CSI New York

Saturday 11th April 9.25pm

The fifth season of the New York-based crime drama continues. When the murder of a Ukrainian national leads the CSIs to uncover a brutal sex-trafficking ring, Flack must persuade a reluctant club owner to take part in a risky sting. Elsewhere, Detective Gillian Whitford re- appears and becomes embroiled in the case.

The CSIs are called to the murder of a man wearing a Big Apple sweatshirt. Hawkes has a theory that the further somebody lives from New York, the more likely they are to wear a tourist sweatshirt. His theory holds up when Stella observes the victim’s acrylic dental work, which suggests he came from the Ukraine. “Wherever he’s from, I don’t think this is the welcome to New York he had in mind,” says Mac.

Danny and Flack recover the victim’s wallet, which contains a letter written in Russian as well as a note detailing a meeting across town. Mac goes to the destination in the note and to his surprise meets Detective Gillian Whitford (guest star Julia Ormond). She admits she was contacted by a Ukrainian man named Fedoruk who was desperate to find his missing daughter. Moved by his story, she promised to help him. “She was one of those people who falls through the cracks,” she says of his daughter.

Danny and Hawkes discover the letter from the victim’s wallet was from Fedoruk’s daughter, Rani, who wrote to her father four days ago begging him to come and save her. Danny lifts DNA from the stamps and matches it to a club owner named Willie Burton. Stella pays Burton a visit to establish his connection to the case, but he is reluctant to cooperate. “How many stamps do you lick a week?” Stella demands furiously. But Burton refuses to name any of his contacts.

Back at the lab, Stella recovers a glove print from Fedoruk’s sweatshirt. A sample from the print reveals a number of different elements, including turmeric, salt and vinegar. “I’m no cook, but I think we just made mustard,” deduces Stella. Hawkes remembers a disused mustard factory in Williamsburg and the CSIs visit the building. Surveying the mattresses and blankets, Mac reaches a grim conclusion: the warehouse is being used in a sex-trafficking ring.

Lindsay analyses hair samples taken from the warehouse and discovers the girls are all aged between 14 and 21. She also finds they are being drugged with a combination of heroin, ecstasy and codeine. Stella narrows the list of suspects down. “This blend of drugs is a signature to one specific dealer,” she says, before identifying the suspect as a street dealer called Nemo.

Flack brings Burton in to force his cooperation. “That girl you mailed the letter for was 17, Willie! You want me to start listing the charges?” he shouts. Convinced Nemo is not working alone, the CSIs persuade Burton to take part in a sting. If Burton can entrap Nemo, the CSIs can force him to reveal the identity of the sex trafficker for whom he is working. “I ain’t doing it for you,” Burton tells Flack. “I’m doing it for the girl that gave me the letter.” However, Gillian is unhappy they are not using an undercover agent in the sting. When Mac presses her, she admits the case has a personal significance – her 14-year-old niece, Rachel, went missing three years ago. “I made a promise,” she tells Mac. “I’d like to keep it.”

The success of the investigation now rests on Burton. Can he trick Nemo into making the deal? It seems Fedoruk fell prey to the sex trafficker as he searched for his daughter – but can the CSIs finish what he started and rescue the girls?

Saturday 4th April 9.25pm

The fifth season of the New York-based crime drama continues. This week, the CSIs piece together a human jigsaw when the body parts of a murdered wrestling coach are found all over the city. Elsewhere, Flack is in the frame when a young suspect dies during questioning.

The CSIs face a macabre investigation when a snowboarder lands on a severed foot wrapped in Christmas paper. “I’ve heard of re-gifting but this is pushing it,” remarks Stella, sardonically. An arm and later a hand are found in nearby dumpsters, and Sid determines all the body parts come from Vince Nelson, a wrestling coach at Hillridge High. Stella and Lindsay visit Nelson’s widow, Amalia, who claims her husband had no enemies, although she does recall one strange incident the previous day when she heard two people on the roof. Stella and Lindsay find traces of blood on the roof and take some samples for analysis.

