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After hundreds of solved crimes and unexpected plot twists, viewers still love innovative US crime drama CSI, the tenth series of which premieres on LIVING this week. Recently recognised as the most highly watched TV drama worldwide, the show follows the work of a team of Las Vegas-based forensic experts who solve crimes with advanced scientific methods. CSI created a whole new genre of crime drama and spawned several hit spin-offs. The show revitalised the whodunit with the application of science and special effects while never forgetting the human drama of the team’s personal dynamics and struggles.

The series kicks off with a stunning opening scene that is a teasing flash forward to the climax of the episode. A gun battle in the crime lab between CSIs and black-suited intruders is frozen in time as a continuous tracking shot shows the paths of bullets, blood splatters and shattered lab equipment in trademark CSI style.

The episode begins more sedately when the understaffed team is called to investigate the death of a movie star in a car crash, apparently killed by a random drunk driver. When the barely alive drunk is revealed to have been stalking the actress, it becomes apparent that the crash was not an accident. The case gets increasingly complex as the forensic skills of Dr Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne – Matrix) reveal surprising connections that ultimately provoke the invasion of the crime lab shown in the opening scene. CSI is back with a bang!

Cowell bans several songs from The X Factor

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has drawn up a list of songs he wishes never to hear again on the reality talent show and has banned contestants from ever singing them. Worried that audiences will grow tired of hearing the same music over and over, he has banned several songs from the likes of Paolo Nutini, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol and Jason Mraz.

I’m A Celebrity producers seeking “nasty” contestants

Producers of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here are looking to sign on more controversial contestants for this year’s series. The show’s bosses are seeking out “nasty” celebrities in order to cause more drama in the jungle in order to captivate viewers.

Carla Bruni for CSI?

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has reportedly been approached to feature in an episode of CSI. The French first lady has garnered interest from the crime procedural after making her acting debut in the recent Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

Sherlock pulls 6.4 million

The second episode of BBC One’s new drama series Sherlock drew an audience of 6.4 million on Sunday night, down 610k on the premiere episode. The episode entitled The Blind Banker took an audience share of 25.6% in the 8.30pm – 10pm slot.

Macey leaves Celebrity MasterChef

Dean Macey has exited the MasterChef kitchen in the quarter-finals of the BBC One show. Macey, up against fellow celebrities Lisa Faulkner, Chris Walker and Dick Strawbridge, failed to convince the judges he was talented enough to advance to the next stage.

Delita exits Top Model

Britain’s Next Top Model has said goodbye to Delita Cole after the 18-year-old from Liverpool failed to impress the judges enough to send her through. Cole’s effort in the chocolate photo shoot and Beyonce fragrance commercial wasn’t up to Top Model standard and the judges sent her home.

Elliott Gould to guest on CSI

Veteran actor Elliott Gould has signed on to appear in crime series CSI in a guest role. The actor will take on the role of a casino mogul who runs in to the CSI team after his casino becomes a crime scene.

Sky1 orders more Strike Back

Sky1 has ordered another season of Strike Back, the action series starring Richard Armitage. The actor will reprise his role for ten more episodes in the second season which is expected to air late 2011.

Former X Factor finalist join DSB super-group

Former X Factor finalist Phoebe and Tita Lau have joined the Don’t Stop Believing super-group which adds five new members each week. The pair were a part of the 2008 X Factor in which they were half of the all-girl group Girlband.

Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber has already taken the music world by storm and now he plans to try his hand at acting.

Bieber will make his acting debut on the upcoming season of CSI, where he will featurein the opening episode.

The singer will play a troubled teen called Jason McCann who “is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother –a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the CSIs”.

“Every 20 years, a phenomenon like Justin Bieber graces our world,” said executive producers Carol Mendelsohn, Don McGill and Anthony Zuiker in joint statement.

