Dawn Porter

Tuesday 7 October 2008

In episode two, Dawn ponders the lengths to which people will go to find a mate as she heads off to Ukraine to investigate the booming mail order bride industry. It’s estimated that around 4,000 men find brides in this way each year but, asks Dawn, what are the costs to the women, and men, of trying to find love like this? “I’ll be immersing myself in the world of mail order brides,” explains Dawn. “Women who so badly want to get out of Russia and Ukraine, they’ll try to find love in a week and marry a western man they hardly know.”

Tuesday 30 September 2008

Dawn Porter is 29, gorgeous and single. She’s had plenty of boyfriends, but no one she can imagine settling down with. Dawn is keen to look at the different ways it can be done. From polygamy and polyamory to mail order brides and geisha, in this new four-part series Dawn travels the world to look at the most extreme ways women find love, and live, with men. In this first episode, Dawn immerses herself in the world of polyamory, or free love. Her investigation takes in a free love school in California, and a polyamorous utopian commune in Germany.

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