As the body parts continue to show up around the city, Sid examines the newly discovered torso back at the lab and finds flecks of sawdust. Given the jagged edges of the body parts, Danny surmises the body was cut up using a chainsaw. There is another breakthrough when Hawkes shows Mac some disturbing images he has found on Nelson’s computer – graphic pictures of a young boy were sent from Nelson’s email account to seven members of the wrestling team. “If Nelson was a paedophile, why would he incriminate himself by sending these out?” ponders Hawkes.

Stella discovers the sample from Nelson’s roof is from an alligator. When the CSIs learn one of the boys from the wrestling team, Todd Fleming, took part in a science project involving alligator blood, Angell and Flack bring him in for questioning. Angell is distracted by a disturbance involving another suspect, and no sooner is the situation defused than Flack shouts for help – Todd Fleming has had a seizure and died suddenly in his custody. IAB officer John Malley interrogates Flack, refusing to believe he did not use excessive force. “Maybe you gave him a little push?” he suggests. Flack is placed on desk duty until the cause of death is determined.

An alibi rules Todd out as a suspect in Nelson’s murder, but there is a fresh lead in the case when Nelson’s head is found. Sid notices a speck of dried blood on the neck, and tests reveal it belongs to Johnny Holt, a serial rapist. Holt denies all involvement, however, and Lindsay backs up his claim when she discovers the sample is three months old – a time when Holt was locked up in jail.

Lindsay and Stella re-visit Amalia, who continues to insist her husband was not a paedophile. “He was a loving, innocent man who was murdered!” she sobs. It seems her belief is justified when Hawkes and Mac discover Nelson’s firewall was breached, meaning somebody else sent the incriminating email from his account. Recalling Amalia’s story about the roof, the two go back to the scene, where the melting snow reveals more sawdust. Danny finally traces the sawdust to a beech willow tree native to Flushing, Queens. They soon discover one of the students from the team, Kyle Sheridan, lives in this area.

Under questioning, Kyle admits that he and Todd sent the email by climbing on the roof to access Nelson’s account. He explains that by moving him up a weight division, the coach scotched Kyle’s chances in the state championship. “The only way I’m going to college is if I get a scholarship,” he sighs. Kyle continues to insist he had no hand in his coach’s murder. However, when Kyle mentions his father, Alex, is a court officer, the CSIs may have found their link. Alex could have used his baton to subdue Johnny Holt at the court house and later used it to kill Nelson. Disgusted by Nelson’s email, it seems the protective father saw red.

Can the CSIs link the speck of Nelson’s blood to Alex? And as Flack waits nervously for the verdict on Todd’s death, it seems rushing to judgement has had tragic consequences for everyone involved in the case…

Saturday 21st March at 9:00pm on five

The fifth season of the New York-based crime drama continues. This week, the discovery of a woman’s body leads the detectives to a bizarre party, a strange fruit and a jealous businesswoman. Elsewhere, Stella puts her career on the line in pursuit of a shady Greek diplomat and Mac realises he may have a stalker.

City cops give chase when they spot a man bundling a girl’s body into the boot of a car, only for the suspect to become impaled on a spike while vaulting over a fence. When the CSIs arrive, they examine the girl’s body and are surprised to find noblood and no signs of a struggle. The only evidence Danny finds at the scene is a piece of red vegetation on the floor of the car. “So where’s our primary crime scene?” asks Mac.

The victim is Isabelle Vaughn, a young fashion designer well known in New York. The dead man is Tony Clark, a buyer for a department store. The case appears to be a straightforward murder until Sid opens the girl’s body and finds that her organs have been liquefied by sodium hydroxide. As well as the caustic chemical, Isabelle’s stomach contains some bizarre foodstuffs, including raw onions and dandelions. With no evidence that the girl was forced to ingest the chemical, Sid theorises that she may have drunk it deliberately. “But Sid, if this were suicide, why was Tony dumping the body?” asks Hawkes.

