Dating in the Dark US

8:00pm Monday, September 13 on LIVING

How do the dating customs of the British and their fellow Anglophones, the outgoing Americans, differ? LIVING sets out to explore the question this week as the US edition of award-winning British reality programme Dating in the Dark premieres. The much-discussed concept crosses the Atlantic to test what role aesthetic attraction plays in forming romantic relationships in America.

The programme offers six singletons the chance to get to know each other in a whole new way – in total darkness! Three single women share one half of a specially designed house, while three bachelors take the other half – with the men and women only meeting each other in the pitch-black ‘Dating Room’. Hi-tech infrared cameras capture all the action. Finally, the contestants must choose to meet their prospective partners in the flesh or leave them heartbroken.

A Mensa member who believes in the power of pheromones to control attraction, an audio-visual designer and a British DJ vie for the ladies’ affections in the first instalment of the ground-breaking show this week. After exchanging shirts to get a sense of the other daters’ size and smell, the group get to know each other in a series of one-on-one meetings and then describe what their preferred partner looks like to a professional sketch artist. Will what they see in the light live up to what they have dreamed up in the dark, this week only on LIVING?

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