CSI: Las Vegas

csi: crime scene investigation
the chick chop flick shop (5/24)

The hit forensic crime drama continues its eighth season. In tonight’s episode, the CSI team goes behind the scenes at a horror film studio when a lead actress has been found dead on set.

This week, the CSIs are on the set of Repulsion Pictures’ latest movie, where lead actress Weatherly Adams seems to have gone missing following a break-in at the studio. Head of production Stanley Vespucci (John Ventimiglia, ‘The Sopranos’) shows them to Weatherly’s dressing room, where a bunch of flowers has been delivered – along with a card bearing the cryptic message: ‘Congratulations on your last film’.

As Vespucci continues the studio tour, he points out posters of various slasher opuses starring Weatherly. “How she has died for us… let me count the ways,” he sighs fondly. “When Weatherly Adams dies, it’s money in the bank.” He then leads them into the room that was broken into, which is filled with gruesome props and mangled mannequins. When Nick notices flies buzzing around one prone blonde, he realises that he has solved the mystery of the star’s disappearance. Beneath a poster for her film ‘I Have to Axe My Mother’, the scream queen lies dead – apparently felled by an axe in the back.

Brass sets about interviewing the cast and crew of the movie, including studio owners Vincent (Matt Gerald, ‘The Shield’) and Mason LaFoon, director Zach Putrid and handyman Dickie Jones (Martin Klebba, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’). Vincent tells Brass that he suspects Weatherly’s unhinged ex-boyfriend, Oliver Zarco, who used to work for Repulsion but was recently injured in a terrible on-set accident. Zarco, however, denies being in the studio within the past year. “You got the wrong guy,” he insists when Brass accuses him of stalking the actress. “I’m in therapy now… I’ve let go of my anger.”

The break-in has been caught on the studio’s security cameras, but on closer inspection, it appears that Vincent LaFoon staged it to make it look like Zarco’s work. “Vincent’s been using him as a fall guy,” realises Catherine. “He’s been playing us the whole time.” Vincent is arrested, but when Nick revisits the scene of the ‘break-in’, he finds evidence to suggest that Vincent was actually framed by his brother, Mason.
When Mason is questioned, the truth finally comes out. He explains that Weatherly’s death was actually an accident –he saw her trip and fall from the stage, impaling herself on a very sharp prop. Stanley Vespucci, terrified that an on-set death would cause the studio to be shut down due to its terrible safety record, convinced Mason to help him stage the death as a murder –and frame Vincent for the crime.

Back at the studio, however, it seems that there is still more to come from Vespucci. When Ronnie nervously returns to the deserted set to retrieve her forgotten mobile phone, she soon finds herself in her very own horror movie…

csi: crime scene investigation
the case of the cross-dressing carp (4/24)

The hit forensic crime drama continues its eighth season. In tonight’s episode, Catherine, Warrick and Nick investigate the death of a transgender teenager, while Sara, Greg and Ronnie try to solve a decades-old murder when a body is found on a construction site.

When a fisherman discovers the body of a teenage boy hanging from a lakeside tree, the signs initially seem to point towards a hate crime. The victim, identified as local boy Brian Towne, has been stabbed in the chest – and when his shirt is lifted to inspect the wounds, the team are surprised to notice that the victim has breasts. The team process the scene, taking tyre imprints, blood samples from broken beer bottles and DNA samples from the rope used to hang Brian.

Brass speaks to Brian’s mother, Lynn (Gail O’Grady, ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘Boston Legal’), a cancer patient who tells him that her son had been a depressed, lonely boy. When asked if she knows anything about a P Cyden, whose number was found on Brian’s phone, Lynn tells Brass that family friend Paul Cyden had been a father figure to Brian ever since her husband died. At the same time, Warrick is searching Brian’s room and finds boxes of ammunition, hormones and cash. When Brass asks Lynn if Brian could have been saving the money for a sex-change operation, she refuses to believe that he could have been and angrily asks the CSIs to leave.