Lindsay learns that the red vegetation on the car floor is miracle fruit –an African berry that confuses the taste buds such that sour things taste sweet. “This explains the strange stomach contents in our victim’s body,” says Lindsay. “It also explains how Isabelle could have ingested a caustic substance without tasting it,” adds Mac.

When they search Tony’s apartment, the detectives realise that he had hosted a bizarre party at which guests would chew miracle fruit, before testing its properties by eating all manner of horrible food items. They also discover that Isabelle died after drinking a spiked shake. Tony’s girlfriend, Quinci, claims that she and her boyfriend panicked when they found Isabelle dead in the bathroom, then tried to dispose of her body. Hawkes and Danny believe the girl, and decide that the key to finding the murderer lies in the purity of the chemical in Isabelle’s stomach. “Sodium hydroxide is not your typical household product,” says Hawkes. “We need to figure out which of Tony’s guests would have that kind of access,” concludes Danny.

It emerges that one of the guests, Colby Fisher, runs a recycled paper factory that uses the caustic chemical for bleaching purposes. The detectives pay Colby a visit, but he denies killing Isabelle and claims to have had a relationship with her. Danny is sure he has his man, until Colby puts his ex-girlfriend and Isabelle’s business partner, Marina Morton, in the frame.

The detectives discover that Isabelle was in the process of suing Marina for millions of dollars. They also find evidence that places Marina at the party. “We’ve got trace that puts Marina on the blender that was used to make the drink that killed Isabelle,” says Danny. “And we’ve got motive – the two of them were at war,” says Mac. “She also had access to the sodium hydroxide from the paper plant,” adds Danny. But do the CSIs have enough evidence to make the charge stick?

Elsewhere, Stella suspects that a Greek diplomat who she thinks killed a vagrant and attacked her (see episode five, ‘The Cost of Living’) has struck again. Determined to catch the man, who seems intent on reclaiming a number of ancient Greek coins located across New York, Stella does some digging and decides to pursue him alone. “We haven’t seen the last of these coins,” she says.

Also this week, Mac is approached by Ella McBride,a witness from an old case –first in a supermarket, and later in relation to the Isabelle Vaughn case. Mac initially thinks that the encounters are coincidences, until Ella phones Mac late at night, claiming to have slashed her wrists. “I just wanted to see you again!” shrieks the hysterical girl.

Saturday March 14 at 9:10pm on five

The fifth season of the New York-based crime drama continues. This week, a bank robbery involving an armoured car results in the bizarre death of a security guard. The investigation is hampered by a strange energy field that knocked out the city’s CCTV cameras at the time of the crime. Elsewhere, Lindsay and Danny consider the future of their relationship.

The CSIs are called to investigate when a security guard dies in strange circumstances in the back of an armoured car in the centre of Manhattan. The driver reports that the van broke down, before his colleague in the back began to scream and collapsed. Several eyewitnesses saw someone open the van from the outside, but the accounts are too sketchy to be of any use. The victim, Carl Custer, has burn marks around his wrist and eyes. “Is it just me, or is there something really strange about this crime scene?” asks Stella.

Sid discovers that Custer was killed by a blast of microwave energy that caused his pacemaker to explode. This verdict is supported by the fact that the security cameras and traffic lights in the area stopped working at the time of the incident. The CSIs are reminded of a popular hypothesis known as the ‘Automotive Bermuda Triangle’, which holds that the antennas on top of the Empire State Building cause all manner of electrical outages on the streets below. “The triangle strikes again,” says Adam. But Hawkes sees a problem with the theory. “If all that energy came from the Empire State Building and caused all that damage, how come our vic was the only casualty?” he asks.

Mac discounts the ‘triangle’ idea after taking electromagnetic readings from the top of the skyscraper and finding that the energy levels are all within safe limits. “There’s no way this building is guilty of murder,” he says. Instead, he suspects that the microwave blast was caused by an experimental military weapon.

