Curb your enthusiasm

Comedian Ricky Gervais has signed on for a role in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Office creator will appear in the comedy series playing himself in the next season set for 2011.

Also, Gervais’ new comedy project with Stephen Merchant Life’s Too Short, examining the life of a dwarf in the entertainment business, may also be picked up by HBO who screens Curb in the US.

His Ricky Gervais Show is currently airing on the channel at the moment with a second season given the go-ahead already.

“This is what it’s all about,” Gervais told Daily Variety. “There’s nothing better than me and Steve coming up with ideas. It’s great to do a movie, do ‘The Simpsons’ and an awards show, but I don’t get that adrenaline rush in trying make Steve laugh. This is our DNA.”

Source: Variety

Thursday, December 17 on M4

Brand New Series – Larry loses quality time with Cheryl when trying to return a favor and there’s a reunion in the air… Last in the current series.

Thursday, November 12 on M4

Brand New Series: Larry sets up a date with fellow classical music lover Denise, not realising that she uses a wheelchair until he collects her. But, after being viewed by friends in a more positive light, getting to use disabled parking spaces and having special treatment in restaurants, Larry – in typically self-centred fashion – starts to sees the positives of being disabled. However, a tussle with Rosie O’Donnell over a lunch tab and a Blackberry mishap cause serious problems for his new relationship.

Thursday, November 5 on M4

Brand New Series: Larry burns his hand on an airplane towel. He persuades his doctor to give him his home number and later accidentally abuses his trust. Larry is peeved when his expensive anniversary present to Ted and Mary Danson is outshone by Jeff and Susie’s daughter Sammy’s gift ‘from the heart’. Later, Larry gets in yet more trouble when he teaches Christian Slater (appearing as himself) caviar etiquette and tries to set him up with an ex-girlfriend who, unbeknown to Larry, has a new boyfriend.

Thursday, October 29 on M4

Brand New Series: Larry is dead set against filming a Seinfeld reunion and is about to tell Jeff and NBC that he won’t do it when he bumps into Cheryl. She tells him she’s just got back into acting and encourages him to write a part for her. Realising that this might win Cheryl back, Larry convinces Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards to come together for the reunion show. But with Cheryl’s part being offered to Meg Ryan and NBC chief Sandy Goodman offended by Larry’s ingratitude at being offered ‘nosebleed’ seats at the Lakers game, will the reunion ever happen?

Thursday, October 22 on M4

Brand New Series: Larry urges Loretta to see a doctor who advocates dumping ‘toxic’ spouses in the hope that she’ll ditch him. Later, Larry’s attempt to do a favour for Leon backfires when he accidentally tells Leon’s friend that Leon has been sleeping with his wife. And a misunderstanding about fellatio offends Richard Lewis’s girlfriend and finally prompts Loretta to leave Larry and take the Blacks – minus Leon – with her.

Thursday, October 15 on M4

The seventh season of the hit comedy series returns, with Larry David once again offering an unsparing look at his inability to cope with life. In the opening episode, Marty Funkhouser, cashing in on Larry’s empty gesture regarding his mentally ill sister, and Susie’s dinner party invitation protocols land Jeff in a sticky situation.

Larry’s uncontrolled arousal offends Loretta’s Auntie Rae. He also dates an orthopedist whose personal interactions mimic her professional ones. And he introduces Jeff to the world of bald discrimination, including the dreaded N word.

Monday 10 March at 10:35pm on M4

Brand New Series: When Larry snubs a frightened Cheryl’s phone call in favour of dealing with a TiVo repairman, she walks out on him.

Monday 3 March at 10:35pm on M4

A slow toaster makes life tough for Loretta, Leon, and Cheryl. Meamwhile, Larry is flummoxed dealing with a deaf woman as well as by an exterminator working for the Greenes who tries to befriend him.

Monday 25 February at 10:35pm on M4

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