“We’d like to believe that the phenomenon of ‘CSI’ has had the same impact on popular culture. The opportunity to bring them together in the premiere is a great treat for our audience and all of its new viewers. This will be true event television. We’re looking forward to Justin’s dramatic star turn, not only in the premiere, but in a continuing seasonal arc.”

Source: THR


The smash-hit crime drama begins its tenth season on Five this week. The CSIs investigate the death of a starlet in a suspicious car accident. Elsewhere, Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) returns to the team in the wake of Riley’s sudden departure.

The CSIs are called to the scene of a collision between a sports car and an SUV. Greg is stunned when he realises the body in the sports car is that of rising Hollywood actress Olivia Hamilton. Ray finds pulverised rubber and tyre dust on the ground and deduces that the SUV slammed into Olivia’s vehicle while it was stationary. The driver of the SUV, Richard Wilkes, is pulled from the wreckage alive and taken to hospital. When another man is found dead in a downmarket motel, Catherine sends a disgruntled Greg off to take the case. “You’re sending me on a trash run?” he asks.

Brass speaks to Olivia’s boyfriend, Danny, and the bodyguard hired by his father’s casino, Tom O’Neill. “Do you want to tell me what Olivia was doing on that road at four in the morning?” the suspicious detective asks. Danny explains that Olivia was on the way to a movie set. He also asks Brass to put a bullet in the man responsible for her death. Doc Robbins performs the autopsy on Olivia and determines that she died of internal bleeding – and was eight weeks pregnant.

Ray and Nick learn that Wilkes was drunk at the time of the crash and also had GHB in his system. They examine his belongings and find a scrapbook of pictures of Olivia, a rope and a knife. “This wasn’t some random drunk slamming into a famous actress – he was stalking her,” Nick says. When they view surveillance footage of the intersection, Nick and Ray notice that the light Olivia stopped for should have been green – someone overrode the timing with an infra-red emitter, leaving her a sitting duck for the crash.

Ray visits Wilkes in hospital and discovers that he has bruising from a seat belt consistent with sitting in the passenger seat. “He wasn’t driving the car,” Ray asserts. He begins to suspect that someone drugged Wilkes, put him in the passenger seat and then moved him to the driver’s seat after the accident. However, Catherine tells him she will need more proof to make a case.

A stressed Catherine, who has been understaffed since Riley’s sudden resignation, comes under fire when details of the investigation into Olivia’s death are leaked to the tabloids. The coverage throws up the fact that Danny has faced a number of paternity suits from previous girlfriends. Ecklie attacks Catherine for the breach and also for her poor leadership skills, telling her to read the report from Riley’s uncomplimentary exit interview. Into the disagreement steps Ecklie’s temporary solution to the staffing problem – former CSI Sara Sidle.

Nick and Ray visit the casino owned by Danny’s father, and see surveillance footage of bodyguard Tom O’Neill speaking to Wilkes on the night of the murder. Ray examines a crash helmet belonging to O’Neill and spots traces of airbag dust. He deduces that O’Neill was driving the car but the helmet and airbag protected him. Danny tells Catherine that he knew Olivia was pregnant and was about to propose – and she realises that O’Neill killed Olivia to prevent the casino from paying for another expensive lawsuit. Brass leans on O’Neill, but as Wilkes has confessed to the murder the CSIs cannot press charges against him.

Later, the team is shocked when the lab is besieged by a gang of men armed with guns! After injuring two CSIs, they make off with a body from the morgue. Sara notices Russian mafia tattoos on two of the men injured in the shootout and realises that they are from the casino. The team assumes Olivia’s body was taken, but Doc Robbins informs them it was the man Greg found in the motel. What could link this man to Olivia’s murder?

Tuesday 23rd June 9.00pm

The ninth season of the hit Las Vegas-based crime drama concludes. In the season finale, the CSIs attempt to solve a string of murders connected to a cache of stolen casino chips. As the investigation escalates, will Ray be compelled to use deadly force?

