Coronation Street

After being arrested the night before, Charlie (Bill Ward) arrives home from a night in the cells in a foul mood. He’s had enough of Tracy (Kate Ford) and as she fusses around him he tells her he wants her out ASAP. She suddenly drops the act and reveals how she’s been framing Charlie all along and how the whole street thinks he’s a wife beater. As Charlie laughs off Tracy’s plan his mocking becomes vicious and Tracy becomes more and more furious. He dares her to kill him… Will Tracy go through with it?

Over at Underworld, Liam (Rob James-Collier) is getting more frustrated with Carla’s (Alison King) constant presence and is shocked when he returns back from lunch to find that she’s squeezed her own desk in to the office! Is Carla now a permanent fixture in the factory?

Much to Steve’s (Simon Gregson) dismay and Michelle’s (Kym Ryder) delight, Sonny (Pal Aron) offers to take both her and Ryan to the football! Poor Steve feels depleted and resigned to the fact that he’s no match to Sonny. Does Michelle think the same or does she still have feelings for Steve?

Also Becky (Katherine Kelly) is delighted when a handsome customer in the café, Rob, takes her out for a drink.

Wednesday 10 January 7.30 – 8pm ITV1

Peter (Chris Gascoyne) arrives back on the street to tales of Charlie’s (Bill Ward) alleged violent abuse of his sister and decides to spend a few days at her house to keep an eye on her. However, Charlie is already riled when Jason (Ryan Thomas) reveals that he’s just seen Tracy (Kate Ford) go into the house with another man. So, much to Tracy’s delight, when Charlie arrives home to the sound of a man in the shower, the sight of a man’s shirt and Tracy on the sofa with a bottle of wine, he jumps to the wrong conclusions and storms upstairs in a fit of rage. Will Tracy stop Charlie before he beats up her brother?

Over at the pub, Steve (Simon Gregson) and Michelle (Kym Ryder) have fun as they prepare questions for the pub quiz, Michelle seems to be warming to him again. Can their friendly rivalry grow into something else?

Liam’s (Rob James-Collier) annoyed to find Carla (Alison King) using his office and his staff to aid her burgeoning business.

Elsewhere, Jason (Ryan Thomas) gets marks out of ten for his nappy changing but passes off his babysitting duties on grieving Violet (Jenny Platt).

Fuming Charlie (Bill Ward) lunges at half naked Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and continues to pummel him despite Tracy’s (Kate Ford) frantic protests, genuinely worried she hurries downstairs to call the police. As Charlie drags a bloodied Peter into the street to continue the brawl he doesn’t discover that it’s Peter Barlow until Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) and Ken (William Roache) come running over as Peter lies unconscious on the floor! Charlie is furious with Tracy for misleading him and she feels guilty that Peter has been harmed. However, when the police arrive she has no problem turning events to her advantage and playing the part of the battered wife! Will Charlie get away with it? And will Tracy continue to plot against Charlie after seeing how dangerous he can be?

Over at the Rovers, the pub quiz kicks off and Roy (David Neilson) and Norris (Malcom Hebden) take it very seriously indeed! Fierce competitors to the bitter end, it’s neck and neck between ‘Stop Press’ and the ‘Barmcake Army’ until Roy’s team win on the final question!

Meanwhile, Liam (Rob James-Collier) brags to Paul (Sean Gallagher) that he’s dealt with Carla (Alison King) about her use of the factory. But when Kelly (Tupele Dorgu) reveals that it was the other factory girls who protested to Carla’s occupation, Liam has to admit that he was too cowardly to confront Carla too! Will Carla continue to rule the roost at Underworld?

Monday 8 January 7.30 – 8:30pm ITV1.

