CSI Miami

The sixth season of the Miami-based crime drama continues. This week, when a retired star quarterback is murdered in cold blood, a trio of embittered women make up the list of suspects.

On arrival at the victim’s home, Horatio learns that the deceased is none other than footballing legend Doug McClain. He was found by his wife, Elissa, lying on the floor with a stab wound to the neck. While Jake takes Doug’s phone away to be analysed, Alexx sets about examining the body. She is fascinated to discover that Doug’s carotid artery has been severed cleanly and perfectly with a knife – yet there are no other wounds. “A man like this would never go down without a fight,” she muses to Horatio. “Until today,” comes his answer.

Alexx’s investigation is thwarted when it emerges that Elissa plans to have Doug taken away to be cryogenically frozen. She waves a court order under the CSIs’ noses and refuses to let Alexx perform an autopsy. “I have jurisdiction over the remains of his body,” retorts Alexx. But Elissa’s documentation is iron-clad and Alexx has no choice but to perform a ‘virtopsy’ instead. This virtual autopsy involves scanning the body in its cryo-pod. Unfortunately, Alexx’s analysis is limited and does not throw up much useful information.

Meanwhile, Jake’s investigation into Doug’s final phone call turns up some interesting results. The call came from one Wendy Legassic, who is immediately brought in for questioning. Calleigh finds out that Wendy is a reporter who prepares obituaries in advance of celebrities’ deaths. “That is morbid,” observes a suspicious Calleigh. Wendy explains that footballers have a high mortality rate due to their fast-paced lifestyles, and Doug was no exception. She admits to shamelessly flirting with him over the phone in order to get the information she needed to update his death notice. It later transpires that Wendy was actually recording her conversation with Doug and plans to sell the scoop in order to propel herself towards journalistic infamy. “I’m not a monster, officer,” she says. “I just wanted to get out of the obituary business.”

Now that the CSIs are furnished with the tape of Doug’s final moments, they can carry out a more thorough investigation. Wendy’s recording ran for a full 25 minutes after the murder, and in the background someone can be heard dialling a phone. The tones are matched to Elissa’s number. Horatio hauls Elissa in to be interviewed, but she flatly denies being involved in her husband’s murder. She claims that the person who phoned her was Doug’s manager, Martin Wilson, who was at the house for a meeting with his client.

According to Elissa, Martin knew the McClains’ marriage had been over for a year and that they were no longer living together. She claims that he understood their wish to maintain the public illusion of the “perfect infallible ideal” and that he alerted her first in order to protect this facade.

However, Elissa insists that this does not make her a killer. It becomes clear that Doug’s womanising ways were too much for his wife. In fact, his mistress’s DNA is found at the crime scene. Her name is Rita Sullivan and she already has a conviction for breaking and entering into the McClains’ home. Calleigh’s interest in Rita increases when a photograph of a young boy turns up in Doug’s personal effects. The child is identified as Caleb Sullivan – and he is dressed in a football shirt emblazoned with Doug’s team number. Could this be Doug’s illicit love child? Is his murder the work of a jealous lover? “I think you got tired of being second choice,” Eric tells Rita.

After further questioning, Rita openly admits to knifing Doug. But the case is turned on its head when an intriguing new forensic lead casts doubt on the notion that Doug died instantly – which can only mean there is more than one person responsible for the attack.

csi: miami
going under (2/24)

The fifth season of the hit crime drama continues on Five this week. In tonight’s episode, the CSIs investigate a motorcycle gang connected to gun smuggling, while Calleigh is placed in jeopardy when her car is rammed off the road.

The peace and quiet of one of Miami’s most exclusive districts is shattered by the revving engines of a motorcycle gang. Amid the confusion of the circling bikes, a man plunges to his death from an apartment balcony into a street café below. Calleigh arrives on the scene and is surprised to learn that the dead man, Billy Gault, did not commit suicide. “He wasn’t a jumper, Calleigh,” Alexx tells her. “He was shot.”

Calleigh gathers evidence and decides to take a shortcut back to base, only for her car to be rammed off the track and into a swamp. As the vehicle sinks to the bottom, the windows crack and water begins to drain inside. Calleigh takes a deep breath and smashes the window, flooding the car with a blast of water before swimming to safety.

Horatio and Delko arrive with paramedics and search the scene for clues as to the identity of the second car. Calleigh confesses that the DNA and fingerprint evidence in her vehicle is ruined. “Someone doesn’t want that evidence to see the light of day,” Delko says. However, lab techs are able to read a water-stained note amongst the evidence that leads them to a biker named ‘V-Ray’.

V-Ray is a member of the ‘Crypt Kings’ motorcycle gang that is known to be involved in drugs and arms dealing. The biker refuses to cooperate but the police use a series of microphones around the city to track the gang’s movements through the roar of their engines. The trail of motorbike noise leads the cops to a warehouse, where suspects are rounded up. Amongst the members of the gang, Calleigh spots Jake Berkeley, an undercover cop who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend. In order not to blow his cover, Calleigh makes a show of arresting him.