The CSIs are called to the murder of a man found shot in the head in the desert. “Execution – body dump?” suggests Catherine. “Maybe he picked up the wrong hitchhiker,” Ray responds. Ray and Greg find two sets of shoe prints leading away from the body, made by a set of boots and a pair of sneakers. Ray finds a blood trail, suggesting that the owner of the sneakers was injured.

Back at the lab, Robbins gives Catherine the bullet recovered from the body, confirming it came from a .38. Riley is able to identify the victim as Huston Dobbs. Brass visits the diner where he worked as a fry cook and interviews his boss, Barbie Aubrey. “Who’d want to shoot Huston?” she asks, surprised. Several customers at the eatery confirm that Dobbs hung around with a man named Bruno Curtis.

Riley and Hodges make a breakthrough in the case when they discover Dobbs’s burned-out car. Inside they find a .22 gun, a large belt buckle designed to conceal the weapon and a rare chip from the Hux Casino, which closed down 28 years ago. At the precinct, Catherine notes that when casinos close down they are required by law to destroy all the chips – making surviving pieces extremely valuable. She also recognises the belt buckle, which is similar to one owned by her father. “Perfect for the man who trusts no one,” she remarks. Riley matches a print on the belt buckle to a collectables dealer named Wiley Schindler.

Ray and Brass learn that Schindler is in Vegas on business. When they visit his hotel to question him, Schindler claims that he bought 200 chips from Curtis and Dobbs for $200, and gave them the belt buckle as a goodwill gesture. “There’s few things in life that’ll make a guy’s nipples hard and that’s one of them,” he says of the deal. Despite his insistence he was not involved in the murder, Brass arrests Schindler and takes him into custody.

With no sign of Dobbs’s partner, Curtis, the CSIs consider where he could be hiding. Ray learns that Curtis and Dobbs recently took on a construction job on the site of the defunct Blue Bird Button Company. When Hodges recalls it was the same factory used to make the Hux casino chips, Riley and Hodges visit the site and uncover a mound of chips in a hole. Unwilling to pay to destroy the chips, it seems the company buried them, and they were unearthed by Dobbs and Curtis.

Riley and Ray continue to search the site, and Ray finds a number of soiled bandages. “Someone’s nursing a badly infected wound,” he says. The two finally find Curtis hiding in a hole on the site, holding a gun. Riley threatens to shoot, but Ray approaches him and takes the gun from his hand. “This man needs medical attention,” he insists.

At the hospital, Riley berates Ray for his actions. “That was a really stupid thing you did back there,” she tells him. “I didn’t stop being a doctor when I became a CSI,” he responds. Ray questions Curtis, who has had his leg amputated, and he tells him Schindler stole a cache of chips from the construction site. Attempting to get them back, he and Dobbs took Schindler for a ride – but he shot them both and escaped.

Ray tests Curtis’s .38 for Schindler’s prints – but the lab can only find Curtis’s prints on the gun. With the evidence linking Curtis to Dobbs’s death, the CSIs are forced to release Schindler. In search of more clues, Ray visits Barbie – and discovers she has been shot dead in her bedroom. Was Barbie involved in the theft of the chips? And with a surprise suspect hiding out at the house, will Ray finally be forced to use a weapon himself?

Tuesday 16th June 9.00pm

The hit Las Vegas-based crime drama continues. In this instalment, the CSIs are called to the murder of a motorcycle gang member at a biker bar. The investigation intensifies when the team discovers the victim was working undercover – but who revealed his true identity to the gang?

The CSIs are alerted by a 911 call when the Vegas Blasters, a local biker gang, kill one of their own members in a bar. The victim, Joey Niagara, has been stabbed multiple times. “It takes a serious knife to cut through leather like that,” says Ray. The other members have their weapons confiscated, but when they are interviewed they all deny any knowledge of what happened at the bar. “When nobody knows nothing, somebody knows something,” says Brass, grimly.