It then emerges that a security guard claiming to be Carl Custer picked up $250,000 in cash from a Manhattan bank just a few minutes after the real Custer died. The security footage from inside the bank shows a man in uniform walking away with the money, but the detectives cannot get a positive ID. “Our perp used some kind of intense burst of microwave energy to stall the truck so he could collect the next scheduled deposit,” says Mac. “Only he didn’t count on the vic’s pacemaker exploding,” adds Danny.

Analysis of the back doors of the van show that they were opened using a powerful magnetic tool known as ‘Satan’s ring’. Flack recalls seeing this rare illegal device being used only once before –by a man called Bernie Benton. Now out of prison, the ex-con claims he is going straight, but Flack is not convinced. However, he does think it odd that Benton would have been so sloppy as to use the device in the middle of a busy street.

A further link to the ex-con is established when an item recovered from the victim’s clothing is found to
contain female DNA with a familial match to Benton. “It seems that Bernie Benton has a daughter,” says Lindsay. There are no records of such a relationship on Benton’s case file, but a check of his phone shows that he has been in regular contact with a woman called Jamie Sunderland.

When they run a check on the woman’s name, it emerges that she is employed as a marketing rep at a private lab working on an advanced prototype for a portable microwave gun. “That’s a hell of a murder weapon,” says Danny. The detectives send police units to the lab, but Sunderland has fled. “Where is she, Benton?” demands Stella, but the old man refuses to help them. Can the CSIs work out Sunderland’s whereabouts before she escapes with thousands of dollars?

Elsewhere this week, Danny is determined to do the right thing after discovering that Lindsay is pregnant with his child. He asks her to marry him, but she turns him down. “Whatever we do next, I want it to be for the right reason,” she explains.

The second spin-off of the successful forensics drama series continues. In this episode, the search for Mac’s stalker leads him to Chicago, where the discovery of a 30-year-old corpse reveals a secret from his past. Meanwhile, the lives of Mac’s teammates are put in danger when the stalker entraps them in a runaway subway train.

The hunt for the ‘333’ stalker reaches its dramatic conclusion as the CSIs investigate dual leads in Chicago and New York. A series of clues has brought Mac to the Windy City on the trail of the stalker who has plagued him with phone calls and messages connected to the number ‘333’. His quest takes him to an abandoned office in the Tribune building, where he finds a partially mummified corpse suspended from the ceiling. A hangman-style game is daubed on the wall in blood, and Mac gleans from the missing letters that the blank spaces spell ‘coward’.

The autopsy shows that the dead man was killed by a gunshot wound to the stomach nearly 30 years ago. He was apparently buried then disinterred by Mac’s stalker. However, It would seem that Mac knows more than he is letting on, and it is only when his boss, Sinclair, sends Flack tokeep an eye on him that the truth begins to emerge.