Steve delivers a surprise visitor to Michelle’s date

Over at the Rovers a reluctant Liz (Beverley Callard) is looking after Ryan (Ben Thompson) whilst Michelle’s (Kym Ryder) on her date with Sonny (Pal Aron). When jealous Steve discovers that Sonny doesn’t know about Ryan he decides to use the situation to sabotage their date. As Steve waits in his car after urging Ryan to go into Sonny’s house, a furious Michelle storms out and tips her dinner all over Steve’s lap! Feeling like a complete idiot and covered in gravy Steve drives home doubting whether he’ll ever be able to win Michelle back!

Elsewhere, Jason (Ryan Thomas) is thrilled when Sarah (Tine O’Brien) hints that she’d like to make another go of their relationship on the condition that they do so as a family of four putting Holly and Bethany first. How will Gail (Helen Worth) and Eileen (Sue Cleaver) feel about their decision?

The Barlows’ concerns about Tracy (Kate Ford) grow as she continues to make them believe that she is living with a violent and abusive man, and hope that Peter will be able to deal with Charlie (Bill Ward) when he comes to visit. Meanwhile, Charlie gets more and more wound up as Tracy maddens him with constant suggestions that she’s going to cheat on him. Will Tracy succeed in riling Charlie with her constant taunts?

Also Janice (Vicky Entwistle) decides to go to France with Roger (Andrew Dunn)!

ITV1 Network Sunday 7 January 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Carla (Alison King) is still furious with Paul (Sean Gallagher) about the money and has no intention of giving up her business plans. She pays Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) a secret visit in the factory to find out who is the best seamstress. When Hayley tells her it’s Kelly (Tupele Dorgu), Carla approaches her and tells her she’ll pay her extra if she makes some sample dungarees for her. Liam and Paul are livid when they discover that his productivity has been sacrificed for Carla’s business attempt. Will they be able to stop ambitious Carla using their workforce?

Meanwhile, Jason (Ryan Thomas) and Eileen (Sue Cleaver) meet with social services and are told that they have been unable to trace Holly’s mother. Despite being impressed that Jason has coped with Holly for the past two days, she is disappointed when he is non committal about adopting her. When will Jason face up to the fact that Holly is his daughter and his responsibility?

Elsewhere, Janice (Vicky Entwistle) is smitten with Roger who surprises her when, on their second date, he asks her to go to France with him for three months! After being deprived of love for so long will Janice allow Roger to sweep her off her feet?

Also, Steve’s (Simon Gregson) prospects of winning over Michelle (Kym Ryder) dwindle even further when she discovers that he has been questioning Ryan (Ben Thompson) for information about her relationship with Sonny. And Tracy (Kate Ford) succeeds in rousing Deirdre’s (Anne Kirkbride) concern when she acts the battered wife and complains about banging her head.

Friday 5 January 7.30 – 8pm ITV1

After fretting all night about who his new business partner might be, Liam (Rob James-Collier) is stunned to discover that Paul (Sean Gallagher) has bought Danny’s share of the factory at a hefty cost! However, Carla (Alison King) is disappointed when she discovers, via Liam, that Paul has spent all his money on the factory and therefore can’t put any money into her children’s clothes business!

Over at the hospital, Violet (Jenny Platt) is devastated to learn that she’s lost the baby, but it gets worse when she’s also told that she has also lost one fallopian tube and damaged the other, so it’s likely that she won’t be able to have children. Remaining stoical and putting on a brave face, she rejects Jamie’s (Rupert Hill) consoling. Will Violet be able to cope with the trauma of losing her baby and the prospect that she might not be able to have another?

When Jason (Ryan Thomas) moans to Sarah (Tina O’ Brien) about missing work, she berates him and tells him to get on with it like all other single parents have to, Jason finally starts to realise that Sarah might actually think better of him if he faced up to the duties of parenthood. Will Jason take heed of her advice and take his responsibility towards Holly more seriously or is he just interested in getting into Sarah’s good books?

Janice (Vicky Entwistle) is somewhat pleased to find her boiler has broken again and she needs to call Roger the plumber back!