When the CSIs track Cyden down, he explains that he is a hydrologist and that Brian had been helping him with a project, which had involved investigating the conditions at a local watertreatment plant. But before they can get the whole story from Cyden, the CSIs find him shot dead at his home –killed by bullets from Brian’s gun and holding a fish in his hands. What was his role in Brian’s death – and did it get him killed?

Meanwhile, Sara, Greg and Ronnie are trying to find out what happened to a man found dead in the ruins of a recently demolished hotel – a casino that had been built by Catherine’s late father, Sam Braun. The body, which had been there since 1964, had a bone structure indicating that the man was of Native American descent. Sara wonders if the construction site is on an ancient burial ground, but when Ronnie spots a bullet hole in one of his ribs, it transpires that the man was murdered.

Blueprints of the hotel also show that the man’s final resting place was at the bottom of a construction shaft, leading Greg to believe that this could have been the work of the Mob. “Nothing says ‘Mob hit’ like shot in the chest, thrown down a construction shaft and tucked in under a concrete blankie,” he says in a matter-offact way –impressing new girl Ronnie, who is excited at the idea of processing her first Mob hit.

When the dead man is identified as reporter Lee George, who had recently returned from doing a story in Vietnam, the reason for his death starts to become clear. When he died he was clutching a canister containing a roll of 35mm camera film – and the pictures on the film tell the story which led to his death.

Also this week, Grissom shocks Sara by asking her the last question she expected to hear. Is everything about to change?

csi: crime scene investigation
a la cart (2/24)

The hit forensic crime drama continues its eighth season. In tonight’s episode, while trying to deal with the revelation that Grissom and Sara are an item, the CSIs investigate two bizarre deaths: the stabbing of a magazine mogul in a hip new restaurant, and the decapitation of a teenager.

Conrad Ecklie is not happy about the fact that two of his staff have breached protocol by engaging in a romantic relationship, and is trying to interview Sara about it. He is desperate to speak to Grissom as well, but the CSI supervisor is out in the field investigating the grisly death of a high-school student –and is ignoring Ecklie’s calls.

Grissom, Greg and Nick are on the scene trying to figure out why a young man’s head has been found wearing a football helmet and sitting in the middle of the highway. Observing the black tyre marks on the helmet, Nick suggests that it may have “pin-balled” down the road, hitting cars and trucks on its way. The CSIs follow the blood trail and find the boy’s body, which is also missing the left hand.

Prints on the remaining hand identify the victim as high-schooler Vincent Bartley. Traces of a black rubbery substance on his body are found to be from a go-karting track, and it turns out that Vincent was a big fan of the sport. When it emerges that the victim had an ongoing rivalry with a teenager called Rodney Banks, Nick and Greg realise that this boy – known as ‘Hot Rod’ on the track – could be their suspect.

Rodney rejects the suggestion that his rivalry with Vincent had turned deadly, and explains that the pair of them had taken the go-karts off the track to see whose skills could translate to the highway. “One minute he’s staring at me,” says Rodney of the last time he saw Vincent alive. “The next, the Headless Horseman’s driving his kart.” If Rodney’s claims of innocence are true, then what could have lead to Vincent’s strange demise?

Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick are investigating the bizarre case of a murder at a new, high-concept restaurant called Blind. Hampton Huxley, a Hugh Hefner-esque adult-magazine mogul, has been stabbed in the head during dinner. The twist is that nobody saw what happened – because dinner at Blind is served in pitch-black darkness by blind waiters.

Pippa Sanchez, the owner of Blind, says that she called 911 after one of Huxley’s ‘kitty girls’ realised what had happened and a waiter raised the alarm by switching on emergency lights. As they process the scene, Catherine and Warrick find a pair of night-vision goggles. “Kind of defeats the purpose of dining in the dark,” comments Catherine. “Unless you don’t come here for the food…” replies Warrick. However, the owner of the goggles merely turns out to be a jealous husband who had brought them along in the hopes of catching his wife cheating on him with another diner.

