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Plus Tina McIntyre and Dr Matt Carter hook up!

The Daily Star today reveals that Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) will have a one night stand with Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) when she goes on one of her benders.

As viewers will know, Becky’s having trouble holding things together now that little Max has been taken into care, and though Steve (Simon Gregson) will try his best over the coming weeks to reign in Becky’s behaviour, she continues to seek solace in the bottom of several bottles.

However, Becky will end up sleeping with Nick in a bid to make Steve jealous and see how she feels over his ex Tracy (Kate Ford) being around all the time…

But it backfires on her when her drunken antics push Steve into Tracy’s arms – and her bed – and the scheming Tracy will get pregnant.

It’s also been rumoured that Tracy will lose the baby when Becky attacks her. It’s speculated that that will be the exit storyline for Becky, because Kat Kelly is of course leaving the show at the end of the year.

In other Corrie news, The Sun today reveals that Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) is set for a romance with the Street’s GP, Dr Matt Carter (Oliver Mellor).

However, it seems that despite looking like a promising relationship at first, “skeletons emerge from the medic’s cupboard” which are likely to threaten the budding romance.

We’ll see Tina and Matt hook up over the coming weeks as Tina tries to get over her upset over being ditched by Graeme.

More Corrie news soon!

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