Tonight’s semi-final on BBC One saw the public vote force Arlene to pick one of her team to strut off the DanceX stage for the very last time.

The disco-themed show saw Arlene choose between her group members for the second week in a row.

In the last show to see a single person eliminated, Arlene picked the two contestants she considered to be the weakest performers in her group to compete directly against each other for the chance to stay in the competition.

Arlene chose Ashley and Kalvin, who then had to sing and dance one more time.

After their performances Arlene said: “This is so hard because neither of them deserve to go. But I’m pushed into this decision, so it’s going to be Kalvin.”

Kalvin said after his eviction: “For me, entering this competition was to build my confidence and for my family. I’m just blessed to have made it this far.”

Next week, the two final groups will perform for the last time. Only one of them will be crowned the DanceX champions, winning a record contract and nationwide tour, supporting a best-selling artist.

The final DanceX groups are:

Team Arlene:

Team Bruno:

Arlene and Bruno go head-to-head

Two giants in the world of choreography come face to face across the dance floor in the biggest clash of dance titans British TV has ever seen. Spurred on by host Ben Shephard, top choreographers Arlene Phillips and Bruno Tonioli strut back on to our screens and go head-to-head as they search for a sensational new dancing and singing group in DanceX.

The story so far (programme one)

Town squares across the UK become engulfed in a sea of leg warmers and Lycra, as hopefuls turn up in their thousands for a series of open-air auditions. As Arlene and Bruno battle the elements and scour the country for the nation’s hottest talent, dancers and singers compete for the chance to perform in front of the renowned judges.

From break dancing pensioners to nimble-limbed teens, auditionees freestyle their way into the judges’ hearts with styles ranging from bangra to ballet. Arlene and Bruno are forced to make some tough decisions as they whittle the dancers and singers down in a series of gruelling call backs.

Every day the remaining contestants are faced with a new challenge, and the pressure mounts as they get increasingly close to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As the decisions get tougher, Arlene and Bruno enlist some additional help and hold the curtain at a leading West End theatre. The final 20 hopefuls must up their game and win over the 2,000-strong audience with a live performance.

The journey proves emotional for both contestants and judges alike as the finalists are chosen. Thousands audition, but only 16 can go through to appear on the live TV shows.

Arlene v Bruno – round one (programme two)

The live shows are in sight and the finalists embark on a rigorous training schedule at the house they will share for the duration of the series. For some dancers, the thought of singing will be a terrifying ordeal and, for the strong singers, the strenuous dance routines will add stress to an already challenging schedule.

The excited contestants enter the DanceX studio for the first time, and must give their all if they want Arlene and Bruno to make their dreams come true. Going up against each other for the first time, the judges take turns to fight for their favourites and create the group they believe will lead them to victory. By the end of the programme the teams are formed, but two unlucky contestants will go home without the chance to perform in the live shows.

The eliminations (programmes three to six)

The pressure is really on as the live shows commence. Every Saturday, the programme kicks off with a spectacular opening number and Arlene and Bruno’s group members fight for their chance to dance another week. With a new theme for each show, the groups must bring the judges’ interpretations to life by performing three numbers – one as a dance act, one as a singing group and one in which they must dance and sing simultaneously.

Their fate is in the hands of the DanceX viewers, who vote for their favourite group. The judge from the least popular group faces the dilemma of having to choose one of their own performers to hang up their sweat bands and go home.

The final (programme seven)

Only one group can leave the show victorious, and, in the final programme, Arlene and Bruno battle it out for the very last time. This is the groups’ final chance to win over the voting public, and they must give their all if they want to be crowned DanceX champions. The viewers’ favourite group will be catapulted to fame and have the chance to begin an illustrious career as part of a brand-new, all-dancing, all-singing act.

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