As well as a dearth of eyewitnesses, the CSIs are also confounded by the apparent absence of a murder weapon – all of the metal skewers that had been used at dinner are free from traces of blood. When the autopsy reveals that the weapon was actually a pen, one of the ‘kitty girls’ comes under suspicion as her ink-stained handbag is found to contain the rest of the writing implement. She points out that Huxley was her “meal ticket” – why would she want to kill her provider?

The case is soon wrapped up when an inky print on a napkin leads the CSIs to the real killer – someone whose jealousy, anger and bitterness were all motivations for this dark crime…

csi: crime scene investigation
dead doll (1/24)

The hit forensic crime drama returns for its eighth season. The Las Vegas crime unit, under the leadership of Gil Grissom (William Petersen), continues to solve the darkest, weirdest and most complex crimes of Sin City’s underworld. In tonight’s opening instalment, Grissom and the team race to find Sara (Jorja Fox) in the desert after she is left for dead by Natalie, the “miniature killer”.

At the end of the last season, the CSIs were stunned by the revelation of Grissom and Sara’s relationship and by Sara’s subsequent disappearance. Grissom realised that his lover had become the latest victim of the miniature killer, a disturbed young woman named Natalie Davis, whose trademark was to leave behind detailed models of her crime scenes. Blaming Grissom for the death of her foster father, Natalie targeted Sara and left her trapped under an overturned car in the desert.

As the eighth season gets underway, the CSIs launch a desperate search for their missing colleague. With three storm fronts converging on Las Vegas and causing deadly flash flooding, Grissom realises there is a very real chance Sara may drown if she is not freed from the car. The team’s best hope lies in convincing Natalie to reveal her whereabouts, but the killer is showing signs of a “psychotic break”, rendering her unwilling or unable to talk.

Nick (George Eads) and Warrick (Gary Dourdan) go to inspect Natalie’s cluttered, sinister apartment, where the walls are plastered with sketches of Grissom, Sara and desert landscapes. When they discover that Natalie had recently accessed a journey-planner website to plot routes into the desert, they pass these details on to the helicopter patrols that are scouring the area with heat-seeking cameras.

The only other clue is Sara’s badly damaged car, which was left abandoned in a parking garage. Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) begins to piece together the circumstances of Sara’s abduction when she finds a taser dart lodged in the wheel. CCTV footage clearly shows Sara being overpowered by Natalie and bundled into the boot of the car, before being driven away.

Back at the lab, Warrick’s inspection of the vehicle reveals that Sara may have escaped from the boot and climbed into the back seat, where she fought with Natalie. “If she got out of this car, she might not even be in the desert,” he says.

But Grissom is adamant that Natalie’s devious plan came to fruition. “Natalie completed the miniature. I saw it in her eyes,” he says. The hunt continues throughout the night, until Nick stumbles on another lead the following morning, when he finds the details of a car salvage yard in Natalie’s apartment. Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) rushes to the yard, where the owner confirms he sold a car to Natalie some weeks ago and helped her drive it out into the desert. The man draws the location on a map and the police swoop on the scene, only to find the car buried deep in earth from the previous night’s mudslides. Scrabbling in the dirt, Grissom and Nick discover Sara’s abandoned CSI jacket.

With Sara lost on foot in the burning desert, the CSIs split up to comb the area. “It’s 110 degrees, she’s been out here all day without water. She’s disoriented, she’s dehydrated,” Grissom says. “She’s a survivor,” Catherine tells him. But the pair are left stunned when a trail seemingly left by Sara ends in a dead body…

Also this week, flashbacks reveal the story of Sara’s abduction and her desperate bid to escape from Natalie. After being left in the desert with her arm pinned under the car, Sara must fight against the rising flood waters that threaten to consume her.

csi: crime scene investigation –season 8

The hit forensic crime drama returns for its eighth season on Five. The Las Vegas crime unit, under the leadership of Gil Grissom (William Petersen), continues to solve the darkest, weirdest and most complex crimes of Sin City’s underworld.