Back at the lab, Robbins confirms Niagara died from blood loss after receiving 24 stab wounds from various different knives. He also points out his decaying teeth, suggesting he was taking crystal meth, and a tattoo of the name Tonya on his shoulder. Catherine runs Niagara’s prints and finds he was connected to the homicide of a prostitute who was raped after she was murdered. Ecklie informs Brass that Joey Niagara is really Jack Nettles, an undercover cop who was investigating the Blasters. “What kind of cop is a tweaking necrophiliac?” asks Brass.

Brass and Ecklie visit Nettles’s widow, Rita, to break the news and Brass is stunned when he recognises her. When Ecklie tells Rita he is sorry for her loss, she becomes hysterical and brandishes a photograph of Nettles taken before he became involved with the Blasters. “This is who I lost over six months ago when he turned into someone I didn’t recognise anymore,” she sobs. “Are you going to tell me how you know her?” asks Ecklie when they leave. “No,” Brass responds.

Back at the precinct, the team question Nettles’s girlfriend, Tonya. She reveals she is also working undercover to investigate the gang’s leader, Scratch, who is involved in a drug turf war with a rival gang. However, she has so far been unable to discover his identity. Tonya confirms she made the 911 call when the atmosphere in the bar became threatening. Meanwhile, Rita arrives at the station to speak to Brass, and it becomes clear they had an encounter. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a cop?” she asks. When an officer tells Brass that Tonya is being released, Rita catches sight of the woman who stole her husband…

When none of the weapons recovered from the bikers match Nettles’s wounds, Ray theorises that some of the bikers must have escaped before the police arrived. Hopping on a bike himself, he goes for a ride around town looking for the route they might have taken. His search leads him to a bag of bloody knives hidden in an alley, which are found to match the stab wounds on Nettles’s body. Using the prints, he is able to trace them to five of the bikers – but who ordered them to kill Nettles?

Elsewhere, Archie gets the phone records from the bar and discovers a call was made from a phone box outside the police station a few minutes before Nettles was murdered. Surveillance footage shows Rita making a phone call at the same time – did Rita tip the Blasters off that Nettles was a cop? And who is Scratch?

Tuesday 9th June 9.00pm

The hit Las Vegas-based crime drama continues. In this instalment, Doc Robbins turns detective to solve the mysterious deaths of a number of apparently unrelated victims. Elsewhere, Riley and Greg investigate the murder of an extreme dieter. Could the other members of the victim’s slimming club be involved in the crime?

Baffled by the unexplained deaths of three people who have ended up in the morgue, Doc Robbins persuades Catherine to accompany him to the house of the most recent victim, Brent Kelly. Catherine enters the house and is violently attacked by Brent’s mother, Darla, who bites her – before dropping dead. “She jumped me. I pulled my gun but she just dropped dead!” Catherine tells Robbins, stunned.

Nick and Ray examine the Kelly house and find a bottle of insulin prescribed by one Dr Shaw. Nick visits the free clinic where Shaw volunteers, and a nurse called Susan Schiff confirms that Darla Kelly’s son was a low-life. “I used to suspect he was abusing his mother,” she confesses, and also reveals he often visited the clinic in search of drugs.

Back at the lab, Robbins and Ray realise that all the victims underwent unusual body modification at the same tattoo parlour. “This is all kinds of wrong,” remarks Nick, surveying some of the procedures taking place. The parlour’s manager, Eric Tobin, points them in the direction of the owner, Dr Shaw – the same medic who treated Darla at the free clinic. When Nick and Ray question him, however, Dr Shaw denies anything untoward is going on at the parlour. “I run a clean shop,” he insists. Shaw also reveals he is a retired coroner from Reno.

