Dead Good Job

9:00pm Wednesday 19 September on BBC TWO

Dead Good Job takes a revealing behind-the-scenes look at the changing face of the modern day funeral and the work of undertakers: how they deal with the living and the dead from the mortuary to the grave, providing a service we turn to at the very worst of times.? The second programme in the series looks at how different religions say goodbye to the dead.

A Muslim woman who has lost touch with her faith has to arrange her father’s burial. She finds some Islamic funeral traditions difficult to come to terms with. At the cemetery she discovers women aren’t allowed to watch the body being lowered into the grave.

Hindu undertakers help families deal with the religion’s complex set of funeral rituals. Chandu Tailor ensures everything is right so that the soul can make its journey to the next life.

In London, a funeral director helps a Christian come to terms with the death of his elderly wife. And a new idea to help the grieving come to terms with their loss – a funeral photographer who takes pictures of a day most people would choose to forget.

Ep 2/3

9:00pm Wednesday 12 September on BBC TWO

A brand new series takes a revealing look at the changing face of the modern-day funeral and the work of undertakers: how they deal with the living and the dead, from the mortuary to the grave.

The first programme explores how the modern day funeral reflects the life, loves and beliefs of the person that’s died.

At Haji Taslim Muslim Funerals in London the business of burying the dead is always a race against time. Muslims want their loved ones in the grave as soon as possible after death, allowing the soul to make a fast journey to paradise.

Lilleywhite funerals has stood on the same street corner in Manchester for 120 years. Simon Lilleywhite comforts a local family as they come in to view the body of their mother and say a last goodbye before the funeral.

In Leeds, a terminally ill mother of two is arranging her own funeral. After choosing the coffin she asks to see the Chapel of Rest and breaks down in tears as the reality of what she faces hits home. Later she finds comfort at her father’s graveside where her ashes will one day be scattered.

A growing number of people in Britain are choosing a funeral without religion. Bikers from all over the country come together for a funeral with its own unique set of rituals. A high speed send off in a motorcycle hearse, known as the ‘last blast’.

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