David Walliams’ Awfully Good Movie Moments

Airing on Thursday 5 May at 10pm on Channel 4, comedian David Walliams guides us through cinema’s most shoddy moments including atrocious monsters, terrible sex, baffling foreign accents and truly contemptible acting which are all so brilliantly bad that they do in fact make an awfully good movie.

The Appalling Accents category features Dick Van Dyke and Audrey Hepburn launching a brutal assault on the English language whist Nicolas Cage commits crimes against the Italian language in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Imitating Demi Moore at a pottery wheel, David introduces Rules for Romance Movies taking examples of how not to do it from Twilight, Hope Floats and Jennifer Lopez luring a lover in Gigli – It’s turkey time. Gobble, gobble. ‘Apparently once you’re a really successful actor you don’t have to bother anymore’ explains David…

Enter the Atrocious Acting field including John Travolta’s alien performance from planet unconvinceon in Battlefield Earth and Jude Law’s somewhat overacting in Sleuth.

Hollywood’s biggest budget balls-ups often originate in the special effects department and there is many an example in the Naff FX category, Kurt Russell ‘surfing’ in Escape from LA to name one. From between the sheets David narrates the most Ghastly Sex scenes to ever grace our screens.

Elizabeth Berkley’s energetic performance in Showgirls is almost as disturbing as Chucky getting it on with his new bride.

Dressed as the stereotypical villain complete with blond wig and European accent David reveals his Top 5 Most Unconvincing Villains including X-Men’s Toad and Arnold Swartzenegger’s Freeze in Batman and Robin.

He also shares his Top 5 Arnie Puns, Top 11 Worst Movie Lines (‘You complete me’ Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire), Top 5 Most Baffling Movie Monsters, Top 5 Annoying Movie Characters (including Jim Carey in The Cable Guy and Adam Sandler as the son of Satan in Little Nicky), Top 5 Hilarious Indian Action, Bad Bond moments, Mortifying Deaths and Gary Oldman acting on his knees in Tiptoes, a film about dwarves as just one example of what was once acceptable now being wholly unacceptable.

Finally it all comes down to one and David divulges his Most Awfully Good Movie. Don’t miss it!

Courtesy of © Channel 4 Television

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