Mac tells Flack he now knows the case is related to a shooting in his past. When Mac was 14, his best friend, Jimmie, shot dead a Mafia associate named Bobby Toole in self defence. Toole was attacking Jimmie’s older brother, Will, and Mac and Jimmie tried to intervene. Bobby’s gun fell into Mac’s hands, but he was too scared to use it. Jimmie then took the weapon and killed Bobby; Will later died of his injuries. “I suppose some might think I was a coward,” Mac says. “ButI just couldn’t pull the trigger.”
It is clear the Chicago body is that of Bobby Toole, and all the clues suggest that Jimmie (Frank Grillo, ‘Prison Break’, ‘The Shield’) is the stalker; he is now punishing Mac for not shooting Toole when he had the chance. However, DNA evidence clears Mac’s old friend, and indicates that Jimmie’s younger brother, Andy, may be the stalker.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Stella and the team are called to a subway station where a train driver has been murdered. The driver was onboard an empty train that careened out of control all way from the rail yard down to 42nd street. The CSIs are just about to inspect the corpse when the doors close and the carriage springs to life. “This is no practical joke!” Hawkes cries, as the train races off and threatens to crash into the one ahead of it. Only quick thinking by Danny saves his colleagues from certain death.
It becomes clear that the subway trap and the driver’s murder are also the work of the ‘333’ stalker when the train comes to rest at 33 Street station on the ‘3’ line. The investigation reveals that the culprit used a modified MP3 player to hijack the subway’s control system, but the search for further clues eventually leads Stella back to the New York jigsaw puzzle sent by the stalker (see last week’s episode, ‘One Wedding and a Funeral’). Looking at the pieces anew, Stella deduces that her would-be suitor, Drew Bedford (Kerr Smith, ‘Dawson’s Creek’) must be the killer. “I was part of his plan,” she says. “He was using me to get to Mac!” Mac realises that Drew is Andrew, Jimmie’s brother, and quickly returns from Chicago. As he prepares to lead the team in a swoop on Drew’s home, he has to convince Sinclair to let him bring the case to its conclusion. “This guy has a plan for me,” Mac says. “What it is, I don’t know, but I have to play his game to find out.” The CSIs enter the apartment, but disaster strikes when Mac is attacked and abducted by Drew. Is the ‘333’ stalker about to take his final revenge on the man he blames for his brother’s death?

Saturday March 15 at 9:10pm on five

The second spin-off of the successful forensics drama series continues. In this episode, Mac and Danny try to unravel the bizarre circumstances surrounding a bridegroom’s murder. Meanwhile, Stella is bemused when she receives a jigsaw puzzle spattered with blood.

The wedding day of a wealthy couple in Central Park is thrown into chaos when a fistfight breaks out between the two families. The distraught bride rushes to find her husband-to-be to help break up the fight, only to discover his body in one of the marquees. Mac and the team arrive on the scene but struggle to find an obvious cause of death.

“How’d the only guy not throwing punches end up dead?” Mac wonders.

Hawkes soon answers this question when he finds a massive stab wound under the victim’s shirt, tightly bound in bubble wrap. The lack of blood in the tent suggests the groom, Brett Dohn, was killed elsewhere. In the morgue, Sid is astonished to find Dohn’s mobile phone shoved inside the wound and cushioned with pink packing peanuts. “So he was stuffed then wrapped like a gift?” Danny asks.

Danny and Flack establish that Dohn was killed in his apartment and was then moved to the marquee. The bubble wrap and packing peanuts seem to have come from a wedding present that is now missing. Analysis of Dohn’s mobile phone then reveals that it is coated in the same substance used to decorate the wedding cake.

Was the wedding caterer behind Dohn’s murder?

Meanwhile, Stella calls out the bomb squad when she finds a suspicious box sitting on her car bonnet. The package turns out to be a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, and Stella suspects it is another unwelcome gift from her would-be suitor, Drew (Kerr Smith, ‘Dawson’s Creek’) –until she notices there is blood spatter on the pieces.

Back at the lab, Stella orders Adam and Lindsay to assemble the jigsaw. “This needs to be put together right away,” she says. “There could be a body to go with this blood.” Adam realises the jigsaw is in fact a 3D recreation of the New York skyline, but one piece from the side of a skyscraper is missing. “Maybe the answer’s in that building,” Stella says. She and Lindsay head to the real-life building and climb to the 36th floor, which corresponds to the gap in the puzzle. In a vacant room they find further sinister clues: another box, an old leather satchel and the chalk outline of a body.

As the CSIs pore over these new clues, Adam discovers that the box contains more jigsaw pieces to complete the New York diorama. When Stella and Lindsay see there is a second missing piece, they hit the streets again to find the real location – but the building has been demolished.

“Is this on purpose or is our next clue somewhere in all that rubble?” Stella asks.

So far Stella has been unable to understand why these clues have been directed at her. But Mac sheds some light on the case when he inspects the jigsaw and realises that the missing pieces are connected to him. The first building was the location of his first crime scene, while the second was the site of his first apartment in New York.