Still at a loss, Ray and Robbins examine Darla Kelly’s brain and are stunned to discover she died of rabies. “Nobody’s had rabies in Nevada for 90 years – now we have four in a month!” says Robbins. Recalling the woman bit Catherine, Ray insists that she go to hospital immediately, but reassures her the incubation period is 72 hours. Langston goes over cases of rabies in the US and discovers a woman in Reno died from the disease following a liver transplant from an infected donor. The pair deduce the coroner at the time must have failed to notice the donor had rabies, and are shocked to discover the case was handled by none other than Dr Shaw…

When Brass goes to arrest Shaw, the parlour manager, Tobin, collapses in front of him. It emerges that he has also been infected with rabies from a shot of antibiotics administered by Shaw. Shaw continues to protest his innocence, but when Susan Schiff gives Nick a bag of biological substances she found in Shaw’s trash, it is looking bad for the doctor. Is he deliberately infecting the people of Vegas with rabies? Or do Schiff and Tobin have their own motives for framing him?

Elsewhere, Greg and Riley investigate the murder of a young woman who died after receiving a wound to the neck. The members of her slimming club suggest her former boyfriend is responsible, but the CSIs are led in a different direction when Hodges finds a large amount of food in the victim’s stomach. “She was cheating on her diet?” asks Riley. “More like a food orgy,” confirms Hodges. When Riley realises the body was dragged by two people, she begins to suspect the victim’s fellow dieters are involved. But where – and what – is the murder weapon?

Tuesday 2nd June 9.00pm

The hit Las Vegas-based crime drama continues. In this instalment, Catherine is forced to revisit her first solo case as a CSI when the convicted felon claims the case was based on faulty evidence. Eighteen years after the murder, could advancements in lab techniques shed new light on the case?

Jeremy Kent (Henry Thomas, ‘Legends of the Fall’, ‘ET’), a man who has served 18 years in prison for the murder of a 91-year-old man during a robbery, discovers that he has grounds to reopen his case. With the help of the team, Catherine re-examines the original evidence using techniques that were not available during the first investigation in 1991. Nick expresses surprise that Catherine was able to secure Kent’s conviction, as the only evidence was a print on the rock used to break the victim’s window, and testimony from Kent’s former cellmate. “Back then it was enough,” she states.

Ray and Robbins study the original autopsy of the victim, Thomas Harrott, and find it was poorly executed. “You couldn’t get away with this quality of work today,” says Robbins. Meanwhile, Greg and Archie try to match the sounds of a car engine recorded on Harrott’s 911 call to Kent’s Pontiac. Riley gets to work on the blood-stained rug found at the scene. Using a newly developed ALS light, she discovers the outline of a hammer. “Catherine never recovered the murder weapon, but she always suspected it was a hammer,” she says.

Catherine responds to a subpoena from Kent for a pre-trial meeting to talk about the case. Kent raises aspects of Catherine’s personal life, such as the fact she was pregnant at the time of the investigation, to try and shed doubt on the original evidence. “I’ve been here for 18 years for something I didn’t do!” he insists. He also tells Catherine he is filing a motion to have the rock excluded from the trial. However, when she re- examines the prints on the rock using image- editing software, Catherine finds a unique ‘smiley- face’ pattern, proving it was handled by Kent.

Ray examines the cast of a shoe print found at the scene, and finds it is deeper in the toe than the heel – indicating that the person who left it must have leapt up. He and Catherine return to the murder scene, and Catherine recalls a piece of advice Grissom gave her. “First thing he taught me – people never look up,” she says, gazing up at the roof. When she and Ray climb onto the roof, Catherine is astounded to see a hammer encased in the branches of the tree in front of them. “I’ve seen some crazy stuff in my day but this has got to take the prize,” she says in disbelief.

Nick analyses the prints on the hammer, but is unable to match them to Kent. “I’m sorry Catherine, it just isn’t him,” he says. Considering all of the evidence – the rock, hammer, shoe print and engine sounds – the CSIs are unable to deduce whether Kent is innocent or guilty, although it seems possible an accomplice could be involved. Catherine admits her uncertainty to Brass, who warns her not to doubt herself. “Don’t let him live rent-free in your head,” he tells her.

