9:00pm Monday, November 15 on C4

This week the series follows the police responding to emergency calls and reveals the incredible things people choose to call 999 about: from mobile phones running out of credit to arguments about whose turn it is to have a go on the Nintendo Wii… While recorded crime has dropped by a third over the last 15 years, emergency calls to the police have risen by 50 per cent. Kent constabulary receive a quarter of a million 999 calls every year, with 80% classed as non-emergencies and many seen as “nuisance calls”. Police officers are spending much of their time acting as counselors, settling petty squabbles and relationship problems.

9:00pm Monday, November 1 on C4

As police budgets, and numbers, come under threat, this hard-hitting new series reveals what police officers across England really think about being on the frontline of 21st-century Britain. With access to police forces across the country, from inner cities to rural beats, Coppers shows what police officers are up against every day of their working lives. The first programme joins the staff of the Medway custody suite in Gillingham, Kent, who process 40 suspected criminals every day. From burglary to shop-lifting and assault to drugs possession, Custody Officer Sergeant Sean O’Conner and his team have seen generations progress through their criminal careers and witness a never-ending cycle of deprivation, drugs, crime, violence, and – for some of the women they meet – prostitution.

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