“This puzzle’s about my life,” he says. Armed with this knowledge, Mac realises that puzzle must be the work of the ‘333’ caller, a stalker who seems to know his every move. Mac deduces the location of the stalker’s next box of jigsaw pieces, and embarks on a quest that leads him to Chicago.

But will he find out whose blood is on jigsaw? And is his stalker lying in wait for him?

Saturday 8th March at 21:10pm on five

The second spin-off of the successful forensics drama series continues tonight. In this episode, Stella and Lindsay probe the death of model who was apparently electrocuted in a giant martini glass. And Mac and Danny investigate a robbery at a restaurant that left one person dead and another critically injured.

Stella, Lindsay and Flack are called to a gigantic advertising hoarding high up in Times Square, where a model lies dead in a huge martini glass. The woman, Jenna Donovan, was part of a live display advertising a brand of martini when the billboard was hit by a volley of tennis balls. “Flying tennis balls ain’t exactly a deadly weapon,” Flack remarks. Nevertheless, they seem to have damaged the display to such an extent that Jenna was electrocuted as she dived into the glass.

The CSIs trace the trajectory of the balls to a room in a building opposite, where a drunken janitor claims he pointed a tennis ball shooter at the display because he was driven mad by the flashing lights. However, the man is cleared of murder when Sid reports that Jenna was dead before she was electrocuted. The cause of death was fluid in her lungs possibly caused by a chest impact; and bruising on her body indicates she was in a fight shortly before she died.

Lindsay discovers Jenna’s handbag was full of lollipops laced with heroin, and the CSIs begin to suspect the model was both a drug user and a dealer. Further evidence from the bag leads them to a jeweller who admits that she had a fight with Jenna when the model refused to sell her more drugs. However, the jeweller is cleared when Sid discovers fresh evidence on Jenna’s body that suggests something else caused her death…

Across town, Mac and Danny probe a restaurant robbery that left one man dead. Another victim, Brandi Parsons, has been rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. She is accompanied by her boyfriend, Paul Larkin, and Danny, who must wait for her to regain consciousness before she can give a statement.

Back at the lab, Hawkes works on the shooter’s ski mask, which was ripped off during the robbery. Mac is surprised to hear that DNA on the mask proves that Brandi had recently had sex with the gunman. Was she working with the robbers until they double-crossed her?

The case then takes an abrupt twist when Brandi’s doctor, Gavin Moore, tells Mac that somebody has just kidnapped his brother, Charles. “I was told if I don’t let Brandi Parsons ‘accidentally’ die, my brother will be killed,” he says. The CSIs realise that somebody is spying on Brandi in hospital – and when Paul Larkin disappears, Mac realises they have been tricked.

“I don’t think Paul Larkin is her boyfriend,” he says. The CSIs review CCTV from the crime scene and discover that Paul was waiting outside the restaurant while his accomplice conducted the robbery, only to jump in the ambulance when Brandi was taken away. Mac now suspects that Brandi was only shot after the gunman’s mask came off and revealed his face. “She was shot because she was able to ID the killer by name,” he says.

Unfortunately, Brandi remains in a critical condition, but the CSIs gain a crucial lead when they trace Charles Moore’s cell phone signal to Paul Larkin’s apartment. The kidnappers and their hostage have gone, but there is evidence that they mailed the money from the robbery to another location. Can the CSIs find them before they decide to kill their hostage?

Saturday 1st March at 9:00pm on five

The second spin-off of the successful forensics drama series continues tonight. In this episode, the CSIs investigate two seemingly unrelated murders and discover that the cases have something in common.

When billionaire’s son Mitchell Bentley is found stabbed to death in Madison Square Park, the case seems fairly straightforward. Bentley was recently acquitted of raping a nurse called Fern Lazlow, who appears to have exacted her own form of justice on her attacker: she was seen running into her apartment covered in blood.