Archie finally makes a breakthrough in the case when he matches the engine sounds from the 911 call to a Dodge rather than Kent’s Pontiac. Greg examines Kent’s high-school yearbook and finds a photo of Kent with his girlfriend, Sabrina Littee, leaning against a Dodge registered to her father. Could Sabrina have been involved in the murder? And why would Kent protect her for so long?

Tuesday 26th May 9.00pm

The hit Las Vegas-based crime drama continues. In this instalment, the CSIs investigate the death of a director at an ‘Astro Quest’ convention. As the investigation progresses, a number of suspects are placed in the frame – but did someone love the show enough to kill for it? Elsewhere, romance is on the cards for Wendy and Hodges.

Hodges is shocked to run into Wendy at a convention for the sci-fi series ‘Astro Quest’. “You’re a quester?” he asks in disbelief, surveying her elaborate costume. Before the two can discuss their shared love of the show, a commotion reveals a dead body on the mock-up bridge of the starship. When the CSIs arrive, they interview the victim’s producing partner, Melinda Carver. She confirms the man is Jonathan Danson, an actor and director who has spent five years working on a pilot for a new version of ‘Astro Quest’.

Back at the lab, Robbins confirms that Danson was killed by a blow to the head. Archie plays footage posted online, showing Danson debuting his new show, ‘Astro Quest Redux’, to infuriated fans at the convention. Bitterly resentful of his re- imagined version of their beloved show, the fans nearly cause a riot. Greg interviews Penelope Russell (Kate Vernon, ‘Battlestar Galactica’), a professor who was studying Danson’s new show for her Media Semiotics class. She warns him not to underestimate the fans’ love for ‘Astro Quest’. “People kill each other all the time over belief systems,” she affirms.

Meanwhile, Ray discovers a mixture of worms and alcohol in Danson’s stomach, which he determines is an ‘Astro Quest’ drink served in one of the bars at the convention. Nick interviews the bartender, who confirms that Danson got into an altercation with two fans, Steuben Lorenz and Lionel Rose, when he propositioned their friend, Risa Varness. Riley finds a DVD in Danson’s laptop, on which a cartoon version of Danson is executed for his perversion of the show. Lorenz and Rose’s prints are all over the DVD, but when they are brought in for questioning, they insist it was just a joke.

Back at the murder scene, Riley finds semen stains matching Danson on the command chair, and considers the possibility that Danson forced himself on Risa. Brass tracks down Risa and tells her that if she killed Danson after he raped her she could claim it was self-defence. However, Risa tells him the sex was consensual. “He showed me who I was,” she says, dreamily.

Riley also finds photos of Danson having sex with various other women, including his producer, Melinda Carver. Brass ponders whether Melinda found out about the other women, giving her a motive for Danson’s murder. “You didn’t tell us you were banging the dead guy,” he accuses her, but Melinda insists she and Danson had a very open relationship.

With a number of suspects now in the frame, the CSIs are stymied. However, Hodges makes a sudden breakthrough in the case when he remembers the helm of the starship on ‘Astro Quest’ has a retractable viewer. Sure enough, when the CSIs examine the mock-up of the ship, the ‘targeting scanner’ button reveals the viewer, and underneath it is a bloody fingerprint… Does the print belong to an angry fan? Could one of Danson’s lovers be responsible? Or does Professor Russell have her own reasons for wanting Danson dead?

Elsewhere, Wendy and Hodges continue to dance around their attraction for each other. Hodges indulges in a number of ‘Star Trek’-style fantasies about the beautiful lab tech, and even asks Catherine if he would be allowed to date a co- worker. When Wendy asks him over for pizza, it seems something could be about to happen between the unlikely pair – but will Hodges’s devotion to the lab get in the way?

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