Wednesday 3 January 7.30 – 8pm ITV1

Whilst working in the pub, Violet (Jenny Platt) complains that she has sharp pain in her shoulder but puts it down to sleeping awkwardly, Liz (Beverley Callard) lets her go home but as the pain becomes unbearable Violet realises there is something serious wrong and manages to call 999 before collapsing. What has happened to Violet?

After last night’s shock phone call from Danny, Jamie (Rupert Hill) is desperate to know who informed him about his spilt with Frankie. Sean (Antony Cotton) tries to tell Jamie to make a fresh start for the New Year and put the past behind him, but Jamie’s wound up and will not let it go. Irate, he accuses Sean, Violet and Liam of spying for his dad! Will Jamie be able to put all this behind him and look forward to the new year?

Eileen (Sue Cleaver) is getting more and more frustrated with Jason’s (Ryan Thomas) lack of interest in Holly and his eagerness to pass her onto social services. However, when she likens his behaviour to that of his own father’s towards him, Jason starts to feels slightly ashamed and can’t bring himself to call. Now that Holly is staying, will Jason embrace fatherhood or continue to leave Eileen to do all the work?

Also, Michelle (Kim Ryan) and Ryan move into the Kabin flat, much to Norris’ horror. And Michelle is less than pleased when she discovers Steve’s plan to make her work on New Year’s Eve.

The paramedics rush Violet (Jenny Platt) to hospital after arriving at number eleven to find her sprawled unconscious on the floor. Eileen (Sue Cleaver) is terrified that they’re going to lose her when the doctor tells her it’s very serious. As Michelle (Kym Ryder), Sean (Antony Cotton), Eileen and Jamie (Rupert Hill) wait anxiously at the hospital they are shocked to discover that she has suffered an ectopic pregnancy. How will Violet feel when she wakes to the news that she has lost her baby?

Meanwhile, Liam (Rob James-Collier) is angry after receiving a call from the elusive Danny and is angry that Danny has sold his share of the factory without informing him. Who is his mystery new business partner?

Jason (Ryan Thomas) is left alone with Holly who won’t stop crying and calls Sarah (Tina O’ Brien) desperate for some help. She reluctantly comes over and tells Jason that he should treasure his baby. Elsewhere, Janice’s (Vicky Entwistle) plumber, Roger, finally turns up to fix her heating and she’s surprised to find him so charming. Is there love in the air for Janice?

Monday 1 January 7.30 – 8:30pm ITV1

Frankie (Debra Stephenson) and Jamie (Rupert Hill) are packing up before they leave for Spain to make a new start but Frankie’s distracted and agitated. Despite Jamie’s optimism, she’s still angry with him about his outburst in the pub and having second thoughts about whether they really will be able to escape their past when they start afresh abroad. Will Frankie be able to go through with it? When Jamie receives a phone call after midnight, he is horror struck to hear Danny’s (Bradley Walsh) voice. Jamie wants answers but Danny merely tells him not to worry about the factory, wishes him a happy New Year and hangs up. Will Jamie be able to pick up the pieces and move on?

After scheming to get Michelle (Kym Ryder) to give up her date with Sonny (Pal Aron) to work on New Years Eve, Steve (Simon Gregson) makes another attempt to seduce her with candles and champagne at midnight. However, Steve is gutted when his plan fails as Sonny arrives at the Rovers to see the New Year in with a delighted Michelle. Will Steve tell Michelle how he feels about her?

Eileen (Sue Cleaver) brings in the New Year at home with her granddaughter Holly. Much to her dismay, Jason (Ryan Thomas) is still refusing to take an interest in his daughter and is still insisting that she’s taken into care.

Elsewhere Vera (Elizabeth Dawn) is tiring of the ‘new’ Jack (William Tarmey) and wants her grumpy old husband back! And Tracy (Kate Ford) winds Charlie (Bill Ward) up when she threatens to play away with a fit guy in the pub. Will Charlie rise to the bait?

Johnny Briggs has been honored by the Queen with an MBE after retiring from playing Mike Baldwin for three decades on Coronation Street.

Congratulations Johnny!

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