Flack arrests Fern after she tries to dispose of her blood-stained clothes, but she denies murdering Bentley. “I know how this looks,” she concedes. “I have every reason in the world to want to kill him. But as much as I would have loved to, I didn’t kill Mitchell Bentley.”

Meanwhile, Danny, Lindsay and Hawkes are investigating the murder of a woman who was found lying on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Joanna Morgan was shot dead, but, with her wallet still in her bag and no signs of a struggle, this does not appear to have been a mugging gone wrong. Danny and Lindsay are then perplexed to discover that although two bullet casings are on the ground, the bullets themselves are missing. What kind of killer would take the bullets –could this be the work of a professional hitman? The wound in Joanna’s chest shows that the killer was standing behind her and would have reached round her shoulder to shoot her in the chest –injuring himself in the process.
While Danny and Lindsay attempt to track down a man with a suspicious gunshot wound to the shoulder, Flack, Stella and Mac continue to work the Bentley case. Fern Lazlow claims that she found Bentley’s body in the park, with four knives protruding from his back, and had instinctively checked for a pulse –which explains how his blood got onto her clothes and hands. Flack remains unconvinced, and Mac agrees: Fern had plenty of time to plan this murder… and get some answers ready for their questions.

As the investigations progress, the CSIs are surprised to discover that the two cases are linked. A plaster found at the scene of Bentley’s murder is found to have come off an exclusive brand of shoe, sold at only one store in the city. A list of recent buyers shows that Joanna Morgan had purchased a pair –but what link could she have to Mitchell Bentley? The team then finds a further connection when they discover that Amber Stanton, a woman who had dinner with Bentley on the night of his murder, knew Joanna Morgan. It transpires that the two women had both been victims of sexual assault, just as Fern Lazlow had been –and that each of their attackers had got away with his crime. All three had been robbed of justice, but did their desire to see it done set in motion a murderous chain of events? To find out what really happened, the CSIs need to track down the man who killed Joanna Morgan… and discover where he fits into the puzzle.

Saturday 23 February at 9:00pm on five

The second spin-off of the successful forensics drama series continues tonight. In this episode, Danny and Lindsay investigate a real-life Amityville horror when a family is killed in an apparent case of murder-suicide. Meanwhile, Mac and Stella are bemused by the case of a man who seems to have died twice.

Spooky goings-on haunt the CSIs in this week’s Halloween-themed episode, directed by Joe Dante (‘Gremlins’, ‘Innerspace’). Danny and Lindsay are called to a house in the town of Amityville, where four members of the same family have been shot dead. The CSIs think the father may have killed his wife and two sons before turning the gun on himself. A third child, named Rose, is still missing. The local sheriff warns the CSIs that the case will attract a lot of attention because the house is reputed to be haunted. The last family to occupy the building, 30 years ago, was torn apart when the husband killed himself and the young daughter went missing.

Lindsay begins searching the darkened house when she hears a voice inside the wall: “Help me!” Danny breaks down the wall and rescues the missing Rose, who has been shot in the chest by a stray gunshot. Rose is rushed to hospital and Lindsay resumes her search, only to be shocked when a haggard old woman springs out of the shadows. “I told them to leave – I warned them,” the woman says. “Leave this house – leave now or it will kill you!” The woman scratches Lindsay and escapes into a secret passageway.

Forensic evidence soon indicates that the slayings were in fact the work of an intruder. Danny and Lindsay establish that the killer was lying in wait in the attic, where there is an old blood stain dating from the time of the last occupants. Lindsay is further alarmed when DNA from the scratch on her arm indicates that the old woman from the house is related to the person whose blood stained the attic. “We need to find out what happened in that house 30 years ago,” she says. Do the tragic events of 30 years prior hold the key to solving this latest crime?

