Criminal minds

9:00pm Friday, January 21 on LIVING

The psychological profilers of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) encounter one of their most perplexing cases this week as the sixth series of Criminal Minds continues on LIVING. The hit US police drama explores the nature of human memory as a series of killings echo those of an uncaught brutal serial killer from 25 years – the Butcher. The new murders attempt to recreate the Butcher’s last kill, is it a sick homage or has the killer returned to recapture some lost memory of his glory days?

The BAU team members are experts in human behaviour each specialising in some aspect of the criminal mind. They are called in when no-one else can track down dangerous and elusive criminals such as terrorists, child murderers and serial killers. Building a psychological profile of the killer can uncover their motivation and result in finding vital clues to anticipate their next move and catch them before they can kill again.

The Butcher was one of the BAU founder David Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) first cases. The victims are tortured, sexu- ally assaulted and electrocuted after being forced to leave a terrified goodbye phone call to their loved ones. BAU are convinced the new killings are by a copycat, because the Butcher would now be over 70. But Rossi has a gut feeling his old adversary has somehow managed to return to his old ways. A lead takes them to a confused old man with Alzheimer’s disease, could this be the feared killer? Find out exclusively on LIVING.

9:00pm Friday, January 7 on LIVING

A deranged serial killer is on the loose and only the FBI’s skilled psychological profilers can stop him as the sixth series of hit US police drama Criminal Minds premieres on LIVING this week.

The Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) are called in when no-one else can track down depraved and cunning criminals such as terrorists, child murderers and serial killers. BAU focuses as much on the criminal as the crime, trying to crack the villain’s psychology, rather than his skull.

This opening episode is the conclusion of last season’s cliffhanger, in which Tim Curry guest stars as a serial killer who kills entire families except for one member, who is left alive to remember.

10:00am Saturday, December 25 on LIVING

Passing the time between opening the presents and digesting Christmas dinner just got easier as LIVING offers viewers a holiday marathon of the best crime- fighting shows from across the Atlantic.

From morning till midnight on Christmas day, families should kick back and relax with CSI, CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds. Viewers can play armchair detective along with the forensic investigators of Las Vegas and Miami as they scour crime scenes and use cutting-edge science to prove whodunit.

Spicing things up are episodes of Criminal Minds from series two, four and five, which follows an FBI team who use behavioural analysis to get inside the minds of psychotic murderers. Unlike CSI, they unravel their mysteries with psychology, rather than forensic science.

9:00pm Friday, December 24 on LIVING

Five seasons in and the crimes keep getting more complex and terrifying on hit US police drama Criminal Minds. Viewers have another chance to catch the fifth series as LIVING serves up a double bill every evening of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) in action.

BAU focuses as much on the criminal as the crime, trying to crack the villain’s psychology, not his skull. They aim find what motivates murderers for clues that can be used to catch them before they kill again.

Series five picks up where the last finished with devious serial killer The Reaper holding the unit’s boss Hotch at his mercy. Having successfully deceived the authorities for many years, until BAU uncovered his true identity, he looks set to remain a thorn in their side in this series.

Criminal Minds has cut one its series regulars for the next season of the drama.

A.J. Cook will not return when the procedural shoots its upcoming sixth season, with producers choosing not to renew the actresses contract.

There is no word as to whether Cook, who plays Special Agent Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, will return fot long enough to warp up her character’s storyline.

The Minds’ producers have also slashed the amount of episodes fellow cast member Paget Brewster’s Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss will appear in next season.

The cuts mean Kristin Vangsness will be the only fulltime female cats member on the show.

Source: TV Squad

Thursday 15 February: 22.00–23.00

This gripping US drama series follows the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit as it attempts to solve crimes through psychological profiling. In this season finale, the team’s various holiday plans are thrown into disarray when a killer sends them each a clue that might help them save his next victim.

It’s about time the BAU team took a holiday, and everyone is glad of the chance to get as far away from the Quantico office as possible. Morgan and Elle are on their way to a swanky resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Gideon has plans to entertain a lady friend (Diane Venora, ‘The Insider’) in his secluded cabin in the woods; Hotch is looking forward to spending some quality time with his family and Reid is off to visit his mother (Jane Lynch, ‘A Mighty Wind’) at a Nevada psychiatric facility. JJ and Garcia, meanwhile, are still at the office – but Garcia is having the time of her life playing an online computer game.

Crime, however, rarely takes a holiday – and it’s not long before the team are reunited again. First to be disturbed is Hotch, who receives a sinister phone call from a man who tells him: “Please disregard the first two deaths – they were unrepentant bad men… The girl is the one who is important… the youngest holds the key. You must help him save her.” In Jamaica, police find a decapitated body with a blood trail leading straight to Elle’s door. Garcia’s computers are hacked into with the message ‘All work and no play’, and a severed head is delivered to Gideon’s cabin. JJ receives a package containing a rare butterfly; and Reid gets an envelope with a key inside and a note reading “She will die unless you save her, Dr Reid. Call Gideon. He knows.”