Last season was dominated by the hunt for the “miniature killer”, a serial murderer who left behind detailed models of the crime scenes. In the season finale, ‘Living Doll’, the killer was revealed to be a disturbed young woman named Natalie Davis. Natalie was placed in custody – but there was one more shock in store for Grissom.

Blaming him for the death of her foster father, Natalie targeted someone close to Grissom’s heart. She sent him another replica crime scene, depicting an overturned car in the desert. Pinned beneath the car was a tiny doll of Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), Grissom’s colleague and lover. “I took away the only person she ever loved, so she’s going to do the same thing to me,” he told his shocked colleagues. Can the CSIs save Sara from her terrible fate in the Season 8 premiere?

Also coming up this season, Catherine faces the ghosts of her father’s past; Greg revels in the legends of Vegas history; Warrick goes head to head with the remnants of the old Vegas mob, in an episode directed by Oscar-winning director William Friedkin; and Grissom investigates the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder – a global bee epidemic.

csi: crime scene investigation
ending happy (21/24)

The successful Las Vegas-based forensics drama continues its seventh season. This week, the CSIsinvestigate the death of a washed-up boxer who is found floating in a swimming pool at a brothel.

Has-been boxer Lorenzo ‘Happy’ Morales turns up dead in a brothel swimming pool with what looks like a bullet hole through his neck. Happy was being trained by George ‘Binky’ Babinkian (guest star Peter Stormare, ‘Prison Break’), who runs the brothel with his wife Doris. The local sheriff describes the pair as “pillars of the community”, and Binky is quick to assure Grissom that Happy had no enemies. “Everybody loved Happy,” he says.

Detective Brass interviews the so-called “pleasure providers” at the establishment, who admit that Happy frequently abused his position, and enjoyed their services without paying. “He was messed up,” one girl says, claiming that Happy was often drunk and on drugs. Another girl hints that Happy was having an affair with Doris.

Doc Robbins examines Happy’s body but finds so many injuries that it is difficult to establish the cause of death. One clue is the imprint of the letters ‘INCH’ on the side of Happy’s head. Nick searches the brothel’s rooms, which are wired for sound so that the owners can eavesdrop, and in one suite finds a crowbar with the words ‘Made in China’ on the side – matching the letters on the corpse. The cops bring the room’s occupant, ‘Dreama Little’, in for questioning.

Dreama confesses to Brass that she hit Happy with the crowbar because he tried to assault her, but is unrepentant: “He deserved it,” she says. Dreama is astonished to learn that her blow subsequently killed him. She is about to be chargedwith his murder when Robbins calls to say that the blow to the head was not the cause of death.

The team discover that the puncture marks in Happy’s neck were actually from an arrow, which is found nearby. Fingerprints from the arrow match those of the brothel’s bartender, Connor Foster, who says he shot Happy in order to protect the girls: “The guy was a monster!” he says. However, the arrow only cut across the front of Happy’s neck, and Robbins believes the woundwas not fatal. “[Foster] might be the shooter, but he’s not the killer,” he declares.

A thirdpossibility arises when lab results show that Happy suffered a severe allergic reaction to shellfish shortly before he died. However, there was no seafood in his stomach, leaving Robbins to theorise that the reaction was caused by intimate physical contact with someone who had been eating shellfish. Shrimp tails are found amongst the crime scene evidence with Doris Babinkian’s lipstick on them.

Grissom and Brass return to the brothel to confront Binky and Doris with this evidence. Doris is shocked and Grissom allows Binky to take his wife into one of the rooms to “comfort” her. Grissom promptly switches on the room’s microphones to listen in and overhears Doris angrily confronting her husband. She says that he must have found out about Happy’s allergy and deliberately fed her shellfish in order to poison him – all in revenge for their affair. Brass is confident that he now has Happy’s murderers in custody, yet Robbins has more bad news: the allergic reaction did not kill Happy either. “We can’t charge either of them,” he says. Happy has managed to survive a crowbar blow, an arrow wound and a poisoning attempt: so what exactly didkill the hapless boxer?

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