10:00pm Tuesday 2 October on BBC THREE

Cuckoo continues tonight. In episode two, Ken is keen to lay down some ground rules for Cuckoo in the Thompson house, and proposes a family meeting. But getting his own way turns out to have devastating knock-on effects at Rachel’s coming home party.

Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna Thompson (Helen Baxendale) are horrified when they learn that their daughter (Tamla Kari) has married during her gap year. Cuckoo (Andy Samberg) the self-appointed spiritual ninja is now their son-in-law and wastes no time making himself at home and pushing Ken’s patience to the limit.

Ep 2/6

10:00pm Tuesday 25 September on BBC THREE

At an airport in the Midlands, Suburban parents Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) eagerly await the return of their only daughter, Rachel (Tamla Kari) from her gap year. Rachel however, has brought back an unexpected souvenir and surprises her doting parents by introducing her new husband, Cuckoo (Andy Samberg).

A travelling hippie and every parent’s worst nightmare, Cuckoo considers himself a spiritual teacher and visionary who, much to Ken’s indignation, vows he would never take payment for his services and therefore has no income to support his new wife.

Ken and Lorna are horrified by their daughter’s news but, not wanting to ruin their daughter’s happiness, have no choice but to welcome Cuckoo into their family home. Cuckoo wastes no time making himself at home and it’s not long before he is sharing his new age ideas at the dinner table, and pushing Ken’s patience to the limit.

In a last attempt to bond with his new son-in-law, Ken takes Cuckoo out for a drive for some man-to-man time but the day doesn’t go quite to plan and Ken, exasperated by the idea of his perfect daughter jeopardising her future for this vapid freeloader, is pushed into a somewhat radical course of action.

Ep 1/6

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