Making a TV advert doesn’t take much thinking about if you have a huge advertising budget, but for the campaign to be a success you usually have to think about some of the following: Is the idea for the advert unique? Is it memorable? Does it make you laugh or make you think? Does it portray the message that you are trying to deliver? It is only when you start to answer some of these questions that you soon realise if an idea is worth going ahead with.

For the following scenario let us assume that the advertising budget for Love to Play Bingo is limitless. The reason for this is, just because you have an excess amount of money to put into a campaign does not mean that the campaign will be a success. It is the creative ideas that make a campaign into an innovative marketing campaign.

The Usual Approach from Bingo Sites

If you are based in the UK then you will know that the amount of bingo adverts on TV is overwhelming. From TV adverts to bingo sites sponsoring your favourite telly programme, bingo is everywhere!

When you start to compare these adverts with each other you will come to notice a pattern that emerges. Most of the best bingo sites seem to go for the cheesy and funny attitude when making adverts. Most bingo brands follow in the same foot steps to existing adverts so this approach must work… but you can only eat the same pie an x amount of times.

It is said that the average bingo player is 26 and most bingo players are female. This would make sense for the girly colours that bingo sites opt for such as pink and the comedy side to these adverts can make some adverts memorable.

Key points for the Advert

Love to play bingo is a UK bingo comparison site; it is like the bingo version of Compare the Market and without the Markets. Just like most adverts, the idea is to portray a message. In the terms of Love to Play Bingo, that would be to discuss what the site offers in a way that is simple, easy to remember, preferably memorable and without too much text or talking. As long as the basic message is put a cross and people are in need what is being advertised then the advert will be a success.

Being Different

The huge disadvantage about current bingo campaigns is the exclusion of men. The majority of bingo players maybe female but men still play bingo and by targeting adverts at woman only you cut the conversion rates extremely low when it comes to guys. Maybe Love to Play Bingo can get an edge over the competition by incorporating men when thinking about idea. 

Like Sheep We Follow

The famous quote, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind now. If people expect one thing and they get another they will probably either be annoyed or unhappy. But isn’t change good? Yes, change is good but the idea of thinking so far out of the box that you have lost the box can either go 2 ways: amazingly well, or catastrophic. It is then left up to the question, is it worth the risk? Sites like Compare the Market and GoCompare are marketing campaigns that were risky but paid off. It is then up to Love to Play Bingo to either go for the tried and tested safe route or to go off the beaten path and try something completely new.


TV adverts, by-and-large, are insanely irritating. They’re too loud and they’re always trying to sell you stuff you don’t want.

That said, my brain has developed a filter and the commercial break now becomes little more than white noise in my head.

However, there’s one advert that sticks the boot through the mental amoury and takes a rusty whisk to the putty, leaving me puking up my innards and waving angry fists at the screen through my salty tears.

Enter the worst advert ever aired:

The spot features a woman seemingly showing her dog how to play bingo online, which is futile because dogs can’t even get credit cards, let alone work a mouse because of their rubbish hands.

Our idiot woman wins and does something every dog owner has done… and that’s to force their pooch into some awkward dance, hobbling around on hind legs and clearly stressed at the front legs being put into an unnatural position.

However, the grotesque spectacle that follows is purely of the imagination of someone who is clearly a psychopath.

The dog breaks free of the clutches of what reveals to be an Irish (or Oirish) woman to engage in a horrendous mock Riverdance. This is truly the definition of a beast with two backs. On that note, you wonder what other horrors this woman has in store for her dog and which other human traits he’s been taught in.


Click here to view the offending commercial in question. Warning: You cannot unsee it.


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