Dating The Enemy

Monday, 22 June 2009, 10:35PM – 11:05PM

Freegan Alf and material girl Lianne have little in common apart from both being single. Alf tries to live without spending any money and forages for food out of supermarket bins whilst ex- adult film star Lianne likes the finest things in life and only dates millionaires. This unlikely couple have agreed to spend four days dating to see if they can find any common ground. Is it an impossible match or can opposites attract?

When it comes to love, there are certain types we’d never date. It could be an Essex girl, a posh city boy, a hippie chick or a farmer. But is this discrimination justified? Or does this narrow-mindedness mean we could be missing out on the loves of our life?

The second series of Dating The Enemy brings together couples with even less in common than previously, and who will have even more to debate.

Each show will send a reluctant singleton on a romantic weekend with someone they would normally avoid like the plague. To make matters worse, the weekend will take place deep behind enemy lines, so that they are confronted with everything they hate in a bid to challenge all of their prejudices.

This series, we’ll see a millionaire entrepreneur matched with an unemployed busker, a party animal dating a fitness fanatic, and an animal-rights activist out with a hunt supporter. Other pairings include a feminist with a self-confessed chauvinist, a classic English gentleman and a hippie, and a material girl with a ‘freegan’.

Dating The Enemy truly pushes the boundaries to test whether it really is impossible for opposites to attract.

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