Back at the station, Berkeley explains to the CSIs that Billy Gault was in fact another undercover officer: his partner, Ken McCarthy. “We were both investigating an ongoing criminal conspiracy,” he says, but refuses to give details. McCarthy’s widow proves to be more helpful when she gives Horatio a memory stick belonging to her husband that contains files on the Crypt Kings. On the stick, there is a list of weapons that the gang was selling, including an unidentified gun known as ‘CS’.

Calleigh returns to the apartment complex where McCarthy was shot and attempts to establish the location of the gunman. She finds gunpowder residue at a spot in front of the building, but the angle would seem to be impossible. Calleigh quickly deduces that ‘CS’ must stand for ‘Corner Shot’: “It’s a high-tech restricted weapon,” she tells Frank Tripp. “The Israelis were working on a prototype.” This specially-adapted holster allows an ordinary weapon to fire at right-angles. “So it’s a gun that shoots around corners?” Frank asks. The CSIs now know the Crypt Kings’ secret weapon – but who was buying it?

Meanwhile, Boa Vista and Delko have identified the vehicle that knocked Calleigh into the swamp and traced its driver: Angela Downey, girlfriend of the Crypt Kings’ leader, Hawk Reed. The CSIs know that Hawk told Angela to waylay Calleigh in order to destroy the crime scene evidence, and they know that he is behind the shipment of CS guns – could he also be responsible for McCarthy’s murder? The charge looks highly likely, until part of the murder weapon is traced to none other than Jake Berkeley. Is there more to this case than meets the eye?

csi: miami
rio (1/24)
tuesday, 21.00–22.00

The fifth season of the hit crime drama begins on Five this week. Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) leads a team of top forensic investigators delving into the seamier side of life in Miami. This week’s season premiere travels to the sizzling streets of Rio de Janeiro, where Horatio and colleague Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) embark upon a mission of vengeance as they hunt down a South American drug lord.

At the end of Season Four, Horatio’s new wife Marisol, sister to CSI Delko, was gunned down as her brother looked on in horror. The murder was aimed squarely at Horatio, as the killer – a South American drug lord named Antonio Riaz – promised to take away everything that was near and dear to the detective. Riaz was extradited to Rio, but as Horatio and Delko learn in Tuesday’s opening instalment, a legal technicality means that the drug dealer is to walk free.
Determined to bring Riaz to justice, Horatio pays a visit to his sister-in-law Yelina Salas (Sofia Milos), now living in Rio with husband Ray (Horatio’s brother) and son Ray Jr. Horatio hopes that his brother can help him find Riaz among the city’s dangerous favela districts, but Yelina has some ominous news: Ray is missing and may be involved in drugs once again. Their conversation angers 14-year-old Ray Jr, who defends his father – much to Yelina’s dismay. “He idolises his father,” she says. “I’m afraid he’s going to be just like him.”

Horatio finds a leaf on a pair of his brother’s shoes and sends an image of it back to the Miami lab for analysis. The leaf is identified as a rainforest plant, which may come from an inner city park. Horatio and Delko head to the scene, only to find Ray strung up in a shed, beaten and left for dead. Lying in his brother’s arms, Ray warns Horatio that Ray Jr has become involved with Riaz’s gang: “Riaz has got his hooks into him – you’ve got to help him,” he whispers, before dying.

With no time to grieve, Horatio races to find his nephew, who appears to have sided with Riaz. In the middle of a crowded square, Riaz gloats to Horatio: “I told you, Caine – I was going to take everything you have!” Riaz and Ray Jr disappear on a trolley car into one of the favelas. A tip-off from an eyewitness soon helps the CSIs put the pieces together: Riaz is using teenage boys as ‘mules’ to carry heroin into the USA by swallowing rubber pellets – and it seems that Ray Jr is among the next group of mules.

Delko tracks Riaz down to his helipad and the pair engage in a vicious knife-fight. Horatio arrives in time to kill Riaz and finally avenge Marisol’s death – but Ray Jr is still missing and in grave danger. Horatio and Delko must return to Miami to smash Riaz’s drug ring once and for all, and locate Ray Jr before the pellets in his stomach can do him harm.

Back in Miami, Calleigh (Emily Procter) has taken temporary charge of the team, while former lab technician Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) has been appointed to full CSI status. On her first day, Boa Vista investigates the murder of Hillary Silvers in her home. Hillary’s husband Carl is the prime suspect, and Carl’s stepson Scott tells Boa Vista that he always hated his stepfather. The new CSI inadvertently suggests that Carl is guilty of the crime: “They’ll get the guy,” she says of the police.

But when a workman confesses to the murder, Carl is set free. Scott, unaware that his stepfather is innocent, shoots him dead outside police headquarters – and blames Boa Vista for provoking him: “You said they’d get him,” he says. “You promised!” Boa Vista’s first day turns into a nightmare as she is called upon to explain her actions.

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