Elsewhere, Mac and Stella investigate when a man drops dead in the street in the midst of a crowd of Halloween revellers. The unidentified man died from two different blows to the head, but – most curiously of all – his body temperature indicates he died hours before he finally stopped moving. “He was dead before he was killed,” Sid explains, “which makes him a zombie.”

Another piece of the puzzle emerges when Mac hears of a reported “zombie attack” on two gravediggers the night before. “They were filling a grave when a man broke through a coffin,” he says.
“But not just any coffin. It was biodegradable… very easy to get out of.” The dead man is attorney Dexter Nevins, who was buried the previous day. Inside his coffin they find a custom-made Voodoo
doll, which is traced to a specialist occult shop. The mysterious proprietor admits to making the doll and says that Nevins had been asking about ways to return from the dead.

It looks increasingly likely that Nevins buried himself alive as part of an elaborate plot to fake his own death – a theory borne out when Flack reports that he was in debt and had recently taken out a large life insurance policy. Stella provides further pieces of the puzzle when she discovers that Nevins took a drug to make himself appear dead, and that his wife, Sofia, recently purchased an oxygen tank – which
would have allowed him to survive in the coffin until he was rescued. The oxygen tank, however, was not found in the grave. “Maybe it was never put in the coffin because Sofia never intended to dig her husband up,” Mac says. Nevin’s missing wife is now the prime suspect in his death. Did this black widow kill him not once, but twice?

csi: ny
snow day (24/24)

The New York-based spin-off of the popular crime drama concludes its third season tonight and goes out with a bang. In this nailbiting finale, Mac and Stella find themselves pitted against a gang of criminals with a grudge, while Adam and Danny get themselves into a terrifying hostage situation. Elsewhere, love is in the air as Lindsay and Danny finally act on the feelings that have been brewing for months; and Peyton has a proposal for Mac.

It is a big day for the NYPD: a raid on a warehouse, led by Flack, has resulted in a staggering haul – 900 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated street value of more than $100 million. Unfortunately for Flack, the gunfire battle that ensued forced him into a selfdefence situation in which he had no choice but to kill one of the suspects – but Hawkes reminds him that he did what he had to do. It also emerges that the warehouse does not just contain drugs, but the body of the organisation’s kingpin – Gavin Wilder, who appears to have been killed by one of his own men prior to the raid. “Gavin Wilder lost his drugs, his crew and his life all in the same day,” says Mac.

Back at the lab, Hawkes examines the enormous gun that Stella found at the scene, while Danny is dispatched to the warehouse to help Adam finish up the processing. Mac is talking to Peyton in his office when they notice a strange smell in the air and an alarm begins to ring – it seems that the building is being evacuated due to a gas leak. Mac and Stella are heading out with everyone else when they notice that a lit bunsen burner is not reacting with the gas .They realise that this ‘leak’ has been faked and that the ‘gas company employees’ now entering the building are not who they seem…

Danny, meanwhile, has arrived at the warehouse to help Adam and quickly gets the feeling that something is not right. Suddenly, he hears Adam shout a warning – but it is too late and Danny is felled by a blow to the back of the head. When he comes to, Danny finds himself next to a bloody and beaten Adam with two masked guards standing over them and two handcuffed cop hostages. His attempts to surreptitiously phone for help are rewarded with a bone-crushing boot-stomp to the hand, and Adam reveals that the men tortured the lab passwords out of him – the gang want their cocaine back.

At the lab, Mac and Stella have come to the same conclusion. They realise that the gang are planning to retrieve the powerful 50-calibre weapon that killed Wilder and use it to get into the vault where the drugs are being held. “What are we going to do?” asks Stella. “Stop them,” replies Mac. But when they overhear a message on a police radio carried by one of the gang, they realise that Adam and Danny are being used as a diversion…

With the help of Hawkes, who is also still in the building, Mac and Stella must work out how to stop the gang escaping with the cocaine – but the criminals have no intention of letting this happen and are willing to chalk the CSIs up as collateral damage. Can the trio get out of this alive – and will Danny and Adam outwit their captors?

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