Cutting Edge

Monday 2 March 9:00pm on C4

It used to be so simple: you put out your rubbish and the bin men took it away. Not any more. War has broken out between the people who are putting out too much rubbish and the councils whose job it is to dispose of it all. As landfill space runs out and the government increases recycling targets, town halls across the country are getting tough about recycling, fly-tipping and litter. They’re tracking down bin delinquents and making them pay. And the public are fighting back. This Cutting Edge film follows the men and women on both sides of the battle.

Sunday 27 July 2008

Alain Robert, dubbed “The Human Spider”, is arguably the most daring climber the world has ever seen. This heart-stopping documentary – part of the Cutting Edge strand – follows his quest to “free climb” some of the world’s tallest buildings using just his bare hands, with no ropes or any safety equipment.

Sunday 20 July 2008

This Cutting Edge documentary follows two couples who are so much in love that they are willing to risk everything to be together. But for these two couples the risks are higher than most: they are half-brother and sister. Over nine months, the documentary follows the lives of Nick and Danielle in Scotland and Tom and Stefanie in the USA. Both couples are in the grip of a powerful, incestuous love: a passion that is set to destroy marriages, and will see Nick and Danielle prosecuted for incest.

Sunday 13 July 2008

Childhood is changing. Anxious parents fear that modern Britain has never been a more dangerous place for children. They believe the greatest danger lurks outside the home. This Cutting Edge documentary explores the effect such fear is having on modern childhood.

This week’s Cutting Edge is a life affirming film which shifts from the humorous to the intensely moving, following four young mothers-to-be as they deal with some extraordinary trials and tribulations. Despite the pregnancies being unplanned and a sometimes rocky relationship with the father, the women take it all in their stride, exchanging thoughts on love and motherhood while finding plenty to laugh about, even as they’re giving birth. The four women featured are just a few of the 8,000 women every year who give birth at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Thursday 13 March at 9:00pm on C4

There are more than 300 people living in the 116 houses on filmmaker Sue Bourne’s street. Until now she barely knew a soul. In the latest film in run of Cutting Edge Sue Bourne tweaks the net curtains and reveals remarkable stories, hidden from view, on what could be any street. There are millionaires living next door to people on benefits, convicted drug smugglers alongside classical composers. She finds stories of success and tragedy and sees how illness and loneliness, hope and happiness have left their mark on the lives of her neighbours.

Thursday 21 February at 9:00pm on Channel 4

In January 1999, an incident occurred in Hastings that is every parent’s nightmare. Two ten-year-old girls, Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless, went missing as they walked to school. Now, as part of Channel 4’s Cutting Edge strand, they give first-hand accounts of how they survived abduction, and how their relationship was changed for ever.

Thursday 28 February at 9:00pm on Channel 4

Samuel Boutwell is a seven-year-old preacher. He takes his vocation to save sinners extremely seriously. Most Saturdays he stands in front of his local abortion clinic in Brookhaven, Mississippi and, Bible in hand, bellows: “Don’t kill your child! Repent! God loves the little children!” He is one of three extraordinary children who feature in this week’s Cutting Edge , Baby Bible Bashers , which follows the enlightening stories of these three of the Lord’s “chosen children”, and their relationships with God, their families and their congregations.

Thursday 14 February at 9:00pm on Channel 4

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