The baffled team regroup at Quantico and compare notes. It turns out that the dead man in Jamaica had a roommate, Frank Giles, who had already left on a flight to Virginia. Giles, according to Garcia, is also the person who hacked into the BAU computers – but when the team get to his apartment, they find him dead, impaled with a sword through his chest. On the wall above him is a message written in blood: “Here thy quest doth begin”. This clue leads the team to a music box concealed inside the wall, containing a lock of hair and a DVD marked ‘The Quest’.

The DVD features a shadowed man, apparently injured in some way, who explains that there is just one rule that they must follow on this quest: only the members of the team can be involved. After identifying each of them by name, the man announces that they now have everything they need to complete the quest – except “a book that inspired many an adventure like mine”.

Analysis of the hair identifies its owner as Rebecca Bryant, a woman who had gone missing from Boston two years previously. Then Hotch’s wife Haley (Meredith Monroe, ‘Dawson’s Creek’) arrives with a package that was delivered to their home by a man who told her a girl’s life depended on it. Despite the instructions that only the team should be involved, Gideon tells Hotch to summon a sketch artist – this delivery man could lead them to the ‘unsub’ (unknown subject). He also tells JJ to arrange a press conference in the hopes of identifying the man who is taunting them.

While the rest of the team attempt to decipher the strange contents of the package, Hotch tells an exhausted Elle to go home and rest. After feebly protesting, she agrees – but when she gets inside her house, Elle is greeted by the furious, armed unsub, who has a few questions to ask her about the press conference. Is Gideon’s insistence on breaking the rules of the quest about to have tragic consequences?

Thursday 8 February: 22.00–23.00

This gripping US drama series follows the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit as it attempts to solve crimes through psychological profiling. In the penultimate episode of the series, the BAU team joins forces with the CIA to root out a mole working inside the latter organisation.

When Gideon calls them in at 2am, the BAU team are confused and a little excited – they’re going to the CIA headquarters at Langley. They arrive to be told that Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) agent John Summers (Jack Conley, ‘Angel’), who has been protecting informant Aaliyah Nadir, has been found tortured and killed. Upon discovering Summers’s body, the CIA have ‘cleaned house’ by covering up the circumstances of his death and staging it to look like a suicide.

The CIA believe that one of their number has been feeding information to Aaliyah’s husband, Saudi diplomat and terrorist-bankroller Hassan Nadir, which is how Hassan found out that his wife and children are in the US. He is now looking for them – and John Summers was the first to die in the process.

The entire CTU has been locked down until the mole’s identity is revealed. Gideon, who has previously performed psychological evaluations on every agent in the CTU, points out that whoever it is will have an exit strategy in place – but that the BAU are blocking it.

After narrowing the list of suspects down to 16, the team are inspecting some security footage of Gideon meeting Summers for an evaluation. When the CTU agent is heard telling Gideon that “only four people” could have ordered his evaluation, the team realise that he is talking about the four CTU agents who were involved in secret operations in Saudi Arabia – and that one of them must be the person who told Hassan his family were in the US.

The four agents in question are Gina Sanchez (Lisa Vidal, ‘ER’), Kruger Spence, Olivia Hopkins and Bruno Hawks. As the team assess each of the four, evidence is turned up which could implicate any of them. After Elle accuses Hopkins of being the mole, the CTU agent angrily storms off. She is later found dead – who wanted to stop her talking? When the other three are called in and told of Hopkins’ death, the BAU team watch them closely to see how they react. “Someone is going to pay dearly for what they’ve done,” says Hawks.

Suddenly Garcia calls with some information: the virus that knocked out the CCTV cameras to obscure views of Hopkins’ murder started from Kruger Spence’s computer. As well as this, crucial files have been erased from his hard drive. Spence claims that he has been framed – but is he lying?

When it emerges that Summers ordered his own evaluation, the team realise that he did so because he knew that he would be videotaped; he wanted someone to witness his conversation with Gideon. The team watch the footage again and realise that Summers knew that Hassan had been told the location of his family – he was using the tape to pass on coded messages about Aaliyah’s location.

The team decipher Summers’ message and work out that he hid the family in a shipping container at a nearby shipyard – but when it becomes apparent that someone has hacked into the feed and knows everything that they know, the team realise that they’re racing against time to find Aaliyah. Gideon dispatches Morgan and Elle, telling them to take Gina Sanchez with them. But will they find the shipping container and its precious cargo before Hassan does?

Thursday 1 February: 22.00–23.00

This gripping US drama series follows the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit as it attempts to solve crimes through psychological profiling. In tonight’s episode, the team are on the trail of a serial killer who is torturing and drowning women.

The BAU are on their way to Sarasota, Florida, after hearing that a killer who has abducted, tortured and drowned four women is on the run with a fifth victim, Nicole Wagner. Mark Gregory (Andy Corneau, ‘Huff’) is aware that the police are on to him, which only makes him more dangerous: he feels like he has nothing to lose. “If he’s following his previous pattern, we have less than 12 hours to find Nicole Wagner alive,” says Gideon after the team split up to cover more ground. He and Reid will go to Gregory’s house to see what they can learn from it, while Elle and Hotch head off to interview Gregory’s friend and business partner, Hank Bloomberg, and Morgan brings Garcia up to speed on the situation.

