Commando: On The Front Line

Commando: On The Front Line
Monday 22 October 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

In Afghanistan, Troop Commander Bertie Kerr jonis the final countdown to a top secret plan known as Operation Sparrowhawk. Notable Afghan elders have to be informed that a major “deliberate operation” is about to be implemented. They must inform any civilians to leave the area or take refuge in the mountains. The nearby Kijaki Dam is visited to warn the few workers that remain that the shooting is about to start and the dam may well become a prime enemy target – once again. Bertie briefs 11 Troop on their specific mission in the operation.

Back in England with 924 Troop, recruit Adam Collins, a former stuntman, claims he is being bullied by the training team and makes a formal complaint. An enquiry is instituted to look into his claims.

Commando: On The Front Line
Thursday 18 October 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

This week in Commando: On The Front Line, 924 Troop go to Normandy to visit the D Day beaches. There they visit the British graveyard and see countless graves of young men as young as they are – or younger. It is a sobering moment for all of them. They lay a wreath and pay their respects to the fallen Commandos of the Second World War.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Second Lieutenant Bertie Kerr, having arrived in Kijaki, prepares to lead a patrol into Taliban territory. Kijaki is the location of a massive dam and the largest reservoir in Afghanistan. The dam is of major strategic importance and the Taliban have been trying to capture it and destroy it for months.

First Bertie has a meeting with his new boss – the uncompromising Major Marty Collins. Collins is planning a Christmas offensive against the Taliban forces hiding in the mountains nearby. He has sent for reinforcements from Fort Bastion and as soon as they arrive he intends to put his ambitious and dangerous plan into operation – it is called Operation Sparrowhawk. Everyone is committed to absolute secrecy.

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