Papua New Guinea; meets the Inuits of the world’s most northerly community; experiences camel migration in the Sahara; and hunts bull sharks in Nicaragua. The first episode sees Donal head to Papua New Guinea to meet the Insect Tribe.

Deep in the heart of Papua New Guinea’s jungle, several days’ journey away from civilisation, lives the Insect Tribe of Swagap. The tribe is so-named because its members worship the preying mantis, and have in the past been known to engage in tribal warfare and cannibalism. Unknown until the 1950s, they live on fish and what they can hunt in the surrounding jungle. For the first time ever, the tribe has allowed a visitor to experience their way of life.

pirate ship… live!

Lying on the seabed off the coast of America’s Cape Cod, buried under 20 feet of sand, is the wreck of the Whydah, an 18th-century pirate ship captained by the notorious Black Sam Bellamy. In this unique programme, the secrets of the world’s only authenticated pirate ship will be uncovered in a live excavation. Gold and silver coins, jewellery, pistols and the personal effects of pirates have all been discovered in recent months –including the small shoe, silk stocking and part of the leg bone belonging to nine-year-old John King, history’s youngest pirate.

However, marine archaeologists now believe they are on the verge of another remarkable discovery. Deep in the heart of the vessel lies an area which contains a ‘mother lode’ of treasure – tons of pirate booty looted from 50 different ships from that time. Combing a live broadcast from the dive site with dramatic reconstructions and CGI, Pirate Ship… Live! will follow the adventures of modern-day treasure hunters Barry Clifford and his team, and delve further into the exploits of the formidable Black Sam Bellamy and his lawless crew.

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