At Gregory’s spacious but sparse house, Gideon and Reid find evidence that Gregory is constantly reinventing himself, using catalogues for different types of uniform, various driving licences and all kinds of suits and watches. He has worked all over the country as a photographer and in real estate, and has a history of deviant behaviour including spying on women and statutory rape – as well as a failed 23-day marriage – behind him. But what is the root of the horror that compels him to ‘cleanse’ himself by drowning his victims?

When the news comes in that Nicole Wagner has been found dead in Georgia, it becomes clear that Gregory has moved out of the ‘safe’ environment that he knows and has now entered a random phase. This means that it is much harder to predict what he’ll do next – and where he will do it. And with his ability to gain women’s trust, Gregory has his pick of victims. In an attempt to get some idea of what Gregory may be planning, Reid and Gideon talk to his father, Doug Gregory (Robert Pine, ‘CHiPS’). Doug reveals that Mark’s mother was killed in a car accident when Mark was ten years old. Could this traumatic incident have been what sparked Mark Gregory’s deviant behaviour towards women? When the man weakly tries to explain away his son’s behaviour, Gideon berates him – having excuses made for him could be what let the boy develop into a killer.

When another woman is abducted, this time from Atlanta airport, security tapes show that Gregory snatched her after posing as a pilot. Her body is later found in a run-down motel in South Carolina, and has been tortured and drowned. Gregory has already disappeared into thin air and is known to be switching his licence plates as well as disguising himself. How can the team find him when they are not sure what they looking for?

The investigation takes an intriguing turn when it is revealed that Gregory was injured in the accident that claimed his mother’s life. Reid and Gideon go back to Gregory’s father to find out what else he has been hiding from them. When it emerges that Mark’s first victim may actually have been his own mother, the team realise that his attacks are taking place near where the accident happened all those years ago. However, he has already abducted his next victim… and is getting close to the water where his mother drowned. Will the agents reach him before he manages to kill again?

Thursday 25 January: 22.00–23.00
This gripping US drama series follows the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit as it attempts to solve crimes through psychological profiling. In tonight’s episode, the team travel to Mexico to investigate reports of a serial killer who targets elderly women.

Hotch’s hopes for a rare weekend off with his family are dashed when he is called into the office for a briefing. An elderly woman has been murdered in a small Mexican town, and the papers are making noise about the crime being the work of a serial killer – 11 similar murders have occurred in the town over the past two years. The government, however, are keen to dispel the rumours before the town’s tourist trade is damaged, and have called in the BAU in the hopes of writing the murder off as an isolated incident.

When the team arrive in Mexico they are greeted by Captain Navarro, the officer assigned to the case by the District Attorney. Gideon warns Navarro that the team can’t predict what conclusion they are going to reach, asking him: “You are aware that we may not be giving you the answer you’re looking for, yes?”

At the home of victim Lupe Trejo, the team search for clues. There is no sign of forced entry, indicating that the killer was someone that Lupe knew or trusted, and the presence of two glasses of a beverage traditionally only drunk by women suggests the visitor was female. However, the fact that Lupe was stabbed in her face, chest and genital area indicates that a heterosexual man was to blame for her murder, as these are the hallmarks of a sexual homicide.

The first suspect thrown up by the investigation is Lupe’s estranged son, Miguel. He denies hurting his mother, and it looks as if he is telling the truth when Gideon realises that Miguel is gay and therefore unlikely to be responsible for the murder. When the troubled young man refuses to defend himself by admitting his sexuality, the team attempt to get answers from his sister Rosa. She tells them that Miguel’s lover, Roberto, was watching the house when Miguel was fighting with his mother. Could Roberto have killed Lupe because she denied Miguel’s relationship?

After Roberto is questioned, his testimony puts him out of the picture. However, the team are intrigued by his description of a ‘heavy-set’ female social worker who he saw visiting Lupe. When DNA tests on the glasses in the kitchen table reveal that Lupe’s visitor was male, the team realise that her killer was probably a cross-dressing man who posed as a woman to gain her trust.

The next step is to present the police with a profile. The team explain that they are certainly looking for a serial killer, who is a man aged between 35 and 50. A known sex offender, his sexual crimes have escalated into fatal attacks on women who represent authority figures he hates. And when another woman is killed, it becomes clear that the killer’s attacks are becoming more frequent. “He’ll kill again soon,” predicts Gideon.

The important thing is to identify the killer’s ‘stresser’ – what made this man step up from sexual attacks to murder? When the team begin to research rapes reported just before the murders began, testimony from a local woman named Milagros provides the answer. She tells them that when she was raped by a man who was wearing a dress, she fought back and mocked him for being ‘a woman’. The team realise that being humiliated in this way was the trigger – and that this man is not going to stop until he is caught.

When more of the same man’s rape victims come forward, the link between the murder victims is suddenly revealed. The killer is murdering the mothers of each of his rape victims… in the same order as he raped their daughters. And as Milagros was the last woman he raped, her mother is next on his list to kill. The BAU team rush to her house, but are greeted by a sight that suggests the victims have meted out their own bloody form of justice…

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